Christmas is the time for family, delicious home cooked food, eggnog, wrapping and unwrapping gifts under the tree, and elaborate decorations.  Christmas is the time of joy, and thankfulness for the love of others and the plentiful riches of the land. We greet the Christmas time with song and carols, long before the actual Christmas night and day. So what is a Christmas time without its usual classic songs?

Almost a month before Christmas our TV and radio stations start waking up our Christmas spirits by playing well known and loved, classic Christmas songs as well as new releases every year. Here is select list of the Top  Classic Christmas songs throughout the years.

  1. White Christmas (Bing Crosby)

Originally released in 1942, Bing Crosby’s White Christmas was featured in the movie Holiday Inn, for which it won a Grammy for best original song. Later through the years it had been remade by many singers, latest of which Michael Buble in 2003.

  1. The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole)

The Christmas Song was originally written by Bob Wells and Mel Torme in 1945. It later was recorded by Nat King Cole in 1946 for his album The Christmas Song, later a second recording was made to utilise a small string section.  The song was induced into the German Hall of Fame in 1974.

  1. Mistletoe And Holly (Frank Sinatra)

Mistletoe and Holly was first released in 1957 by Capitol Records and part of Frank Sinatra’s Christmas album which had the same title as the name of the song. This is a classic holiday favourite with its upbeat rhythm.


  1. Jingle Bells (Ray Conniff)

Jingle Bells was released in 1959 by Ray Conniff Singers for the album Christmas with Conniff. Its classic song that has become so intertwined with Christmas that it has become an integral part of the obligated Christmas Carols.


  1.  The Howdy Doody Christmas (The Fontane Sisters)

The song Howdy Doody Christmas by The Fontane Sisters was first released in 1951 by the RCA Victor label and has been reissued multiple times since then. It’s a classical Jazz Christmas song to get in the spirit.


  1.  Blue Christmas (Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra)

Blue Christmas was first recorded in 1950, written by Billy Hayes and Jay Johnson, and released by the RCA Victor label. This clam and smooth song is an essential part of the Christmas player.


  1. I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Elvis Presley)

This iconic rock version of I’ll Be Home for Christmas was released in 1971 in the album Elvis sings The Wonderful World of Christmas. Originally written in the early 1940s it was also performed by Frank Sinatra and other singers. The Elvis’ version is now played every Christmas at Times Square, New York.


  1.  Silver Bells (Pat Boone)

Silver Bells by Pat Boone was originally recorded in 1959, and later reissued for the album Christmas Dreams in 1997. The slow, quiet tranquillity of the song captures the quiet contemplative time of Christmas night.


  1. The Christmas Blues (Dean Martin )

The Christmas Blues was recorded in 1953.The cheerful, upbeat and smooth beat of this song brings out the excitement and expectation of the Christmas day.


  1. Ol Saint Nicholas (Doris Day )

The single Ol’ Saint Nicholas was first released in 1949 by Columbia studios. Doris’ smooth voice and cheery tune add even more cheer to the Christmas morning atmosphere.


  1. The Christmas Tree (Eve Boswell)

The Christmas Tree single was released in 1958 by Parlophone, UK. Boswell’s beautiful, angelic voice and the quiet upbeat of the song make it the perfect carol for decorating the Christmas tree at home.


  1. Bobby Darin O Come All Ye Faithful

This modern rendition of an old times Christmas carol was recorded in 1960 by Bobby Darin for his album The 25th Day of December. As this is an old traditional carol sang around festivals, churches and houses it had many more renditions and recordings by various performers throughout the years.


  1. Mary’s Boy Child (Harry Belafonte)

Mary’s Boy Child is a Christmas song released in 1956 by RCA Victor label, and is wildly sung as a Christmas carol these days. Belafonte’s enchanting voice paints the perfect picture of the childbirth.


  1. Christmas Alphabet (Dickie Valentine)

This version of the Christmas Alphabet was released in 1955 and immediately become a Christmas number one single in the UK charts in the same year.  Its upbeat and happy tune makes for a nostalgic listening to take us back to grandparents’ houses, big trees and eggnog around the fireplace.


  1. You’re All I Want For Christmas (Eddie Fisher)

This rendition of  You’re All I Want For Christmas was released in 1953. It’s a beautifully executed, smooth jazz song.


  1. Winter Wonderland (The Ames Brothers)

Winter Wonderland was originally released in 1953. This song is now so wildly spread and known that it is an essential part of every Christmas collection. There could be no Christmas without this song playing.

  1. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (The Beverley Sisters)

This version of the classic Christmas song- I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus was released in 1953. This beautiful rendering with the sisters’ honey voices is a welcome song for the Christmas dinner.


  1. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (The Andrews Sisters & Bing Crosby)

Written by J. Fred Coots and Henry Gillespie in 1934 this song is most likely the most often played and known Christmas song. After all who doesn’t know the lyrics to this song “You better watch out, you better not cry, Better not pout, I’m telling you why”


  1. We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Perry Como)

This song was originally released in 1959. It is now become an essential Christmas Carol sung around the world.


  1. The Christmas Waltz (Frank Sinatra)

Christmas Waltz is a Christmas song was recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1954 for the album White Christmas in its B side. Through the years various performers had made covers to this enchanting song.


  1.  White Christmas (Dean Martin)

This song is part of Dean Martin’s Christmas Album released in 1959 and written by Irving Berlin. It’s a slow Christmas song perfect for the warm living room during the family time on Christmas day.


  1. Silent Night, Holy Night (Bobby Darin)

Released in 1960 as part of Bobby Darin’s album 25th Day of Christmas. This is another old time Christmas Carol which is snag by the family at Christmas dinner.


  1. Frosty The Snowman (Ray Conniff )

Originally appear on the LP Christmas with Conniff in the 1930 by Columbia records. Its later rerecorded by tents of other singers and performers and is often played every year in this different renditions.


  1.  Christmas Cards (Alma Cogan)

Released in 1962 for the album We Wish You A Very Merry Christmas. This song is another one essential for everyone’s Christmas playlist. This one is the perfect song for sorting and wrapping the Christmas shopping.


  1.  (There’s No Place Like) Home For The Holidays (Perry Como)

This song was recorded twice by Perry Como, first of which was in 1954 as a single for Christmas. This second record in stereo and with different instrumental arrangement was recorded in 1959.


  1.  C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S (Eddy Arnold)

This song was released in 1949 by RCA Victor label as a part of a two sided single. This folk song is very melodic and good for listening around the fireplace.


  1. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Dean Martin)

The song as recorded by Dean Martin was recorded in 1966. This song is another iconic song recorded and rerecorded by different singer and performers through the years and is played every Christmas all over the world.


  1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Frank Sinatra)

This reimagined version of the Judy Garland song was released by Frank Sinatra in 1948 for his album Christmas Songs by Sinatra. This gentle, quiet song is an iconic, classic song which feather in every Christmas player.


  1.  I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day (Bing Crosby)

This song is a Hymn from 1863 made by the poem of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Crosby’s song was released in 1956. This is another iconic Christmas song that had been rerecorded through the years by various singers.


  1.  O Little Town Of Bethlehem (Elvis Presley)

O Little Town of Bethlehem was recorded by Presley in 1957 for his album Driving Home for Christmas. This gentle song, performed in Elvis’ deep voice is a magical experience during the Christmas time.


  1. Christmas Auld Lang Syne (Bobby Darin)

This song was released in 1960 in Sweden as a two part single on vinyl. This gentle carol song, enhanced by Darin’s voice is an essential part of the Christmas carolling.


  1.  Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (Gene Autry)

This version for the song by Gene Autry was first released in 1949 and it hit number 1 in the US charts and Christmas 1949. It is based on the story Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by Montgomery Ward. It has become somewhat of a favourite with children during Christmas.


  1. Christmas Is A Feeling In Your Heart (Andy Williams )

This song was first released in 1955. This smooth, jazz song is another family favourite to play at home during the preparations for the Christmas festive.


  1.  I Came Upon A Midnight Clear (Frank Sinatra)

This song was released in 1947 and appears in the box set Columbia Years 1943-1952. A beautiful calm song performed in Sinatra’s smooth voice is bringing out the nostalgic mood of Christmases past.


  1.  The Twelve Days Of Christmas (Harry Belafonte)

The Twelve Days of Christmas was released in 1958 for Belafonte’s album To Wish You A Very Christmas. It is another one of Belafonte’s classic songs, turned iconic and a must sing Christmas carol.


  1.  Sleighride (Bing Crosby)

An iconic song which was first released in 1944 by Bing Crosby and later rereleased and rerecorded by multiple performers. It’s a classic song that could be heard in any shopping centre during the Christmas time.


  1.  Buon Natale (Merry Christmas To You) (Nat King Cole)

Released in 1959 by Nat King Cole and Anthony Hamilton, this song is very popular at schools around Christmas. Its upbeat and happy feeling is to point with the Christmas spirit.


  1. The Man With The Bag (Kay Starr)

This song was recorded in 1950. The man in the bag is a reference to Santa Claus who brings gifts in his bag to people who have been good.


  1.  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Judy Garland)

The first time this song was recorded it was by Judy Garland in 1944 for the MGM musical Meet Me in St Louis. Although, Frank Sinatra’s version of the song is most widely played, Judy’s sweet, angelic voice is perfect for the quiet Christmas night.

  1.  Christmas Present (Doris Day)

This song was released in 1964 by Doris Day for her album Doris Day Christmas Album. This song is a gentle Christmas song which is a must to complete a Christmas play list at home.