Handmade Christmas Decorations not only save your money and shopping time, but can unleash your family members creativity. It will increase your quality time with family on Christmas season and will strengthen the family bond and happiness. These handmade Christmas Decorations will help you to give a start for your Christmas decorations venture. With these ideas you need not spend for a lot of things including Christmas gifts, Christmas foods, Christmas hampers, corporate Christmas gifts to present to their boss, Christmas ornaments and Christmas decorations.

Handmade Christmas Decorations

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Christmas is a time when every household dresses up with lights, decorations and more. You would want to decorate your home in the best way for this coming Christmas day but you often run out of budget due to all those expenses like Gifts and food?  Then you may want to try these easy and inexpensive handmade Christmas decorations. Most of these Christmas ornaments use inexpensive materials so you need not to worry about cutting your budget short. Aside from its cost-efficiency, it is also fun and easy which you and your kids can work on together! It’s a great way to bond with family members and kids and have a great family time together creating these Christmas Crafts!

Mickey Mouse Christmas Balls

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Are you still looking for the hidden Mickey? Well the search is finally over! You can have your own Mickey Mouse Balls just hanging on the ceiling of your home. Everyone would definitely love this especially the kids who grew up loving this character. You can have different colors of Christmas balls and put it together in a creative way to achieve this work of art.

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Pinecones Overload


One of the famous and perfect things that you would see on Christmas is a pinecone, which is why it is very nice to make it as a decoration for your home. Just by dipping it into a white paint, you can already give the pinecones that you have a new look. If you want it to shine and add some glitter for a brighter effect, you can sprinkle some silver dusts after dipping it into the paint.

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Pinecone Cluster


Ribbon, glue, and pinecones, what else do you need? Nothing! It’s just simple as that yet you can already make a gorgeous display that you could hang on your door. For additional tiny details, you can add some silver or white linings on the pinecones to make it brighter and more eye-catching.

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Christmas Balls Wreath


Looking for a Christmas wreath to display? Here’s a simple and inexpensive wreath that you can make just by using the both of your hands, in other words a hand-made wreath. So if you’re looking for something productive to do as a preparation for Christmas, why not try doing this one and for sure you would definitely love the output.

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Puppet Pinecones


Now this one is made out of great imagination and resourcefulness! Doing this could be a fun way of just killing boredom or maybe spending time with your family. So when you do this, it will not only add beauty to your house but it can also increase the bond of your family.

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Christmas Ice Skates

One of the things that I love during Christmas is the cold weather, especially the snow that falls during this season. This tiny little ice skate reminds me of the greatest feelings that one could experience on Christmas. Not only is it very cute, but also very easy and affordable to make. You can pin this to your pinboards and make it as a border to have a colorful and Christmas-themed pinboards.

Wood Slice Christmas Ornament


For those who love the country-side, this is a perfect decoration to emphasize more the country-side theme that you are working on. Not only can it be an ornament for the Christmas tree, but it can also serve as a unique way of greeting and sending a message to your loved ones. To make it livelier, you can paint or add some color on the engraved messages on the piece of wood.

Via: Becoming Martha

Be Merry, Be Happy


It’s a simple way of reminding us to be always merry, not only on Christmas but on all the days of our lives. The only thing you need is a piece of wood, paints, and a skill for painting. Since you are the one crafting the work, you can add the designs that you love and modify the colors according to your taste.

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Hanging Christmas Tree


Don’t you love these little white Christmas trees? It’s very cute and the nicest thing is that you can place it anywhere in your house. You can place it as a decoration for the Christmas tree, you can hang it on the ceiling of your home, or you can also place it in tray filled with pebbles. If you want it to have more color, you can also paint according to your specifications.

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Knit Christmas Ornament


We all know that knits are not that easy, but for some who’s already an expert this could be exciting and fun. Another reason why this is a great idea for decoration is because you can change or pick the colors that you prefer and how you would want to see it. You can hang these on the Christmas tree as an addition or replacement to Christmas balls.

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Christmas Bricks


Now this is a new version for Christmas trees! No need to set up the tree and hang some ornaments on it. Just by building a pyramid-like bricks, you can already have a Christmas tree, not to mention the message that comes with it. Some ribbons to outline the shape of a tree would do, and maybe some tiny gifts around the base of the Christmas tree for additional details.

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This may be a simple décor for your Christmas tree, but for me it has a great effect to those who sees it. The world we live in today is chaotic and can be alarming for all of us, so the best thing that we can do is to pray for peace. This one is not only a piece of art, but it also serves as a message that has an impact to all of us.

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Cinnamon Aroma


As you can see the materials used for this one is very simple yet it already gives a great effect to the whole house. Why the whole house? Well the cinnamon says it all! The sweet aroma that this ornament gives will surely invite people into your home and will definitely make everyone hungry. Just the thought of it already makes me hungry, Yummy!

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Snow Bottles


Just by looking at it makes me excited to do it! Look how pretty it is, with the tiny bottles and shimmering snowflakes inside of it, it clearly states that Christmas is already here. Notice how it coincides with the design and style of the tree, who wouldn’t be mesmerized right? I love the artwork especially how cheap the materials used are.

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Hang on the Wall


Well I can say that this has dual purpose! Not only it can be a decoration for Christmas, but it can also serve as a hanger where you can clip on important reminders and hang some light-weighted stuff that you might always use. You can also replace the color that you would want to see on your wall, and I’ll suggest that aqua blue would be nice as it also blends with Christmas season.

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


I love this one as it shows how resourceful the artist of this one is! With just a piece of wood, five nails, and some wire you can already make this cute little star. Not only it is easy to do, but you may also decide on the color of the ornament and the size of it. If you would choose to make a bigger one, you can add some lights on it to make it look like a shining star.

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Holy Family


Do you recognize this figure? It can be a little confusing but if you take a closer look you would see that this symbolizes the Holy Family, composing Mama Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. This is one of the most important things on Christmas as this commemorates the birth of Jesus. To make it perfect, we can place them in a Belen and add some animal figures with it.

Via: Jill Made it

Ribbon Tree


Who would’ve thought that with just some scrap ribbons and a tiny tree branch one could make this lovely ornament? The important thing to consider in doing this is the color of the ribbons we are going to use. These ribbons should have a great blending and we should also remember that the outline we are going for is the shape of tree. If you want, you can add some beads or sequences that would make the ornament more colorful.

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Round life


It is said that the shape of a circle symbolizes luck. Whether it is true or not, I still do believe that this decoration is perfectly cute. You can customize the beads not only in size but also in color, depending on your preferences and the same goes to the ribbon. If you want to design your own bead, feel free to paint on it according to the design you want to achieve.

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Shining Star

Easy DIY Yarn Wrapped Star Ornament. Great for gifting too. Tutorial at livelaughrowe.com
Easy DIY Yarn Wrapped Star Ornament. Great for gifting too. Tutorial at livelaughrowe.com

We use yarns on many things, but let us also remember that we could use it in creating new ideas and materials. A perfect example is this one, where the yarn was used to make a star-shaped ornament for Christmas. There are also some ways to make this one look prettier, like by adding some silver dusts to make it shine like a real star.

Via: Live Laugh Rowe

Spinning Wheel


Many people do love origami, and now here’s a proof why it is loved by many. Not only it can be a great past time, but with this you can produce some great ornaments you could in decorating. As you can see the materials used for this are very simple and can be found anywhere, most of it are just even scraps from gift wrappers. We can hang these as ornaments for the Christmas tree, or place it on the walls and make a great pattern with it.

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Felt Ogee


All I can say is Wow! At first glance I thought it was complicated but I do think with some tutorials anyone can do this, even a person that is not gifted with artistic nature. It’s very lovely and at the same time unique, that’s why it would make a great decoration to your home. You can hang this at the corner of the ceiling of your home and maybe add some lights on it so it can have a brighter appearance and can be noticed easily.

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Christmas Couple


Do you know who the favorite Christmas couples of all time are? Well I don’t know, but I would definitely vote for Mr. and Mrs. Ginger bread! Just look at how adorable this couple is and you will surely feel the love on Christmas. They may seem yummy but beware, they are not edible. You can place them anywhere you want because I’m sure they’ll still look cute, but if you have a ginger house they would perfectly fit on it.

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Hanging Christmas Balls


Christmas hanging Ornaments like Christmas Hanging Balls look really  beautiful hanging on your door or windows . You can make these easy Hanging Christmas Balls with this easy DIY Christmas balls technique.

Materials To make Hanging Christmas Balls:

  • Styrofoam ball (4 inches diameter)
  • Rubber Band
  • Thread or Yarn
  • Red, White, Gold or Green Ribbons
  • Colorful Fabric (14 x 14) (preferable greens or reds)

Procedure To make Hanging Christmas Balls:


  1. Take the Styrofoam balls and wrap the Styrofoam ball with the fabric of your choice. We suggest using Red and Greed Colored or patterned to make it perfect for christmas. .
  2. Once the Fabric is wrapped around the styrofoam ball secure it using a thread or rubber band.
  3. Decorate the fabric-wrapped balls with ribbons. Use contrast colored ribbons o make them look perfect. Also make sure that the ribbons easily wrap around the ball.
  4. Intertwine two ribbons with different colors and create a bow-like in the secured fabric, covering the rubber band.
  5. Tie a long yarn at the end of the secured fabric for hanging.
  6. Add some plastic sprigs and bows to your Christmas ball and hang it where you want.

Christmas Stockings



Turn your old mittens into fun Christmas outdoor décor with this quick and easy Christmas Stockings craft. You can recycle your mittens so this will surely be a nice DIY to try this year.

Materials To Make Christmas Stockings :

  • Old mittens
  • Ribbons
  • Garlands
  • Sprigs
  • Candy Canes

Procedure To make Christmas Stockings:

  1. Pull out your old mittens and check the ones which are in relatively good condition.
  2. Add Christmas touch to your mittens by decorating it with ribbons.
  3. To decorate it further you can also use sprigs and garlands to make it more creative. Add anything you feel looks good.
  4. Hang it on your door and put some candy canes on it for the final touch.

Candle Centerpieces

Christmas dinners are really special and you will surely want to dress up your dinner table on the special Christmas eve. Give your dinner table a sophisticated touch by using this easy homemade Christmas table decoration idea. make easy and affordable candle centerpieces at home following these steps:

Materials To make Candle Centerpieces :

  • Long candles
  • Ribbons (green and red)
  • Green wreath
  • Thick circle Cardboard or plywood

Procedure To Make Candle Centerpieces :

  1. Wrap your long and slim candles with ribbon, intertwining the two colors red and green.
  2. Set the candles on your cardboard or plywood. Compress it, though leave some space.
  3. Decorate the base of the candle holder (the plywood) with greeneries and garlands. You can also paint or use embellishments and add glitter. This is solely depending on your Christmas theme and your creativity.

DIY- Snowman



You use a bar of soap as a base. My co-worker made this for me last Christmas using the idea she saw at a craft show

Hope These three crafts will be useful and fun for Christmas this year. Get crafting and make some attractive handmade christmas decorations.

Cute Handmade Christmas Decorations


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