15 Christmas Ceiling Decorations To Make Christmas Special

Christmas has always been a much awaited affair and many have planned from the months up to Christmas about what they should do and how they should decorate their homes and offices. Christmas celebrations include setting Christmas trees, christmas dinners and Christmas decorations . Christmas decorations play an important part in Christmas celebrations. People often want to decorate their homes in colorful decorations and that does not exclude decorating their rooms and ceilings. When you decorate your home or office it’s essential that the ceiling is not kept bare. Today we have some unique Christmas Ceiling Decorations to share with you.

 Christmas Ceiling Decorations :


This simple yet appealing christmas ceiling decorations is a great choice for a more subtle toned christmas decoration. If you’re doing a White/ pastel shaded or subtle colored christmas decorations then these will surely look apt. Since these are larger in size you will need a high ceiling to fit these in, or if you love this decoration use smaller flowers .




Butterflies look beautiful for a more girly or child themed decoration. These butterflies are attached to strings and hung from the ceiling. These butterflies look even lovelier with a purple light.


Christmas balls make for great decorative element for the whole house. The large christmas tree decorative balls can be attached to stings and hung from the ceiling. Also large snowflakes can also be used along withe balls to decorate the ceiling.


This beautiful christmas ceiling decoration can be done with a little planning. Use all those Christmas balls from previous christmas celebrations and attach them to the ceiling. You can add different Christmas tree decorating items in different shapes and colors. The more colors the better.


This idea can work for your office or home. Inspired by Candy canes, this Christmas ceiling decoration is really attractive, not to mention so easy to make . Just get some christmas decorative elements in Candy cane striped colors and hang them using red ribbons.


This complicate looking decorative element is easy to make at home. You will need round metal circles and lots of strings. Attach the metal rings using strings at a certain distance. Then circle the rings using christmas lights in white colors and hang different christmas balls along the rings.


How about this beautiful decoration above your Christmas dinner table? We think, it’ll be a great choice for a simple yet attractive decoration. The green and golden balls can be hung from the fake tree boughs.


For a large area you can use different decorating elements like stuffed toys, christmas lights and large christmas decorations. use a few stuffed toys or cartoon figures and place hem over a base, hang them and add lights. Even if you’s does not turn out perfect it will be a delight for the kids .


Create a red and silver christmas decoration. Choose some red ribbons , and come red christmas mas balls and some silver christmas balls. Attach them to the ribbons nd hang them from the ceiling. You can also attach a large silver centrepiece decorative element in the centre to make it look even more attractive.


Choose reflective large silver christmas balls in different sizes to make your christmas ceiling decorations.  hang these christmas balls along the ceiling using transparent strings and see how beautiful these look .


If you’re trying to go Over the top, this beautiful Christmas decoration will surely be a great choice . Use some transparent crystal balls and hang them from different lengths . Use a strong purple light to make the atmosphere even more beautiful.


Kids love Cartoons, and you can use these cartoon characters to create attractive ceiling decoration elements for your kids. Use cardboard cutouts or print them over paper and stick onto cardboard and use different colors to make their decorative elements.


Using simple articles like wood and twig can be a great choice for making your own christmas decorations. use twigs and attach them along with feathers, different colorful shapes colorful beads and make your own hanging christmas wind chime.


While it’s really great idea to make your own Christmas decorations, it sometimes seems impossible to achieve it . The idea here is to use nature as an inspiration for the decoration. You can use plain natural strings made out of jute or ribbons to hang apples, colored pinecones and bells . These look very vintage and are a perfect way to celebrate the bounty of Nature.


If you’re up for some creative Christmas Ceiling decorations,¬† take some time out and create this beautiful christmas lights decoration. What you will need is some clear strings to make the frame on which the lights will be attached. Then attach the frame to the ceiling and interweave the lights along . Leave some hanging below the frame for a more beautiful look.


We hope these Christmas Ceiling Decorations will give you some idea for this Christmas and help you get started with decorating your house or office.

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