Most of the people refrain from going for vacations during the holidays saying, “there is no place like home for the holidays.” But for a growing segment of international travelers, Christmas is the best time or quick vacation. And there are many reasons for it. First and foremost, it is easy to take off from work during Christmas and New Year. Secondly, most of the families live scattered through the nation. So a Christmas holiday in a fun location makes sense.

While there are many places to consider for Christmas holidays, there is no better place than the United States. The United States glimmers during Christmas like no other holidays. From lanes to lanes and Coasts to coasts, the locals go to great lengths to make the holidays bright. The malls, houses and shops glitter with twinkling lights. To help you get in the holiday spirit, we have compiled a list of ten best places that you can visit in the United States during the Christmas. Some of the places are common while some may surprise you.

1. New York:

New York

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The Big Apple is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas. Millions of people throng here to witness the sounds and sights of the city. The 100 feet Christmas tree decked with 30,000 lights and topped with a five hundred pounds star is the showstopper of the places. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is another popular attraction in New York during the holiday. Almost every window and street in Manhattan is decorated with stunning displays.  But make sure you bring along your patience with you. Waiting in a queue to see the holiday window display at Bloomingdale’s Macy Barney’s and Saks Fifth Avenue may bring out not so cheerful side of you.

2. Chicago:


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This windy city has the perfect weather condition to produce a cold, White Christmas. Tourists visit Chicago during Christmas for its big cities activities like viewing the brightly lit Magnificent Mile or enjoying the German heritage at the Christkindlmarkt. Christkindlmarkt is a German Christmas market filled with traditional wooden toys, holiday crafts and German foods and drinks. Just like New York, Chicago also sets up a giant Christmas tree in the Daley Plaza. The tree is inaugurated every year with much fanfare. The Navy Pier’s Winter Wonderfest is another place to witness the magnificence of Chicago during Christmas. Navy Pier is a holiday-themed amusement part with an indoor skating rink.

3. Colorado:


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For many people, Christmas means skiing and one of the most favorite places to go skiing in the United States is Colorado. Colorado is home to the Aspen and Vail, the chic resort towns. The Aspen and Snowmass mountains open up to the snowboarders and skiers in the late November. You can enjoy the pristine and serene natural surroundings while enjoying the relaxing Christmas. The Aspen restaurants during Christmas offer special menus for its guests. The town concert hall and the club also host incredible holiday music events. But there will be long lift lines. So everything will be in full swing for the Christmas.  If you are a Santa tracker, you will be much acquainted with the fact that Colorado is home to NORAD, the agency that tracks Santa’s gift presenting a course on the Christmas Eve.

4. Florida:


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Florida is an obvious choice for holidays during Christmas. It enjoys a mild temperature during December, making it an ideal place for people who want their Christmas to be made of sand and not snow. In addition to the gorgeous beaches, you can also visit the Disney World, decked in typical Disney style. In weeks leading up to Christmas, you will find light displays and parades throughout the state. The best parade to witness here is the Christmas Island-Style Lighted Boat Parade. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade is equally popular here. Orlando is a favorite place to visit in Florida during Christmas. If you want to experience a laid-back vacation, then you can head to Key West. The warm climate, stunning beaches, and the friendly crowd will make an excellent choice to spend Christmas with your beloved.

5. Alaska:


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You’ve to be committed to the idea of cold if you want to visit Alaska during Christmas. Some people considered Alaska to be the House of Santa. It is said that in the year 1952, thousands of children sent a letter to Santa Claus House in Alaska near Fairbanks. Even the Santa Claus writes back letters to children. So it will be a very exciting prospect for children. Christmas is the perfect time to catch up with Northern Lights in Alaska. So if you can handle the snow and chill, then Alaska would be a great place to spend your Christmas holidays.

6. Las Vegas:

Las Vegas

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Gamblers are not the only people who head to Las Vegas during Christmas. The lavishly decorated hotels, cold weather, and the holiday twist, make Las Vegas a perfect destination for everyone. Everything here is larger than life. The Fremont Street is decked up every year in green neon and red, and the Bellagio Fountain dances its heart out to the Christmas music. You will see more Christmas trees than your camera will allow you to capture. Not just the Christmas tree, even cactus lit up here during the season.  Ice skating is a favorite activity in Vegas during Christmas. So put on our best skating shoes and glide while holding your partner’s hand and sipping champagne. Holidays are a popular time to visit Vegas. So keep yourself prepared for the higher crowds and elevated prices.

7. Washington, D.C:

Washington DC

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Most of the people consider Washington, D.C. a dull and boring place with too much of history. But even this boring place comes alive with the warmth of the holidays. The brightly lit streets and buildings of the Wisconsin Avenue look too beautiful. And so does the Yuletide decorated the stores, galleries and restaurants of this avenue. The state also holds an annual Holiday Window Competition that pairs the local shops against one another to make the most creative and fun window displays. The state also conducts the ceremony of hosting the lighting of the America’s tree. If you want to take a break from the cold, then stop by the Ritz-Carlton to enjoy the complimentary hot apple cider.

8. Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is the place to be if you want to enjoy the sand during the holidays. The Ricans love to celebrate holidays. The Christmas celebrations in the state begin as early first week of December and do not stop until the New Year.  The Catholic churches hold mass every day for nine days until the Christmas Eve. The little carolers go door to door, singing songs in exchange for food and drinks. If you are celebrating the New Year along with the Christmas, then you may see Three Wise Men bringing some gifts to you. As the tradition goes, the Puerto Rican children leave water and grass for the camels in return for the presents.  And of course, there will be food, lights and lots of partying.

9. Santa Cruz, California:

Santa Cruz, California

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The west coast of the United States may not have much snow. But that does not mean that California does not have holiday cheer. The palm trees lining the streets of this funky seaside town are decked with the glittering display. On weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Santa Claus arrives by train to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus drive through the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park across a steel truss bridge. You can also hop on an old locomotive by the Roaring Camp Railroads that runs along the beach. Then, of course, there are clubs, cafes and restaurants serving world-class foods during the Christmas holidays.

10. New Orleans, Louisiana:

New Orleans

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New Orleans celebrates the Christmas holidays with a twist. Christmas is New Orleans is a month long festivity celebrating Papa Noel. Every corner of New Orleans comes alive with decked out streetcars, glowing lights and candlelight cruises. You must take a tour of the decorated antebellum homes here, catch the Christmas special performance, shop from the French quarters, listen to the magical sound of caroling cruises and enjoy the view of a carriage ride. There is also a custom of lighting of a 12-foot menorah at the Chanukah at Riverwalk. Besides, there are also several New Year’s celebrations throughout the city.

If you happen to live in one of these ten places, then you are going to enjoy your holidays a little more than the rest us. And if not, then just book a flight and head to any of these destinations now. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!

Which place do you think is best to visit during Christmas? Give your suggestions by commenting below.