Christmas is fast approaching and you can definitely feel it in the air now. We bet you are probably one of those people who have been so excited for Christmas so you started preparing since the day of Epiphany.   Well—the long wait is definitely over. December is fast approaching and the days will pass quickly . Before you know it—it is a week before Christmas! If you have sorted out all the Christmas Decorations , Christmas Hampers, Christmas Recipes and Christmas Games for your Christmas Party beforehand then it’s evident that you are waiting for Christmas from long enough. So, if Epiphany is too early to prepare, I think this is the right and perfect time to organize your things for the coming Christmas. Preparing a grand Christmas party just does not happen in one night! It does not happen with magic—it includes careful planning and action! Even if you’re not good at planning it is essential to plan beforehand to avoid last moment rush.

Before anything else—you may want to consider first the most important part of your party: guests! Without guests, what would a party be? So now you know, you are thinking about your guests. These are the important things to think of: how many guests do I want in my party? Can I accommodate them all? What kinds of dishes shall I serve my guests? Should we exchange gifts with each other? What kind of invitations should I send out? How to make  Christmas invitations?What are good Christmas party invitation ideas? Does the party involve children (if yes, foods for kids should also be provided)?

Speaking of Christmas party invitation ideas, it is one of the important things to ponder. It may sound really simple, but a Christmas party invitation is important because it will give your guests a ‘preview’ of what will happen during the party. If you present your ideas really well, your guests or visitors will be enticed, so they will surely come to your well prepared Christmas party. Remember that the number of guests who will finally arrive will depend on your Christmas party invitation. You don’t know what to put on those pieces of cardboard? Don’t worry!

Here are some Christmas Party Invitation Ideas for you to try:

Christmas Party Invitation Ideas :

There are so many ways to let your friends and guests know about your Party . You can get invitation cards from stores or you can make them on your own. There is also an option to print out the cards on cardstock or colored paper. Whichever options you may feel apt for your christmas Party you may use it. Here are some ideas on how your can decorate your christmas invitations and what your should write in them.

Classic Invitation Ideas : Christmas Invitations

For this classic Invitation to a classic homely christmas party, you may use the usual Christmas tree and bell design. Colors such as yellow, gold, and green are suitable. You can get many preformatted or printed cards at local art stores or holiday supplies stores. Choose from classic colors like red and green with golden as contrast. You can put the following Christmas invitation wording on the body:


” You are cordially invited
To celebrate with us
the joy of the coming of our
Lord Jesus Christ*
At our humble
Holiday Dinner Party

Friday (or what day it will be held), 25th of December,
7 of the clock, in the Evening
168 Cherrywood Avenue Holiday Hills
Sincerely yours truly,

Michelle and James

RSVP To Michelle (955) 123-4567


Replace the Date, the day , Time ,address and change the host and hostess names when you use the wordings in your cards. You may also copy paste the lines onto your digital cards and then print them out.

Here’s another Idea which shows a red background and a christmas tree with christmas lights. You can use the following wordings for your cards too :

You Are Invited To A

Christmas Holiday Celebration

Saturday , December 20th at 7.00 PM

At Roseville Avenue * McKinley

RSVP To Emma (955) 789-2312

Please Bring A Salad Or Sidedish To Share (Optional )

Change the details to your specified Party details and use them for your Christmas Party Invitations.

*if you are not Christian, instead of putting ‘the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ’, put there ‘the joy of the season of giving and peace’.


Funny Christmas Party Invitation Ideas

Make your Christmas party invitations inviting and fun with these funny invitation ideas. Here are some tips that you may consider to give your invitee a good laugh upon receiving the invitation.


The Funny Santa  :

Let Santa  invite your family and friends to your party. Find funny Santa Claus picture (you can find lots online for free) and use them to your Christmas invitations. Make sure that the picture is funny, and not offending. Then, include some funny Christmas wordings on it.

You can Also use our Version of it :


You can use the Wordings we used or add the ones you want to on the blank one below :

christmas party invitation ideas 12

” Join Us For Some Fun At A

Dirty Santa Party

Sunday, 14th December

7.00 PM

123 Holiday Street

Regrets : Dona and John Smith

(055) 1234- 5674

Please Bring A Wrapped

Gift For Exchange (25 $ -30 $ ) “

Snowman on chill :


Send a chilling, but heart-warming Christmas invites with this “snowman on chill” invitation. All you need for this invitation is a piece of card stock, snowman cut-outs, glitters and glue. Fold the card stock into two to form a card. Then, glue the snowman cut-outs on it and add some glitters for effects. Add your funny Christmas wordings.

Funny Santa Invitation ideas :

You can use funny Santa Clause pictures such as this sleeping santa we used for our version of the card. You can find many pictures and free clip arts for personal use on the Internet and on Etsy for purchase. Use your favorite cardstock or colored paper and print the favorite characters. Then write some good lines or print them through the computer.



You can use the Wordings above or use any other wordings you may like. We have the Blank Card for you to use below.


Christmas Cocktail Party Invitations:

If you’re hosting a Christmas Cocktail Party then here’s an example of the kind of invitations you can send out. Some festive touch to the usual cocktail party invitation looks good but it’s best to make some specially for this time. Add some cool martini glass pictures or holly leaves or bells to make it look more Holiday and then add in a  bit of poetry and some lines to add attraction to your Invitation.

Christmas Party Invitation Ideas 1

”  ’tis the Season To

Eat , Drink and be Merry !

Please Join us For A

Christmas Cocktail Party

December 20, 8 PM

The Smith Residence

123 Santa Street

New York

RSVP By 15th Dec

(567) 567 5678

[email protected]

Change the Date, Time and other details for this invite idea and use for your own cards.



Here’s an idea how you can sent invites for a fun Cocktail party at your home. Have some Snowman, stockings etc cut out or buy some from local craft and holiday supplies store and paste them onto the cardstock. Write or print the wordings and you are good to go.

Christmas Party Invitation Ideas 2


“I’ve Decked the halls with boughs of Holly ,

Now it’s time for Fun and Folly!

The Weather Outside May be a Cold Snow Storm . .

But We’ll have plenty of Cocktails to keep us warm!!!

Cocktails at Seven , and Dinner at Eight ,

Then We’ll dance all night long

please Don’t Be Late !!!

Christmas Cocktail Party

Wilson residence * new York

RSVP at (123) 1234- 5678 “

(you can change the Time, Date, Address and RSVP details and send the card)

We hope these Christmas party invitation ideas were helpful to you and you can use them for this year’s party  .