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The Christmas Season is also the season of merrymaking and family gatherings—and when there is merrymaking there is food. Impress relatives who have come all the way from their distant homes just to celebrate with you, by sprucing up your dining table. A warm-colored detailed mantle piece, like the one shown above, will give off a cozy vibe and even boost appetite. Add some more spice with beautiful plates, silverware, champagne glasses, and maybe some napkin folding on the side. With some more ornaments like some Christmas candles or plants or fruit, those relatives’ tummies will surely be delighted before they even touch their food.

Today, I checked some top ranking Christmas table decorations on Google and compiled them here. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful and elegant Christmas table decorating ideas that everyone can pull off this coming holiday season. May this collection hopefully help you find the best decoration for your table this Christmas.

Merry and Bright Table Decoration

Christmas eve dinner would surely be bright and merry with this table decoration. The bright lights coming from the mason jar luminary, decorated with pinecones and needles, displayed in a wooden plank, give off magical feeling to the setting.


Greens and Cranberries

Light up your dinner table with these beautiful and magical mason jar luminaries filled with epsom salt and cranberries. Line them up alternating with candles and cranberries. Aren’t they pretty?


Green Christmas Table Decoration

If you want to keep your centerpiece serene and simple, you can use green and rustic decorations such as pine needles and pine cones. Fill a wooden box with pine leaves and display a candle on them.

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Stylish Christmas Table with Reindeer

You want simple yet cozy? You may want to try this table decoration. A tin can filled with greens and miniature brown christmas tree. This can be a good choice for those who want rustic-country theme for their homes.


Christmas Table White Christmas Table

Who says decorations should be colorful and vibrant? It can be a as simple as a plate with a few wooden candle holder, pinecones and faux reindeer figure.

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Decorating with Red and Green

And here’s another lovely Christmas dinner table. A wooden box filled with miniture tree and Christmas balls. Of course, the whole setting is very fitting with the wreaths on the walls.

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Shabby Chic Table Decor

Re-use those old tree baubles and Christmas balls. Tie em up in a wooden frame, have it stand side down and you have this easy peasy centerpiece.

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Candle Centerpiece


What better way to light up your table with a couple of Christmas candles? Not only will these candles add a touch of elegance to your table, they’ll set the mood during your Christmas dinner.


Gingerbread Christmas Tree Table Decoration

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Who said decorations couldn’t be eaten? This delectable treat is perfect for Christmas parties. It’s a decoration as well as a dessert. Your guests will love it!

Christmas Fun


This kind of decoration spells F-U-N. The Christmas figures simply express how a Christmas should be – bright, fun and merry.

Elegant Christmas Table Decorations


This table spells E-L-E-G-A-N-C-E. Synonyms: stylish and sophisticated. This gold on white is one of the classics. This looks even a little dreamy and magical, with gold Christmas balls and cranberries.

Marble-Christmas Table Decorations


You can beautify your dinner table with just a few pinecones and greenery. Of course, don’t forget to add a splash of cranberries for additional beauty.


White Christmas Table


If you have a table made of dark wood, you may want to keep your decorations a little bit lighter – white perhaps? You can use huge chunk of candles and a few little ones placed in a glass candle holder.


Red and Green Christmas Table


Santa on the greenery, lighted up with red candles, this is simply brilliant. Your guests would surely love looking at these cuties on Christmas eve while enjoying the feast.

Decorate with Flowers


Another example of how you make your dining room into an elegant room for a feast of Kings. Red is such a happy and vibrant color and surely you and your guest will dine in joy in this room. And oh, do you know that it is said that the color red stimulates appetite? There you go!

Simply White and Red


These plates aren’t just limited to those bright red plates with Christmas motifs either. If red clashes with the rest of your décor, there’s always lighter colored plates. White plates in particular are very chic and classy. There are plenty of patterns to choose from so you don’t have to worry.

Candles and Cranberries


And here’s another table decorations with cranberries. But instead of cranberries alone, the glass is used as candle holder as well. The red simply complement with the white candle, creating this lovely, magical centerpiece.

Decorating with Candles and Mason Jars


Christmas could be a perfect time to upcycle those unused mason jars in your stock room. Arrange theme in a wooden stump, put candle inside and decorate the sides with pine needles, pinecones and berries.

Christmas Balls Centerpiece


Who says Christmas balls are hanging on Christmas trees only? Surely, homes decorated with Christmas balls round and about comes a long way in elegance. You can make a stunning centerpiece with all those Christmas balls lying around. Just grab them all, put in a glass bowl and voila! You have this amazing and easy table decoration.

Red Christmas Decorations


Here’s a sparkling Christmas table decorating idea with electric candles, greeneries and red ribbons. The peppermint candy decorations also add beauty on it.

Greens, Reds and Topiaries


Here’s another beautiful tablescape perfect for a Christmas wedding. Featuring red table cloth, with matching red plates and of course, the floral centerpiece.

Wonderful Christmas Table


A dazzling Christmas tablescape with a combination of red, white and blue. This is simply breathtaking.


Red and White Table Decorations


RED ALERT! This centerpiece is just oozing with red hot fabulousness! This should be quarantined and should go to the dining tables. The beauty of the flower centerpiece are pretty much complementing with those glasses and table wares.

Breathtaking Christmas Centerpiece


This is what your call elegant and fabulous. I’d love to have a feast on this kind of Chrismas table!

Working with Silver


Christmas doesn’t always have to green and red. It can also go along well with white and silver, just like this table decorations. The only thing that gives off the Christmassy theme is that snowflakes.

Gold and Purple Table Decor


And like I said, it doesn’t always have to be red and green, it could also be purple and gold.

Candies and Sweets


These treats are not just treats for the tummy but for the eyes, too. Put your lovely candies and peppermint in glass jars and ta-da! You now have delicious ornaments!

DIY Peppermint-wrapped Candle Centerpiece

Scenic Simple Christmas Table Decorations With Magnificent Holiday Decorating And Entertaining


Teal Christmas Table Decorations


This is one sophisticated but simple Christmas table decoration. The Christmas balls on the top of plain white plates create the ambiance of sophistication.

Beautiful Tablescape

A colorful and lovely table runner made of Christmas balls, pine leaves, candle holders and colorful glasses.

Christmas Pedestal

Whip up a beautiful and easy Christmas centerpiece with your christmas balls and cake tier stand. Just pile them and you’re good to go.


A Festive Feast

Christmas is all about feast and festivities and your guests would surely feel festive with this party decoration. Featuring red Christmas tree cone and the green wreath hanging on the wall, everyone will be completely awed. This decoration will go along well with desserts such as cupcakes, peppermint and christmas cookies.

Majestic Purple Table Decorations

This one is simply stunning and breathtaking. We always associated Christmas with red and green, but by using different color – purple for example – we can create an elegant scene. Match those chunk of purple candles with purple star and Christmas balls decorations.

Colorful Scene

Green is one of my favorite color and I didn’t know that it can go along well with gold and blue. This easy table decoration is simple and very easy to make.


Keep it Simple and Rustic

Too busy to decorate? Achieve the classic Christmas look by making it plain and simple like this rustic Christmas table decoration. It’s just a combination of white ceramic wares, pinecones and greens. Place each plate on a brown place mat to complete the rustic look.

DIY Christmas Luminaries

Create a simple yet breathtaking centerpiece with mason jar and cranberries. Fill the jars with water, add some pine needles and cranberries and then float a candle.


Fun with Place cards

Turn those ordinary pinecones and tiny berries into something elegant like this place card holder.

Festive in Red and White

Mixing up lively decorative colors is a fun way for a Christmas theme. It resembles happy moments and makes you feel like a kid again. Be creative and try to experiment with the colors to achieve this kind of theme.

Decorating with Poinsettia

Go for the seasonal flower displays if you live in a temperate climate like poinsettias, they are popular holiday decorations. Here, the poinsettia flowers are used as decorations on the top of each plate. It complements very well with the table ware, making the whole tablescape festive and elegant.

White and Red Stripes

If you don’t still don’t get why white and red are synonymous to “stylish”, here’s one for you: Red and white stripes! Your guests will be awed with this table decoration full of glam!

Decorating with Nature

In this picture, the beauty of the natural evergreen leaves gives a plus to the overall package. With some lights and simple centerpiece, it will seem as you’ve brought the Christmas environment outside your house to your countertops.

Fruity Tutti Centerpiece

You can use fresh and natural elements to beautify your dining table. To make this easy and stunning centerpiece, fill your serving bowl with pine cones, decorated oranges, pine needles and berries.

Plaid and Patterns

The centerpiece on the table composed of upcycled lanterns, candles and other red decors surely hits the spot. The red mugs and napkins surely add the beauty and festivity on this tablescape.

Sparkling Silver and Red

This is the epitome of modern Christmas decorations-sparkly table wares, peculiarly held napkins and out-of-this-world table-toppers on the side. A little spark of imagination and innovation really goes a long, long way!

Natural Glass Centerpiece

Don’t let having a tight budget stop you from decorating this coming holiday. All you need is creativity for this look. Fill a huge glass with elements of Christmas – from pinecones to cinnamon. Put on the top of tree stump and wrap it with berries and twigs.

Snowman Table Decor

Snowman doesn’t have to be on outdoor. You can also bring it in and put on your Christmas table. All it need is additional accessories like ribbons, greens and berries.

Breathtaking white and Gold

A touch of gold—no, a SPLASH of gold—will surely give off the elegant vibes, because, you know, nothing beats gold with bringing elegance.  A generous amount of gold decorations, combined with silver and white and a sprinkle of lights may turn any dining table, into a bright example of what defines glamorous.

Glass Stand and Fruity Centerpiece

Apparently, the remnants of the colors Fall season still looks good with Christmas decorations. With a little touch of creativity, brown and cream colors (and some leaves) produce another yet sophisticated set of Christmas ornaments.

Non-Traditional Centerpiece

Decorate the center of your table with upcycled paper bags and candles. Just fill the bags with greens and twigs and paint the bottom half with white. Complete the set-up with star decorations and candle in a small tin candle holder.

Wine Glass Candle Holder

This Christmas, try some unconventional decorations to liven up your table. Some wine glass, for example, can be turned into candle holder. Just arrange them upside down in a platter, decorate with faux flowers and snowmen, put the candles on top and you’re good to go!


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