Christmas is a festival which is celebrated in the whole world with immense joy and happiness. People all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in their own tradition and style. Everyone await for this festival to meet their relatives, friends and family to spend time together and enjoy. The most awaited time is the entire day or the evening before Christmas also known as Christmas eve.

Christmas eve is the time when people go for shopping, give goodwill greetings, buy gifts for each other, prepare for the Christmas, decorate their homes and Christmas trees, masses gather at the church to hold Christmas ceremonies and sing Christmas carols and hymns. Bakeries are over rushed with people because everyone buy Christmas cakes, cookies, apple pies, chocolates, Christmas special donuts and sweets to give it to their near and dear ones to send the sweetness and love to them. It seems like Christmas is in the air a merry wind blows everywhere spreading happiness and peace.  Some people throw party at there places to celebrate the Christmas eve with their loved ones on the other hand some hotels and restaurants organize Christmas parties and other events.

Christmas eve is not really about what others do or follow traditions and spending time with your dear ones or doing things you do every year- it’s about how you want to spend it and make your day or holidays worth remembering and enjoy.

Here are some ideas about how you can celebrate your Christmas eve and create memories with your family and friends or with yourself and feel nostalgic whenever you remember them.


What to do at Christmas eve?

  1. Do charity

What is the message of Christmas, it is to bring happiness on everyone’s face. We should light up the world of those whose world is filled up with darkness. One can plan a Christmas eve party at an orphanage or old age homes celebrate Christmas with them give them gifts and sweets. This will bring immense happiness and joy in their lives and they will give you blessing- what can be more wonderful than getting blessing on the auspicious day of Christmas eve by giving them happiness.

  1. Visit places

Try something new, visit new places and know about their culture and tradition and how they celebrate Christmas in their style. If you love Santa Clause you can go to Santa Clause village in Finland where you will find a jolly man in his red suit sitting on his reindeers. It is a beautiful place to visit during Christmas because fun is in the air. Secondly if you are religious person you can go to Bethlehem, birth place of Jesus Christ, or on any pilgrimage. If you like crowdy places you can go to New York City where you will find masses and masses of fun loving people.

  1. Participate or hold cookie competition-

If you are a foodie or love baking you can participate or hold a cookie competition. Ask everyone to make or buy cookies. Play games while eating them or whosoever will make the best cookie will win the competition and give a reward to the person.

  1. Do a Christmas treasure hunt party-

Instead of doing old practice of hanging the socks on Christmas tree or near the chimney. One can play treasure hunt by hiding the gifts in the house and tell everybody to find their gifts.

  1. Surprise somebody-

We should plan a surprise gift for someone this will bring happiness to them. We can tell our children to secretly leave a gift outside the neighbor’s house this will help you to teach them the importance of sharing and giving someone happiness.

  1. It is important to take his name-

Never forget Christ from ‘Christmas’. Go to the church take almighties name and thank him for this wonderful gift of life. Jesus is the reason for this celebration, do something spiritual you can read the bible, watch plays in the church about his birth and life.

  1. Play games with snow-

You can engage yourself and your kids in this activity you can make a snowman, or a Santa Clause of snow. Igloo is also a good option you can do igloo party at midnight by decorating your igloos and firing a bonfire outside and spend good time.

  1. Watch Christmas movies and cartoons-

This will help you to understand better the importance of Christmas and will create a curiosity. Spending time with your kids and watching Christmas based movies will tell them the importance of Christmas. You can also watch any Disney movie.

  1. Walk or Drive around the city-

This is the best thing one can do to go out and see Christmas lights in the evening, you just need to see the lights under the black sky with a moon and plenty of stars. This will give you a relaxed feeling.

  1. Decorate your own Christmas trees-

Happiness begins from home. First turn on the lights of your own Christmas tree and then go outside. This will keep you busy and you will decorate your own Christmas tree as per your wish.

  1. Do a pajama party-

You can do this with your girl’s gang or with your family. Every body can open up their own pair of new pajamas and wear them after having a good body pampering session or a body massage and spa or a bubble bath. After relaxing yourself you can drink a mug of hot chocolate and eat marshmallows or cookies with it. You can even dance and sing Christmas carols together and tell each other stories about Christmas.

  1. Attend the midnight mass-

This feels great when you feel yourself near to Jesus and this feels good when you talk to so many people and watch spiritual plays with them and hear musicians singing Christmas carols you will feel great.

  1. Make greeting cards-

This can be a great idea you can make your own gifts and cards to give to your neighbors, family and friends you can also write a personal note for them. This will give them a special feeling.

  1. Leave some sweets out for Santa-

Leave out some cookies and milk for him he works very hard that day. Cookies baked by you and your family will work.

  1. Put reindeer dust outside your house-

You can put reindeer dust outside your house, reindeer dust is basically glittery and sandy, draw arrow from it this will remind them to visit you and give you present. Children love doing this activity.

  1. Relax-

Relax yourself and give yourself your own time, think about the past year how it was, what all has went wrong in your life, what you want to do or change in the coming year. Relax yourself and give importance to yourself. Enjoy your time. Do anything you love to do and which gives you happiness and peace of mind for example dancing, singing, writing, shopping, going out for a movie, going to beauty salon, painting anything of your choice.

  1. Go early to bed-

Give yourself enough sleep because next day is really going to be hectic and full of celebrations and enjoyment.

  1. Read and write-

You can read Christmas books and can write something about your day like a diary entry, short story or a poem to describe the beauty of Christmas eve and that evening you spent with everyone around you.

  1. Make your own Christmas Show-

You can make your own Christmas show with the help of your friends and put it in the front of everyone and enjoy.

  1. Go on a drive-

Go on a long drive with your loved ones or with yourself. Have dinner outside or near countryside. Listen to music which sooths your soul. Lay down on the grass and watch the sky, stars and the moon. You can also go for ice skating.

  1. Go for camping-

Camping is also a best option you can go on mountain climbing and set up a camp there and spend a night on the mountain with a bone fire lighting up. This will turn out to be a great idea if you spend it with your friends and family.

  1. Make a Gingerbread house-

Gingerbread houses are perfectly edible and are religiously inspired. They are made from cookie dough, cut and baked appropriately and decorated with the help of gems, chocolates and cream.

  1. Make house for your pets-

If you are a pet lover give them special treatment and show them how much you love them. Build them house give them gifts or something they love to eat, dress them with new clothes and accessories show them how much you love them.

  1. Santa runway-

Make a Santa runway if you want that father of Christmas should visit your place decorate the way to your house with different kind of lights and light stars.

  1. Hang the stockings-

Hang the stockings above the fireplace, on mantle or near the bed or pillow case or on the Christmas tree. this will add excitement to you and your children.