Christmas; the festive season and the season of decoration is about to arrive.

There are a lot of things we all need to decorate which includes our house, a christmas tree, sweets and desserts and a lot more.

There are a lot of ways and options to decorate out house with. Also, there are a lot of things which are available for decorating and out of them Cardboard is considered to be the best craft material because it is cheap and readily available during the gift giving season, and easy to turn into crafts. The brown color calls to mind gingerbread and wood, but it’s much easier to shape and cut.

People of all ages love making cardboard Christmas decorations because it is easy and the material is sturdy enough to stand up to little hands and, if they make a mistake then with a new box it is easy to try again.  No expensive craft materials wasted.

All the cardboard boxes which you receive during the holiday season can be easily up cycled into a fun and architectural Christmas decoration. The project is easy to make with kids to design your own custom village scene, with little houses, churches, or even skyscrapers.

You simply need to grab a cardboard box from your recycling bin, choose one of these gorgeous ideas, and get crafting:


Tiny Cardboard Ginger Bread Houses: The adorable cottages will last long enough without giving you sticky icing fingers.

You will need:



Hot Glue Gun.

Metal Ruler.

White Paint Pen.

Tracing or Wax Paper.

Battery Operated Tea Lights.


Collect the cardboard and ruler and start drawing your houses before cutting anything.

Using a ruler and a knife (having a new blade) cut out all the pieces. Be slow while cutting the cardboard as it will take few passes to cut all the way through.

You might need to change the blade of your knife if your edges look ragged or if it gets harder to cut.

It is recommended to turn around the cardboard pieces and take a look where you haven’t cut through yet, especially corners.

When the cutting is done, use a white paint pen to decorate them like gingerbread houses.

Glue small pieces of tracing paper over the back side of the doors and windows as this will make your houses glow and stop you from seeing the battery operated candle inside.

Using glue to attach the sides to the front, start constructing the house and then add the back. The houses do not have a bottom.

Once done, all you will need is a roof. It is recommended to wait until the previous step to get the actual size of your house and then get the roof.

Once the body of the house is built, measure for the roof pieces, cut the piece from the cardboard and stick it.

Once you are done, lift it up and put a battery operated tea light inside to make it glow. Finally, your ginger bread house is ready to be displayed.

Snowy Table Top Christmas Tree: The snowy forest of pine trees can be made with this idea. You can also set them in your dining room with ginger bread houses and can also gift it to your family or friends. The glow of the tree makes everything look magical during the festive eve.

To make this DIY house, you need to make cones out of cereal boxes and also get some scale like shapes. Start from the bottom and glue them side by side and then layer by layer. Continue all the way to the top and paint with a quick wash of white. If you want more coverage, go for spray paint or else you can leave if you want the brown color to show through. Apply decoupage and sprinkle glitter for sparkle.

Winter Wonderland Animal Scene: Kids in the house will love playing with these animal filled winter scene DIY cardboard décor and your kid will never get bored of playing with peg dolls and making cardboard toys.

All you need to do is:

Print and cut the template (you can get your own template too) and trace it on the cardboard. Using a craft knife cut the board and adjust the slot sizes depending on the thickness of your cardboard. If your cardboard is too thick then help your kid by cutting the cardboard and letting them start with the decoration of the pieces which you cut.

Once the cut out and decoration part is over, slot the pieces together to create all the animals and sled in the picture.

Cut a small piece of paper or a cloth and wrap it around the body of animals and add some yarn to tie around the neck.

Hand Drawn Cardboard Stars: To decorate these cardboard stars, use paint or a gel pen and it will look elegant enough to make you fall in love with them. This fun project costs nothing more than your time. A decorative idea which you can easily do with kids on a holiday week. It is a perfect way to use your extra cardboard. You can also use an old tissue or a cereal box.

You will need:


Paint or Gel Pen.



Trace the shape of a star in the size you want and cut it out of your card board. Ideal size would be 4 to 5 inches.

With a gel or a paint pen, start embellishing your favorite patterns on the card board.

You can add words and designs and shapes.

To make it look like a gift tag and make hangers, use red embroidery floss and your are good to go. Simply hang it on the Christmas tree and admire the beauty.

Christmas Advent House: The designs and décor idea is very simple which makes it great for personalizing it the way you want. Dress them up with paint on fine details, snowy glitters on the rood and opt for a gradient of papers in green or pink.

You will need:

25+ pieces of card stock paper.

Glue Gun.

Cutting Machine and Accessories.

Candles (Optional).


Download 25 silhouette cut files from Google Drive.

Cut the files and weed them.

Make sure to set your cut setting to overcut by .1 or .2 which will help you to achieve a clean cut and make the window weeding much easier.

You will need to cut a lot so it is recommended to clean your blade and re set the blade after cutting every few houses.

Assemble your houses. Except for the roofs, the lines are perforated and are left flat so that you can have some flexibility to fold them the way you want. With the cut file design, you have an option to go asymmetrical.

Assemble your chimney and the rest of it is glued at the tabs with hot glue at low temperature.

Decorate with little pieces of candy or scriptures under the house. You can also use a flameless tea light under the houses. You can also take help from your little hands in the house who would definitely be more than happy and excited to help you.


DIY Giant Ginger Bread House: Trap your kids inside the ginger bread house or let them make their own ginger bread village.

You will need:

Card Board Box.

Box Cutter.



Pencil or Pen.


White Paint and Paint Brush.

Mini White LED Christmas Lights.


Sketch out the village on your card board by cutting out a large, unblemished section of cardboard and removing the flaps and shipping tape. With the help of a ruler and pencil, free hand sketch a skyline for the Christmas village, you can also add an architectural landmark.

Trace it once more after having a rough outline, using a ruler to make sure that you have got straight lines.

Make initial cuts with the box cutter and a ruler and use the knife for details such as windows.

Decide from where you want to fold the village. It is recommended to go for accordion style fold which will help it stand up on its own. Fold approximately between each building.

Press in to the cardboard and score the edge using a ruler and then fold the card board carefully against the ruler to achieve a straight fold.

For some winter wood land accompaniments for the village, cut some tree template and trace a Christmas tree on the sketch paper by folding over the edge, tracing half of the tree and cutting out in order to ensure that both the sides are matching exactly. Trace the Christmas tree outline on another piece of card board using a paper template. For each tree, you will need 2 card board cut outs. You can also create more in different sizes to make a small forest.

Using your knife cut a slit halfway up from the bottom on one card board tree cut out and half way down from the top of the tree on another and assemble your trees.

Slot both the halves together to create a multi dimensional tree that will stand on its own.

Give final touch to your village by using a paint brush along the roof line, window sills and tree branches and dot white paint to create snowy effects. You can also try sprinkling some glitter in the paint to make it sparkle.

Arrange the village on a white dry cloth when the paint dries up.

You can also arrange, behind the window, a set of mini LED lights of your favorite color or use battery operated green tea lights to light up the village.


DIY Silent Night: Get a paper Mache houses which comes in a set of 3 sizes. You can buy 2 sets online. Once you have your Mache house ready with you, give them a 3 to 4 of coats of white spray paint and let it dry.

Once it dries, cover it in Mod Podge and add thick silver glitter and leave overnight to dry again.

Take a paint brush and gently swipe off the loose glitter before giving a cover coat of Mod Podge for protecting and sealing the glitter.

For a more beautiful look, add some feather bow for snow, flameless candles and a tall white bottle brush trees.

Display it on a board in your living room and see it glowing at night when all the lights of your house are turned off. The roof top will glisten like snow sparkling in the sunlight during the day and under the moonlight at night.

TIP: Use 2 feather boas to make snow.

Silent Night is simply a sign board which can be made of wood.

DIY Christmas Village Luminaries: Take advantage of lights because lights are an integral part of Christmas decorations. From ICICLE lights to rope to LED to outdoors and nets, choose any of them or their combination. There cannot be a better way to get in the holiday spirit this season and light up your home with wide varieties of lights. Christmas trees and villages are the ultimate focal display of the festival in the home but they will not be complete until you switch on the luminaries.

Fairy lights serve many purposes and using it during Christmas is the best time. You can hang it on the staircase or across the bed decor or place them in a jar on the mantel piece to create and cheerful and cozy mood.

LED Christmas lights are popular and commonly used because they last long, shine bright and looks cool which helps to create the perfect festive environment. It is the perfect way to get the holiday spirit on darker winter nights.  Renew the Christmas décor and let the lights reflect off the novelty.

You will need:

Wallpaper in different patterns, Hot Glue Gun, Ruler, Knife, Cutting Mat, Scissors, Bone Folder, and Printable Template.


Using the printable templates as the base cut the wallpapers in different shapes and sizes with Knife. Use scissors to cut out the windows.

Hot glue the parts of the house and let it dry.

For the roof, you can either cut out a cone shape or a regular rectangular shape.

Hot Glue the roof.

Once dried, illuminate it with the lights and put off on display.

FOLKS! These are some of the trending ideas which you can try this holiday season and give your home a beautiful décor. Do not forget to show off your DIY skills by experimenting with the ideas.