It is time to decorate our office to welcome Christmas as Christmas is on the way and the countdown has already started for the same. Here is a list of Christmas Office Decorations images that will guide you to decorate your office for this Christmas.

The snow of winters and New Year knocking the door marks Christmas. The birthday of Lord Jesus is the main reason behind the Christmas celebration. Homes and Churches are decorated beautifully to welcome the festival. Guests and friends are invited and gifts are exchanged. A wonderful, cool and breezy atmosphere rules the air.

When it comes to decoration, offices are also decorated along with Churches, Homes, Malls, etc.


Here we bring you few ideas which you can implement for decorating your office this season:

Hangings in rooftop

office decoration

Elegant and simple is the hanging décor for office. You can get decoration items in red and white color combination and make your office get in the mood of celebration.


Paper Santa:

office decoration

Say Hi! To the Santa right inside your office on cubicle’s top. You can make these amazing small Santa’s from paper cut outs which will give the festive look to the office in various sizes.


Christmas Boots:

christmas office decoration

The Christmas décor will look wonderful when it is done on the office wall. The toy snow skies and boots look perfectly elegant and cool. Simply make some boots out of old clothes or you can also use your old boots and decorate them up with red and white designer cloth and hang it on the wall.


Snowfall decoration in office

christmas office decoration

Allow the snow fall over your desk and give you a cozy feeling. Add some décor like small pines to enhance the feeling.


Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments:

christmas office decoration

Make some Christmas ornaments for the office by gathering some bottle caps from the office canteen and decorating them. It is easy and raise the festive mood. For this idea, you will need: Bottle Caps, Acrylic Paint: White, Black, Orange, Red, Paint Brushes, Ribbon, Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks, Buttons, Scissors,Glitter and/or Sparkle Mod Podge.

Directions: Paint the caps in white with several coats, letting it dry in between. To a piece of ribbon, glue 3 bottle caps and form a loop with the top of the ribbon and glue in place. Using a paint brush, paint eyes, mouth, buttons and nose to the snow men. Add sparkles when it gets dry. Between the first and the second bottle caps, tie a ribbon to make a scarf and accent it with a button.


Filled and Painted Ornaments:

christmas office decoration

If you are addicted to making ball ornaments then this one is surely for you. It is not only simple but also a quick DIY method.

Take a glass ornament and fill it with a tea spoon of paint directly in the ornament and swirl it until it coats the inside.With a plastic bottle or a paper cup store the ornament upside down and leave it overnight so that the excess paint runs out.

Once done, add a metal cap and it is done.


Colorful Baubles:

christmas office decoration

Decorate some baubles in the office lobby and give it a classy look. The series of baubles will reflect the image of your office on it.


Cubicle Christmas Decoration:

Cover the cubicle with a Christmas house which includes a door to open and enter the cubicle. You can also make a window between cubicles to let pass the files and other necessary things. Decorate it with red and green colored sheets and a star on top.


Fire Up The Door:

This Christmas, fire up the office door by mocking the firewood space. Pen down the names of your colleagues and hang them as Christmas socks. Decorate the door with a wreath, baubles and ribbons and welcome your colleagues in a classy way. Decorate the door in a fireplace design.


Boss’s Door:

Decorate and redo the door of your boss’s cabin this Christmas and impress straightaway. You can use cardboards to make Santa at the welcome door and use sticks, baubles, star, heart and candies to decorate the door and make it look like a Christmas season’s welcome entry.


Christmas Window Décor Idea:

Hang some baubles with ribbon or threads in different colors and your elegant window decoration is done. It is an easy and a very inexpensive way to decorate the window for Christmas. When it comes to winter decoration, Stars and Lights never go out of style. Hang stars of different size with lights and make your window look classy.


Front Desk:

The front desk in any office is the first thing anyone sees so its décor has to be elegant and classy as well. Decorate your front desk with red flowers and small Christmas tree. You can use multi colored Christmas boots as an eye catching element which will be a treat to watch.


Santa Chair:

Cover your chair with a red chair cover and use cotton to make the face. Also you can use cotton on your desk to make up for the snow. Decorate the table wall with red color sheet covers and tie a piece of ribbon on the sheet.


Polar Express:

Turn the series of your cubicle in a polar express. Use some red and green color ribbons to add the design positively.


CPU Art Works:

Use computer and server memory by recycling it in Christmas ornament. Place the chips randomly and use some ribbons and bells to add the touch of sound and color. You can match whatever you have in hand with the silver, green and gold ornament hooks which are already included. The idea will serve as a great addition to the Christmas tree in the office.

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile:

This season do something different in the office with your tree and create a Christmas tree mobile with ornaments suspended on clear threads. You can also put gifts and presents below it.


DIY Glitter Vase:

The most easiest and inexpensive idea for the office. Just make sure that the vase is clean and use high quality of painters tape and glitter spray for better results. You can add water, flowers and other seasonal items in the vase because here the glitter in on the outside of the vase.


Pine Scented Candle:

Increase the holiday décor game and make your office smell good at the same time. Not only do they smell elegant but also look charming on the office table.

Use soy wax by melting 10 cups of soy wax chips. Once it melts, mix some drops of pine scented oil and divide the wax in 2 heat proof bowls. Add drops of green dye in one of the bowls. At the bottom of the candle jar, place the wick. Use glue if you want it to stay exactly in place. Start with white wax and fill about ¼ of the jar and refrigerate it to speed up the drying time. Once it is solid, pour the other color wax on top and repeat the process until the glass fills. Once it is done, remove the stick and cut the wick. Place the lids on and decorate it on the table.


Balloons, Sticks and Bells:

Decorate the whole floor with hang drops this season and let the floor get in the merry mood of Christmas. Stick sticks and bells on the ceilings and the walls. You can stick balloons too or can also leave them on the floor and stick it on the walls of the cubicle to increase the festive mood.


Ginger Bread House:

Decorate the exit of your office as spicy ginger bread house and to get that perfect look, wrap it up with brown colored butcher paper and make doors and windows embellish with different sizes of ginger bread men and lollipops.


Red and White Fusion:

To decorate a cubicle, choose a white and red theme and use baubles, cotton in white and red color and construction paper for creating the winter magical world of Christmas.


Glittered Christmas Light Bulbs:

Start off with the layer of waxed paper on your table, glitter and mod podge. With the help of blue and white glitter, start decorating and then use purple. Simply paint the bulbs with a mod podge and sprinkle them with glitter and set them on a sheet of waxed paper to dry. Randomly, you can also use glitter snowflake stickers and place them on white bulbs.


Sparkle Ball:

The sparkle ball is made of transparent plastic cups and Christmas lights. The DIY steps are too simple to follow.

You need to take a bag of transparent plastic cups and drill through their bottoms. Near the top, punch holes and tight them up together and finally run the light garland in and through the cups and then hang the sparkle ball, turn on its lights and enjoy the fun in your office party.


DIY Giant Advent Calendar:

Despite being a large and unwieldy, the giant tree is easy to make. To make this giant advent calendar, you will need: White wool felt numbers, wool felt circles, printed Christmas tree fabric, thread, sewing needle, 2 wooden dowels and scissors.

Start by sewing a 1 inch pocket along both top and bottom edges of the fabric, lay out and stitch the felt numbers from 1 to 25 on the felt circles. Randomly place the numbers around your Christmas tree and stitch the circles to the fabric leaving a 2 inch opening at the top of the felt circle. Insert dowels in top and bottom pocket and smooth out the fabric. Hang it on the office wall. Fill up the circles with sweets, treats or coupons for fun things to do in the office.


Reindeer Garland:

Paper craft in offices are the most easy craft ideas which can be implemented with a group of people working together. You can make almost anything in any design, size and color.  Unlike a house, an office also needs decoration on Christmas and this is where a lot of working professionals go nuts.

The Santa and Reindeer garland is the best project you can work on this festive season and decorate the office. To implement this idea, you will first need to download the template for the sleigh and reindeer. Trace the reindeer on the brown card stock and cut it out. Make sure to be gentle with antlers because they are fragile. On the card stock, trace the sleigh and cut it out. Wrap the twine around the neck of the reindeer and hot glue in place if needed. To the back of the sleigh, hot glue the twine to keep it upright. On Rudolph’s nose, hot glue one small red jingle bell and thread extra bells on each end of the garland and the garland is ready to be hanged in the office. Tape it with washi tape.


Tinsel Twist:

Spread the Christmas cheer by singing loud for all and what can be a better place than your office party? For this DIY idea, you will need Wooden letters, tinsel, staple gun, long tinsel strand.

Around the letter, wrap tinsel and tie in knot when the letter is covered. With the help of scissors, give your letter a quick trim. Staple the letter to a large tinsel garland.

Hang it on the Christmas tree or the fire place in your office.


Birch Centerpiece:

Bring in the winter landscape in your office to the office tablescape. Add candles to slabs of birch for a simple yet stunning centerpiece.  You can either keep stumps and then coat the top with glitter with recessed tea light candles or you can also use glam gold and silver mini trees, deer and beautiful fragrant candles in mini Mason jar. You can drill the holes for the tea lights and try different glass candle holders or you can also leave the candles on top which will work perfectly in this case. Go for a metallic theme keeping a contrast between the natural birch and fibre in the runner mixed with the glam of silver and gold. Once you are done with this, decorate it in the office on table in the conference or a meeting room.


The Mini North Pole:

The cubicle in the office can be transformed in a mini north pole by decorating it with cotton and snowflakes to give it an appearance of Santa’s home. You can include little angles in the pathway. Simply decorate one area of the office rather than spreading it out.

Santa In The Office:

Using Santa as a theme for decorating the office will never go out of fashion and it is equally versatile. Decorate the office with Santa goodies along with Christmas tree loaded with red tutu to go with the theme. You can make your tree look more beautiful by tying a belt around the tree.

Frozen Branches:

The diamond filler willow branches are the real replica of a frozen winter scene minus the melt.

Iced branches are elegant and help to create a whimsical atmosphere when it is used in Christmas decorating. To make iced branches, you will need: Tree Branches, Tacky Glue, Color fill Diamond Vase Filler.

To make an iced branch place a sheet of newspaper for a work area and pour a pile of color fill Diamonds in the center along with glass glitter for sparkle.

Place some glue on the branches and smooth it out along the branch then fold the paper slightly and roll the branch in the Diamonds and Glitter. Allow it to set which will take around 45 minutes and then work on the opposite side of the branch. Keep it for half an hour and your ice covered branches are ready to be displayed in the office. You can place them on the front desk or in the conference room.


Lantern Display:

For a warm welcome and an elegant entryway in the office, fill lanterns with colored ornaments and decorate it at the entrance of your office.


Candy Cane:

Christmas celebration is never complete without a candy cane. You can decorate the entire office or just a cubicle too with candy cane themed ornaments. You can feature an office cubicle decorated beautifully with candy cane ornaments. You can even hand out the candy bags to employees or even let them get their hands directly on the candy jar which you can fill up with candies, nuts and dry fruits. Become a kid and allow your employees to be a kid for a day.

Christmas Sunset:

The festive season use some idea for the desk décor by replacing the colors to green and red. Display a Christmas related message and unravel a cool desk décor. Create a sunset environment inside your office with the help of Christmas decoration and your table lamp.

Adorable Front Door and Porch: Instead of using a real or an artificial Christmas tree, use a string of incandescent mini lights to make an outline of a Christmas tree. Fill the outline with paper stars in different colors. Give the look of a snowman to the door of the porch and decorate it with balloons.

Colorful Decoration:

Use different colors of Garland, Steamers and Paper Chains for simple yet effective way to spruce up the decoration. In particular, use green and red link paper chain which never goes out of trend. You can also ask your co – workers to bring one ornament from their house and display on their desk.

Finally, a hectic work to introduce you with the latest ideas is done from my side. Now, check them out and play with the ideas because possibilities are never ending in decoration. Use your own ideas and mix it up with the ideas shared above and get appreciated for your work in your office and show off your DIY skills.