It’s mid-September, and we just can’t stop talking about Christmas. Christmas is a favorite festival of most of us. And why wouldn’t it be, after all there are beautifully decorated trees, gifts, and sumptuous feasts. While there is nothing like celebrating Christmas at home with your near and dear ones, celebrating Christmas in a different city has a distinct charm altogether. So if you are considering of celebrating the upcoming Christmas in a different country or city, then you must go through our article.

1.   London:


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London is at its festive best during the Christmas. There are world best ice-skating rinks, the giant Christmas tree in the Trafalgar Square, soothing carols, and beautiful decoration. Everything here will spellbind you. On the day of Christmas, hundreds of churches, chapels, and cathedrals of London hold Christmas services. Everyone is allowed to attend the services, even the tourists. Do not forget to try the brewed drinks here.

  1. Copenhagen:

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If you like visiting places with muted decorations, then Copenhagen can be you pick this Christmas. Danes never goes over the top with the decoration and even traditions for that matter. They like keeping things cozy and simple. The cafes and restaurants of Copenhagen will lure you with their Nordic special meals and of course, booze. The highlight of your trip to Copenhagen will be Tivoli. The place has beautiful ice rinks, Christmas markets, food stalls and Carnivals that children will adore.

  1. New Zealand:

New Zealand

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New Zealand is another ideal Christmas getaway for 2015. The place would be at the peak of summer during December, (yes, you read that right), so Christmas here would be all about water sports, barbecue and visit to the national parks. Kaikoura is the place that we would recommend if you want to play with the waters. You’ll witness one of the most diverse marine animals here like seals, dolphins, and whales.  We also love the cozy accommodation offered here. The luxurious properties here will provide you with a home away from home feeling, especially when you are missing your family during the trip. But let me warn you about one thing, you will not find the Winter Wonderland here, as it will be summer at this time of the year. The only thing that can satisfy your yearning for snow will be heading to the glaciers. It snows much more than the UK or Europe here.

  1. Tanzania:


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This place is for the adventurous souls and for people who are not looking for a white Christmas. The climate here will be sunny and hot, pleasant nevertheless. We would suggest you to stay at the Serengeti Safari Camp. It’s a mobile safari camp that moves as you migrate. Don’t get us wrong here. The place will not run during the stay here. And if the beach is what you desire, then you can head to the classic Zanzibar. And honestly speaking, who needs reindeers when one can have tigers, zebras and of course, lions.

  1. Cambodia:


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Yes, we can see many brows raising here! Cambodia is not a conventional Christmas destination. You wouldn’t witness typical Christmas decorations and markets here, and that’s what sets it apart. Cambodian Christmas has a distinct ring to it. The temperature is warm during this time, something which most of the people residing in North America and Europe would like to escape. Cambodia is a magical country with stunning sights, delicious food, and very very friendly people. If you love beaches, then the southern coast of Cambodia is the place for you. It has sandy beaches with clear water. The south coast is also less crowded as it isn’t much developed. If you are traveling Cambodia with family, then you can keep them entertained by enrolling them in cooking classes.

  1. Miami:


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If merriment is what you want this Christmas, then Miami would be the perfect pick. The best thing about Miami is its temperature, which remains hotter than most of the places in U.K. and even the United States. And the cuisine and food will whet almost any appetite. Another great thing about spending Christmas in Miami than any traditional place is that instead of facing the crowd in the rinks and shopping malls, you will feel like a top-notch celeb walking the first class beaches of Miami. We give Miami double thumbs up!

  1. Whistler:


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If white Christmas is what you desire this 2015, and then Whistler could make your dream come true. Whistler is a Canadian gem. This leading winter resort of British Columbia is a perfect ski resort for families and beginners. The activities here are not just limited to sleigh rides, dog sledding, and Snowshoeing. But what we find the most exquisite here is the après ski.  These activities will for sure get you in the Christmas spirit. There are plenty of soothing spas here where you can relax after a long day of skiing.

  1. Disneyland:


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Oh, the beauty! Disneyland looks marvelous during Christmas. In fact, marvelous is an understatement.  The holiday season at Disneyland starts early November and ends in January.  There are firework displays at the Hollywood studio, Epcot, and the Magic Kingdom.  If you want to see the magnificent firework display, and then make sure to come here early. The full details are yet to release by the Disney officials, but we can guarantee you that your trip to the Disneyland will be better than any other time of the year. But keep in mind that Christmas and even the weeks leading to Christmas will be very crowded. So steer clear of Disneyland if you dislike crowds. Note- The Disneyland gates open as early as seven a.m. and remain open till 1 am. So you’ve plenty of time to enjoy the best of this place.

  1. Orlando:


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If you are going on a Christmas vacation with children, then there is no merrier place than Orlando. Here, you’ll see beautiful lightings, gaudy decoration, and parades.  The place holds Candlelight Procession three times every day, featuring the story of Christmas set against the backdrop of choir band. Usually, a celebrity presides over the procession. Then there is a Magic Kingdom Park, which will be held from 8th to 18th December in 2015. Children will have a gala time parading with Santa, Mickey, Donald and many of their friends. The place also has world famous resort hotels and theme parks that will keep your children well entertained.

  1. Italy:


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There are two perks of visiting Italy during Christmas. First- it won’t be crowded. Second- you will get the opportunity to see the country in its holiday finery. Rome, Venice, Italy, Sicily, Naples, all the cities are equally good to visit during Christmas, but Rome is the best of the lot. Besides witnessing the festivities of Rome, you can also take part in the Vatican City’s celebration. If you want to feast your heart out, then Naples is the place to be. The food here is delectable.  And if you want to experience traditional Christmas, then Sicily is perfect for you. You will be surprised to know that Christmas is not the most important festival in Italy. The biggest holiday in Italy is Epiphany that comes in early January. If possible, try to extend your holiday so that you can witness both the holidays in its Italian glory.

We hope our compilation helps you select the best destination for the Christmas 2015. No matter which of these places you choose for your vacation, we guarantee you that you will have a whale of a time. Which of these places are you thinking of visiting this Christmas?