Top Christmas Staircase Decorations

We are just a few months away from the Christmas holidays. So it’s time to start looking for ways to decorate the house and bring home the holiday spirit. While living room, yard and bedroom are often given importance, minor placed like banisters, windows and staircases are left out. But Christmas 365 Greetings is not going to neglect it.

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The staircase is not just a functional addition. It plays a significant role in determining the aesthetics of the living room, the entrance or any other area that it shares its space. And the unique design of the stairs means that you can change in into the focal point by decking it correctly. So today, we have gathered a list of 40 decorating ideas for the staircase.

  1. Merry And Bright:

The colors used for this staircase decoration are downright Christmassy. We loved the polka dotted ribbons used here.

  1. Go Green:

We loved this one too. The stairs are done beautifully with pine leaves garland and silver ribbons and ornaments. It’s complementing the décor as well.

  1. Evergreens Garland:

Evergreen garland combined with silver ribbon is used to decorate the staircase.  The design is minimal, yet effective.

  1. Make A Christmas Tree:

This one is uniquely beautiful. The blogger has strategically made a Christmas tree on the stairs using a white shelf liner.  Just cut, peel and stick. The rest of the decoration is done with a beautiful red and green garland.

  1. Gold And White:

A dazzling golden décor is all you need to give a majestic and captivating look to your house. Doesn’t it look like it’s taken out from a fairy tale?

  1. Red And Green:

The staircase is decorated with evergreen garland, pinecones, berries, and ornaments. Could it get any more traditional?

  1. Decorate With Wreaths:

You don’t have to limit the placement of wreaths to door only. You can use the wreaths to decorate the staircase as well, just as you see here. But make sure you use wreaths of different sizes.

  1. Ho Ho Ho:

Ho Ho Ho, Santa Claus will be here any moment. So why don’t you decorate the house in his favorite color red? He may even give a few extra presents to you!

  1. Metallic:

We cannot get enough of metal ornaments. Metallic ornaments enhance the beauty and décor of the home manifolds. And is there a better combination than green and gold?

  1. Hang Your Child’s Stockings:

This is for the lazy bums out there. Take some stockings in different colors and patterns, fill it with tiny gifts and hang from the banisters.

  1. Little Santas:

These little felt Santas are counting the days until Christmas. Isn’t that novel idea for Christmas countdown?

  1. While Stockings:

Here’s another tastefully done staircase. It will look perfect if you are following a white Christmas theme.

  1. Use Hanging Plants:

This is one of the most common ways of decorating the staircase. Just place some oversized ribbon bows and you’re done. We loved the paper lanterns too!

  1. Hang Snowflakes:

Metallic snowflakes made from dowels and decorated with blue and silver look breathtaking against the blue backdrop. Enhance the decor by placing bows and clusters of ornaments.

  1. Red Stockings:

The staircase is one of the best places for displaying the family stockings. And add a garland to make it a focal point. The oversized ornaments are taking the décor a step further.

  1. Drape An Artificial Garland:

Drape a dazzling artificial garland on the stairways and add a warm and soft glow by placing the LED lights on the corner.

  1. Affix Figurines Along With The Garland:

Have you ever tried affixing Christmas related figurines on the garland? If no, then you must try this time. The idea will look beautiful if you are following a neutral theme. Do not forget the Christmas lights!

  1. Make Your Own Stairs Garland:

If you have a flair for art and craft, then you can consider making your own staircase garland. This unique garland is made by combining real and artificial leaves and pinecones.

  1. Bold Holiday Script:

The bold holiday script has totally stolen the show on this staircase.

  1. Style The Stairs With Citrus:

There is no point decorating your house with red and green lavish garland if the color around the stairs and yellow or blue. This staircase is done beautifully with citrus fruits. It will look great in modern and contemporary houses.

  1. Fun Filled Decoration:

These red and green stockings are overflowing with cuteness. We loved the detailing on the stockings.

  1. Give A Rustic Look:

Decorate the staircase with burlap, evergreens garland and wooden ornaments to give a rustic look to your house.

  1. Think Beyond Green And Red:

This Christmas, why don’t you think beyond green and red? Brown and green would make a lovely combination.

  1. A Touch Of Red And Green:

If you want to stick with the tried and tested traditional look, then go for this vibrant red and green decoration.

  1. Elegant Brown And Silver:

This decoration idea is giving a charming and coherent vibe to the décor.

  1. Garland And Bows:

Evergreen garlands and gorgeous golden banister drape the banister of this elegant stairway. The wrapped gifts place on the sofa is enhancing the décor.

  1. Stunningly Festive:

Decorating the staircase doesn’t mean you have to deck just the railings and banister with garlands and ornaments. Look at this for instance. The entire house is decorated beautifully with red and magenta ornaments.

  1. Fragrant Pomanders:

Clusters of fragrant pomanders adorn the staircase of this lovely house.

  1. Stunning Christmas Decoration:

We absolutely loved this elegant holiday staircase. The seeded glass ball tops are adding a sparkly touch to the décor.

  1. An Evergreen Garland:

An evergreen garland is winding up the stairs decked with holly branches, fresh cut greens, pheasant feathers and giant pinecones.

  1. Candy Cane:

Here’s an adorable way to decorate your stairways. A candy cane printed tutu is wrapped neatly on the railings along with the green garland.

  1. Metallic Accents:

I must say that the green garland and metallic ornaments are going great with the black railings.

  1. Santa Welcoming With Open Arms:

This festive staircase is decorated with the figurines of Santa and his elf. Fascinating.

  1. A Fairy Tale Staircase:

This staircase is decorated with garland tied with baubles. This well-lit, white Christmas tree and the neatly wrapped gifts are looking equally beautiful.

  1. Metallic Ornaments Strewn On The Stairs:

Before trying out this decoration idea, make sure you have sorted all the works on the first floor.

  1. Use Toys For Decoration:

Give ornaments and garlands a miss, and hang your child’s toy from the railings.

  1. A Burst Of Color:

Give your traditional staircase a burst of fresh color by adding a layer of bells. Complete the look with big red bows. You can even place a stack of gifts near the tree.

  1. Hung With Care:

Dress your staircase for the holiday season with a handmade evergreen. Then hang a couple of stockings. Even one will work.

  1. Oversized Flowers:

Here’s another simple way to dress up the staircase. You just have to hang a few oversized flowers from the banisters.

  1. Red Ribbon:

Red ribbons encircle the garland of the railings of this staircase and end in a large checked ribbon with long streamers.

  1. Bundles Of Joy:

Instead of hanging garlands from the railing, try these greenery bunches. Here, natural birch branches are used, but other branches would work equally well. Matte or glossy ornaments will add a pop of color.

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