Korean makeup, skin and lip trend has been rampant in the beauty industry because of the genuine and subtle look they portray. Most of the look concentrate on making the skin as well as the lip looks glossy, and helps to retain moisture all day long. This is another advantage of trying out this look for Christmas when it is mostly winter. With beautiful doe eyes and gradient pouting lips – the look will not only make you look sweet but also beautifully elegant. For any Korean lip art, it is extremely necessary to make sure the following steps are done before hand.

  • First, scrub your lips with good and exfoliating lip scrub. Make sure all the dry flakes are taken of.
  • Once you are done, apply a generous amount of hydrating lip balm.
  • Although this step is optional, you can also apply a lip oil to make it look plump and beautiful.

We have enlisted down the various Korean lip makeup ideas for Christmas 2019 to make your job a little easier to select a look for yourself.

Gradient lips


Gradient lips are the signature Korean lips you have been looking for. Once you lips are hydrated and ready, apply a lip concealer or primer. This is done to ensure that all the pigmentation is removed. Apply the deeper colour from the inside. outline the lips with the lighter colour and then smudge it with a lip brush. This is one of the most easy gradient Korean lip art for Christmas.

Matte One Lip Gradient Look


If you are a fan of matte lip colour, this matte gradient Korean lip art is for you. On the upper lips, apply the deep burgundy matte colour. On the lower lip, you can apply a concealer. using a lip brush, apply the burgundy colour on the inside of the lower lip and smudge it with the concealer. And your easy matte gradient lip art is ready!

Very Minimal Gradient Look


If you are a fan of very minimal matte lip art, you can try this out. For yes, use a very nude pinkish colour close to your skin tone. First, apply this colour all over the lips. With the help of lip brush, apply the dark burgundy colour on the very inner corner and just a vertical line on the centre of both the lips. Once should delicately smudge everything, the look is ready in minutes.

Soft Gradient Peach Lip Look


This is a peach soft gradient look. This particular lip colour is suitable for fair to medium skin tones. Once your lips are hydrated, apply the bright peach lip colour. Leave the outline of the lips empty, and use a lip brush to make it look smudgy. Apply another layer of gloss to seal the look.

Brown Glossy Look


If you think brown lip makeup is old fashion, you should look at the Korean girls sporting it like a diva. To create the soft brown look, first, moisturize your lip with a nice lip balm, and then line the lips to form the precise outline. Once it is done, apply the lip colour with the help of a lip brush. This will give you better control of the colour. Finally, press your lipstick together and apply another layer of the lipstick.

Matte Pink Look


Korean lip makeup is not always about plump and glossy lips. Korean girls can also rock a soft pink look like no other. To get the perfect matte pink pout, once you have applied the lip balm, apply a soft pink or peach lip liner. If the lips does not have a precise definition it will look untidy. Then fill the lips with the pink matte lipstick. And always choose the lipstick closer to your undertone.

Sunset Lip Art Look


This is a very pretty sunset lip art gradient Korean look for Christmas 2019. To create this lip art, first apply a bright red lipstick on the inner portion of both the lips. Next apply the next layer of bright pink lipstick. The final touch, apply the yellowish lip colour on the outline of the lips. Make sure you have smudged all the three colours and removed the harsh lines.

The Quintessential Peach Look


This is the most perfect quintessential peach look for lip art. There are practically no technicalities involved. All you have to do is keep a clear glossy skin with highlighted cheekbones and bridge of the nose. Apply a peach colour that suits your skin tone the most. It is advisable to use a matte one balance the highlighted skin.

High Shine Gradient Look


This is a high shine Korean lip art you can easily wear during the daytime for Christmas. It will keep your lips hydrated and trendy. First, apply the reddish pink lip colour on the centre of both the lips and spread it towards the corner with the help of your fingers. Once you’re done, swipe a good layer of a high shine glitter lip gloss to make it sparkle.

Barely There Brown Gradient Look


Everyone loves a barely there brown look. For this lip art, you can go heavy on the eyes and cheeks. First, apply a lip concealer all over the lips. With the help of a lip brush for fingertip, applied the glossy brownish colour on the inner portion of both the lips. Once it is done smudge it with the concealer.

Pink and Red Gradient Look


Red and pink gradient look is very fresh and soft look you can carry during the day time. If you are doing this for night party, make sure you pair it with a heavy smoky eye. Applying the red colour on the inner portion of the lips, followed by a soft pink colour, closer to your skin tone, apply it on the outer portion. Use the finger to smudge the colours.

Vampy Gradient High Shine Lip Art


Gradient lip art might be a very soft look but you can also create someone vampy and glossy look with it. First you have to apply the dark gothic colour only on the inner portion of the lips. Pat the colour nicely concentrating only on the centre portion. Finish the whole look with a glitter hi-shine lip gloss.

Glossy Golden Glitter Red Lip Art


One lip gradient is a great way to show off to lip colours. First apply at deep and bright red on the upper lips. Apply of golden glitter lip paint or lipstick on the lower lips. Press your lips slightly together to transfer the red lip colour onto the lower lips. Once everything is done, seal the look with a high shine lip gloss in your collection. This is one of the most beautiful lip art for the Christmas evening.

Pale Heart Gradient Lip Art


This is a lovely heart gradient lip art for Christmas 2019. First, apply a nice lip primer all over the left. For the second step, using a pink lip liner, draw a heart shape on the lips. Using the same lip liner fill the inner portion of the lips with the same colour. In a lip brush applied the silvery pink colour for the rest of the portion. This will give you a very soft doll lip makeup.

Sheer Coloured Lip Balm Look


Sheer lip colour look is very easy and nice to carry during the day time. If you prefer heavy smoky eyes, you can try out this sheer colour look. If you don’t have a sheer lip tint in your possession, take some matte lipstick on your fingertips and dab them onto the lips. Make sure to apply it evenly and finish off with the concealer around the lips.

Ombre Lip Look


Ombre lips are very creative yet easy to create. With red and pink lip colour, you can easily create the ombre lip look by smudging with the lip brush. Always choose two colours complimenting each other. In this way, it will not only look natural, but also pretty easy on the eyes.

Matte Sheer Lip Look


This matte sheer look is created best with a heavily pigmented lipstick. Apply the colour all over and let it sit for two minutes. Then, press a dry tissue and dab off the excess colour. Finish it off with a layer of face powder to make it look matte and even. In this way, the colour will also last longer on the lips.

Glitter Grey Lip Look


If you think you can’t pull off a full grey lipstick look, try applying it only on the outer line and a little pink colour on the inner portion. Finish it off with a glitter-sheer lip colour to add a shine to it.

These are some of the most beautiful and stunning Korean lip makeup ideas for Christmas 2019. Hopefully you have liked the article. Please let us know in the comments which are your favourite ones.