Top 40 Santa Claus Inspired Decoration Ideas

Santa Claus, the friendly man with a long beard and red coat is one of the most legendary Christmas figures. He is featured everywhere during Christmas, not just in films and movies. The roads, malls, and parks are filled with life-sized Santa figures. Some people dress up as Santa Claus and offer goodies to children.

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So this Christmas, why don’t you dress up your house also with Santa Claus? Yes, we are talking about Santa Claus inspired theme. Below are 40 Santa Claus Inspired Decoration Ideas for you.

  1. Hang Christmas Santa Suit:

Hang Santa’s suit from a Christmas string light for an instant outdoor display.

  1. Decorate A Topiary With Santa’s Hat:

If you have a topiary or an oversized white vase in your house, decorate it with Santa’s hat for a quick decoration.

  1. Mr. And Mrs. Santa:

This kissing statue of Mr. and Mrs. Claus would look beautiful stationed in your yard. If you want, you can even dress it up with LED lights.

  1. Santa Belt Coke Bottle Gifts:

Apart from giving these bottles as gifts, you can also use it for decoration able. Or you can use it as return favors.

  1. Rustic Hand Painted Santa Wood:

This hand painted Santa would look great leaned against the porch.

  1. Santa Wreath:

Greet the rosy-cheeked guests coming to your house with this wreath featuring Santa Claus. The playful mesh and ornaments are giving it a bold statement.

  1. Santa Claus Themed Christmas Table Decoration:


Give your house a festive look with this lovely decoration idea. The Santa champagne bottle holder is especially, looking stunning.

  1. Mr. And Mrs. Claus Chair Cover:

These beautiful chair covers would go incredibly cute with the Santa theme you are following.

  1. Santa Hat Centerpiece:

This easy peasy Santa hat centerpiece would look fantastic place on your side table. And put it against a black colored background for an even better look.

  1. Santa Belt Vase:

This is one of the most beautiful vases we have seen in a long time. We have even included the DIY for you to make it yourself. Just click the link below.

  1. Centerpiece For The Dinner Table:

This Santa hat topiary would look awesome on your dinner table. Ensure that you stock loads of candy canes for this centerpiece.

  1. Santa Tulle Wreath:

Just imagine how cute this tulle wreath would look on your black or white door. We have also included the tutorial for you to follow.

  1. Santa Claus Ornament:

Glass and plastic ornaments are a passé now. People are now experimenting with various raw materials to get the perfect and unique ornament. This ornament, made with yarn, would make a great activity to do with kids.

  1. Santa’s Tiny Clothes:

Now that you have decorated the outdoors with life-sized Santa’s clothes, decorate the indoors with tiny Santa’s clothes and ornaments.

  1. Inflatable Santa:

Inflatable decoration ideas are a huge hit these days. The other featured here is trying to crawl up the chimney with a huge green sack. You can place a reindeer statue beside it as well.

  1. Door Hanger:

This Ho Ho Ho Hanger would look great hung on your child room’s door. Just hope you find a similar one in the market.

  1. Ho Ho Ho Wreath:

This stunning wreath is made with small bits of red cloth and then fastened to Santa’s belt in the middle. And lastly, stick the letters Ho Ho Ho on the front portion.

  1. Santa Themed Christmas Tree:

One of the most vibrant trees in our opinion. The entire tree is decorated keeping Santa Claus in mind. The tree topper is the mind.

  1. Santa Snow Globe:

If you want to give your residence a subtle makeover, put a Santa-themed snow globe on your side or study table. Ask your child to make these globes for Christmas.

  1. Adorable Ornament:

This Santa Clause ornament is downright adorable. It looks like Santa is peeping from the wreath. And you have to affix the Christmas sign as well.

  1. For The Office:

This Christmas decoration is for your office. It shows Santa coming down the chimney to give gifts to the office workers.

  1. Santa’s Boot As Vase:

While coming down the chimney, Santa left his boot in the house. So the smart blogger used his boot as a vase for decoration purposes, and we think it’s looking great.

  1. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town:

If you want to welcome Santa Claus in style, prepare this wooden Christmas tree for him. Hang some jingle bells to give it a lovely look.

  1. Santa Sleigh Centerpiece:

Purchase a steel or tin Santa sled from the market and fill it with greens, berries, and pinecones. Top it with a red bow and it’s ready.

  1. Santa’s Table Setting:

Guess who has prepared today’s lunch. It’s none other than Santa! The peppermint Christmas tree is looking very appetizing.

  1. Santa’s Door:

We are cent percent sure that this is Santa’s door. Look how it is decorated to give it an appearance of Santa Clause. Do not forget to add his fluffy beard and the buttons.

  1. Santa’s Letter Box:

Here’s an excellent Santa letterbox for your outdoor decor. Look how happy Santa is looking seated on the letterbox.

  1. Buttoned Up Cushion:

The buttoned up cushion here reminisces Santa Claus in his red uniform. And we must say the decoration is amazing.

  1. Log Santa Claus:

To make these decorative items, you need a few thin logs in different sizes. Cut them in a slanting way and tell your child to paint to make them look like Santa Claus.

  1. Santa Garland:

This Santa and Rudolf garland would look beautiful hung from the Christmas food table in the party. Kids will be enthralled by it.

  1. Santa Hat Door Hanging:

Take Santa’s hat, fill it with amaryllis flowers and hang from the door.

  1. Santa Resting On The Fireplace:

This is downright adorable. Both stocking and stocking holders are looking very cute. And it’s a novel way indeed.

  1. Santa Themed Bed Sheet:

Your child will be delighted to see this Santa and Rudolf bed sheet in their room. They might even insist on using this bed sheet all year round.

  1. Santa And Rudolf Showpiece And Stocking Holder:

This figurine would work as both showpiece and stocking holder. And given the design, this decorative item would be worth handing over.

  1. Santa’s Pant Stockings:

This is one of the unique stockings we have seen in a long time. Instead of the conventional ideas, the blogger has used Santa’s pants for holding the gifts.

  1. For The Porch:

This porch is decorated keeping Santa’s theme in mind. The cushion is decorated with Santa’s belt, and the vase is painted like Santa’s tummy.

  1. Santa Suit Ornament:

These Santa Suit ornaments will look fabulous on your Christmas tree.

  1. Santa Figurine:

Place this cute Santa figurine near your galvanized tub or anything you feel it will look great with.

  1. Santa Wreath:

The color choice here is incredibly beautiful and traditional. Even Santa looks jubilant hung on the door.

  1. Use Santa Boots:

Use Santa’s boot for decorating the corner of your house.

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