Christmas Sayings for Cards

Christmas; the festival of Christians is celebrated annually commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th as a religious and cultural celebration.  It has now evolved in to a worldwide religious and secular celebration.

Christmas wishes are one of the most important things people look for to wish the festival in the best possible way.

Here we bring you some of the latest trending ideas using which you can wish Christmas to your loved ones in a trending way to impress them.

Merry Christmas Sayings for Cards

  • Christmas is a beautiful time for happy remembrances and greeting friends.
  • Let us honor Christmas in the heart and keep it throughout the year.
  • Christmas is only one, rest are just anniversaries.
  • Guy in a big red suit says, “You are super nice and cute”.
  • This festive season let us treasure the most important thing of our life: The Delicious Cookies and Cakes.
  • Let us all download the “HAPPY HOLIDAY” app for Christmas and keep it all year along.

  • I wish the sweet magic of Christmas conspire to gladden your heart and makes all your dreams come true.
  • I wish you get the gift of love, peace and happiness this festive season.
  • May you have a magical and lovable a Holiday Season.
  • Wishing you and your family all the jingling joys of Christmas.
  • Let us keep things in proper perspective, this festive season – after all, Credit Cards do have a limit.

Religious Christmas Sayings for Cards

  • Today, the whole world is peaceful and I wish the same for you with love throughout the year.
  • I wish this festive season brings many reasons in your life to smile.
  • Wishing you and your family the holiday season filled with laughter, cookies and hot cocoa.
  • Christmas is the main Claus for celebration.
  • Christmas is fun for kids but adults can enjoy too, only until credit card bills arrive.
  • May the Lord hold you and your family on a Christmas night as you join everyone in the joyful Christmas song.

  • I wish you get the best present of spending time with your loved ones this festive season.
  • Wishing the sounds and beautiful sights of Christmas work merrily in your life.
  • I wish this festive season fills your home with fun, heart with love and life with laughter.
  • May you get all that is beautiful, meaningful and useful to bring the happiness in your life this season.
  • Let me know where to buy love from as people have told me that, love is the best thing to give on Christmas.
  • Let us honor Christmas in the heart and keep it all year long.

Best Christmas Card Sayings and Phrases

  • The best ingredient of a true Christmas is the gift and time of love.
  • Christmas is all about doing special for someone.
  • Peace on Earth will come and stay when we live Christmas every day.
  • Let us make a life this festive season by giving what we have to others.
  • Unwrap a joyful Christmas.
  • Wishing all those who are near and also to those who are far, every happiness this festive season and throughout the coming year.

  • I wish the magic and thrill of holiday season stretches on throughout the year.
  • Wishing Merry Christmas to all those who are always on the “NICE” list of Santa.
  • Merry Kiss – mas!
  • What others call a chaos, I call it a family – Merry Christmas!
  • Let your heart be the light this festive season.
  • Christmas is the best time to touch heart and souls with love.
  • The holiday magic never ends and the greatest gift we get is family and friends.
  • The gift of love, peace and happiness. May all these be  yours on the coming Xmas.
  • Make your spirits bright.

Short Christmas Sayings for Cards

  • Sending you love, hugs and kisses from across the miles.
  • Holiday shopping is the best when it comes in a wrap.
  • Tucked in the flowers are my thoughts and love from the far.
  • May you be filled with Wonders, touched by Peace and believe in Miracles.
  • Hope, Love, Gladness and Joy. Let these elements be your guide this season.
  • Let us not forget to welcome the baby Jesus in the house of our hearts as we rejoice and celebrate the beautiful Christmas.

  • Christmas is a religious joy and inner joy of peace and light.
  • Wishing this Christmas to end the year on a happy note and make way for a fresh and bright year ahead.
  • Wishing the good times and memories of present become the golden treasure of tomorrow.
  • While you prefer enjoying the Christmas goodies, decorate every corner of your home to have a perfect get-together.

Christmas Card Sayings for Family

  • May the festivities continue to radiate in your life even after Christmas.
  • Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas for a joyful present and a well remembered beautiful past.
  • Faith makes things possible; hope makes things work and love make all things beautiful. I wish you get all three this festive season.
  • Let Christmas carols fill the atmosphere with joy and merriment in your house and hearts all year long. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.
  • May the love of Jesus surround you always.
  • Today in town, a Savior has been born to take care of all and spread love. He is Christ; the Lord.
  • Christmas is a beautiful excuse to send cards to my favorite list of people.
  • Let us show love, care and respect to all people that we may not deserve this festive season because that is the true Christmas spirit.
  • We wish you get surrounded by the beauty and comfort this festive season.
  • Wishing your stockings be stuffed with all the good things this season.
  • If Jesus’ birthday cake had a candle for each year since birth then he would have LED candles by now. Good thing is, he recently switched to it.
  • There are 3 important people wishing you the Christmas: the Jesus, the Santa and ME.

Funny Christmas Card Sayings

  • Let it Snow.
  • Let us deck the halls.
  • Every time a bell rings, an angel gets the wings.
  • Peace on Earth will be found when we live Christmas every day.
  • Christmas proves that mankind is the greatest virtue.
  • This is the only message of a beautiful Christmas: We Are Never Alone.
  • Do not get the tinsel in a tangle.
  • My greatest desire for you is that you get prosperity, courage and success this season.
  • Imagine why is Christmas like a day in the office where you do all the work and the fat guy takes the credit.
  • The wonderful thing about Christmas is that it is compulsory and we all go through it TOGETHER.
  • The magic of Christmas is not in Presents but in someone’s Presence.
  • Christmas is not just a day. It is rather a complete frame of mind.
  • Out with old and In with new. Wish you stay happy the whole year through.
  • Enjoy the festive season with the people you care about the most by listening music and celebrating the occasion.
  • Wishing you and your family an unlimited fun and infinite joy along with happiness.
  • We have seen the star of Jesus in the East and have come to worship him.
  • At the center of the busyness of the festive season is love and that is also the center of our amazing family.

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