Are your kids insisting you to go on a getaway this Christmas, but you keep on refusing them? Is it the budget that’s troubling you? Well, then you don’t have to worry anymore, as we have rounded up ten of the most budget-friendly places where you can take your kids to this Christmas!

The holiday season is coming, and the long break at Christmas calls for a family winter vacation. But unfortunately, most of the economic classes are suffering from the economic pressure. When lavish American and Europeans holidays seem inaccessible, cheap Christmas destinations come to the rescue. Here are top ten places that you can visit with your kids this Christmas, at a price that you can actually afford.

1.   Banff:


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Is it white Christmas that you and your children desire this time? Well, then Banff in Canada would the perfect place for you. Unlike most of the cities of Canada, Banff is relatively inexpensive. This gorgeous town, surrounded by the Rockies on all sides lures tourists with the spas, stores and slopes all year round, but comes alive during the Christmas. This mountain town gives an affordable combination of renowned restaurants, affordable lodges and energetic nightlife for you, (just you and your partner) to enjoy. And its nearness to Kananaskis Country and Lake Louise adds to its overall attractiveness. Do not forget to explore the intriguing rock spires in the Banff National Park, the third largest national park in the world.

  1. Vermont:


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Are you and your kids fond of skiing, but the luxurious resort is out of your budget? Well then, why don’t you consider Vermont this time? Vermont will give you and your tots all that you are looking for in a ski resort without burning a hole in the pocket. Tyler Place Family Resort is a great place to spend your Christmas Eve. It’s a great place for enjoying with family without sacrificing on luxuries and amenities. The resort is intimate and fun for people of ages. It also offers accommodation in suites, cottages and studios including meals.

  1. Hungary:


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Hungary, a country landlocked in central Europe is one of the cheapest holiday destinations in Europe. With the cheap yet high-quality wines, cheap trains, and cheap food, nothing can actually go wrong with a Hungarian holiday. Lake Balaton,  the biggest lake in Europe is a must see a spot in Hungary. And if you and your kids are interested in history, then a visit to Budapest is a must for you. The place literally abounds in heritage sites. Even the best Christmas market in Europe in the Vorosmarty Square is in Budapest. And if you want a warm Christmas, then Miskolctapolca is highly recommended. A day in Hungary would cost you $60 per person. That’s quite affordable don’t you think so?

  1. Morocco:


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Located along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and at the edge of the Western Sahara Desert, Morocco is a perfect place for you to experience a different and unique Christmas. And it’s budget friendly too! First and foremost, the hotels in Morocco are very cheap, and the train transport is cheaper as compared to Europe. Besides experiencing a non-traditional Christmas, kids can also take up a desert safari in the Sahara, wander through the ancient Medinas and discover Jebel Toubkal, the highest peaks of North Africa.

  1. Cusco:


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Cusco, the incredible capital of the ancient Inca Empire, draws thousands of tourists every year and especially during Christmas. The narrow streets of Cusco dotted with grand cathedrals, and majestic temples will give you and your little observers a glimpse into the city’s past, like how it withstood the rise and fall of the Incas. The city reinvented itself after the Spanish invaded the empire, and you can see both the eras on the city streets. Cusco also offers delicious Andean cuisine during the Christmas, which we believe is a must have here. The best part is that it won’t take more than a day to explore Cusco. So if your budget permits you, you can also check out nearby places like Lima and Machu Picchu. And do not forget to shop for authentic Cusco textiles here.

  1. Dominican Republic:

Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic would be the cheap and best bet for a warm Christmas vacation. The hotel rates in December slashes to 60% off the regular price. So an average night stay would be just $80. And the weather is oh-so-perfect. In Punta Cana, the temperature goes up to 80. Christmas is a grand festival in the Dominican Republic. The celebration starts in October and continues till January. The spectacular fireworks, exhilarating parties, and fantastic food will make your stay in the Dominican Republic truly unforgettable. Try to make it to the La Misa de Gallo Christmas Eve service here. It is the midnight Mass celebration.

  1. Czech Republic:

Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic and inexpensive? Are you kidding me? No, we’re not! The Czech Republic is one of the least expensive places to explore during Christmas. Prague in the Czech Republic is the most famous Christmas destination in the Czech Republic. Besides the delicious Czech cuisine and beautifully decorated buildings, Prague also has plenty of mountain retreats for you to enjoy with your kids. And even the ancient towns and historical centers in Czech offer the best in terms of budget. The national drink of the Czech Republic, beer is available at a cheaper price than water.

  1. Bethlehem:


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What better place for a getaway with kids than the hometown of Jesus. Tourists in large numbers throng to Bethlehem, a Palestinian city during Christmas. The place is just ten kilometers from Jerusalem in Israel. So reaching here wouldn’t be too difficult for you. Bethlehem also offers cheap taxi services. So at $100 per day, Bethlehem is a good choice for Christmas. Plus, kids will also get to learn about Christianity. You can also go ahead and discover Jerusalem, a world heritage site.

  1. Romania:


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Romania shares its border with Hungary and coastline with the Black Sea. So you can imagine what you can expect here during Christmas. Romania is a delight for history buffs. It has an abundance of monuments and castles that will captivate your senses. Not very fond of history? Don’t worry, the country also offers vast landscapes for hiking, skiing, and other adventurous activities. And the Christmas decoration of Romania is sure to leave you spellbound. Trust me, it’s stunning. Well, hotels are not very cheap but are cheaper than most of the parts in Europe. We’d recommend you to travel by train or bus as the taxi is very costly here. A day in Romania will cost you $100 per person.

  1. Colorado:


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This sprawling mountain resort looks so beautiful at Christmas. Even words fail to describe the beauty of Colorado in Christmas. While most of the people perceive Colorado to be an expensive city, Colorado is in reality quite inexpensive when compared to other American destinations. The place offers sumptuous holiday offers, live Christmas shows, culinary demonstrations and a life-size gingerbread house. A Classic Christmas Package will cost you $150 per person that also includes accommodation, tickets to the Christmas shows and discounts on retail purchases. That’s quite a good deal, don’t you think?

Where will you take your kids for Christmas vacation? Tell us in the comment section. Wish you and your family happy holidays!