This Christmas Theme Party Ideas will give you some insights to prepare your home for a Christmas party. Christmas is the time for fun and party and is the perfect time to enjoy life and cherish your friends and family. If you have run out of ideas to decorate your home before the guests start to pour in; Never mind, wears here with some unique ideas to light up your Christmas. Read on people…

Have a look at best Christmas theme party idea:

Snowman decoration


Due to a very high incidence of snowfall around Christmas time in many parts of Northern hemisphere, snowman decorations seem to be a part and parcel of Christmas Decorations. Snowmen with their wide happy grin and cute looking muffler and hat, somehow cheer up anybody from a kid to the aged. You can always put up a real snow snowman at the entrance of your home around Christmas time or make a faux snowman out of Cotton and install it right next to your Christmas tree or along your doorway. Hang in some lights around it’s neck for extra cuteness.

Decorations suspended from Ceiling


While it might not be the most practical idea to suspend your decorations from the ceiling all throughout your living room, it looks great right over your sweets corner. A table with sweets,candies, drinks and chocolates can be converted into a masterpiece by using this idea. You can hang some frills from your ceiling using adhesive tapes and tie or stick the loose ends to paper lamps, shiny stars and snowflake cut outs. Metallic colours such as Silver, Golden or CopperĀ  look the best as they reflect light really well.Please keep the length of the frills only so much that they do not dip into your food/ sweets.

Cool down the atmosphere in your dining hall


Well, for this one,you might need to take some extra pains and get a Blue light installed in your Dining area. Alternatively, you can use some Blue LED lights, the ones that come in series of lights aligned along a wire. The Blue lighting tends to cool down the aura of your room. Cover up your tables in crisp White table cloths. Cover up your chair backs in White, if feasible. Adding a Blue satin Ribbon to beautify your chair backs looks like a great option. In the centre of your tables, you can use some fancy candle stands. The gel based candles are a great idea as they create no mess of molten wax. Your glass windows will do the rest of special effects for you by reflecting the lights. If you want to add some personal touch, use branches from trees and stick on various pop corns on them. These look great in big vases.

Faux snowfall theme party


This idea also involves suspensions from Ceilings. Use a transparent thread to stick on cotton balls of various sizes along them to create an illusion of falling snow. Blue lighting adds to the appeal of the entire theme.

Full on Christmas theme


This includes more than one classic elements of a Christmas party. Gingerbread suspensions from the roof, scattered Christmas gifts here and there along with a castle shaped Christmas cake look awesome. The bright Red candles have been sensibly installed over the fireplace and can you see those Santa legs peeping from the fireplace.

Pink themed Christmas party


Paste a Pink coloured wall paper with some snowflake motifs on a wall in your living room. You can use similarly coloured sheets to cover up your table. Use this table to put up your sweets. Frills at the borders of your sheets always look beautiful.

Keep it simple silly


Even if you are not much of a host, there are certain simple ideas that can be followed to decorate your home in the least expensive way possible. Simple frills in various colours can be decorated along the walls. Use Merry Christmas oir Ho ho ho cutouts to make the decor look more Christmas like. Red tablecloths in Satin or velvet look really awesome in any Christmas themed party because after all Red and White are the predominant colours of Christmas. You can use a table, placed against the wall to keep all you Christmas delights, drinks and chocolates, may be.

Classroom Christmas party


Kids enjoy the Christmas time to the most so let all your cuties dress up as dwarfs and elves and let them have a merry time around a table by offering them various board games to play, colouring sheets and serving them with tasty snacks and sweets.

Bring Disney home this Christmas


This is a tricky one but then where there is a will, there is a way. Create some Disney magic by dressing up as Disney creatures and play some Disney themed music at your place. Lots of twinkling lights and Disney story themed wallpapers in the backdrop is just what you need.

Chandeliers of Lights


These contemporary chandeliers dare to look beyond the crystals and incorporate an amazing falling lights idea. The small, twinkling lights appear to be raining from the sky. The chandeliers are dome shaped. You can also cover up your pillars in sheets of such lights to create an amazing party theme. The chandeliers are dome shaped. The decor is not exactly Christmasy so, you can carry these decorations through new year, too.

Recreate Bethlehem


What better way to celebrate Christmas than to recreate Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ at your home. All you need is Beige and soft Golden or off white fabric to create falls and cover sheets for your sweets corner. Add a few wooden baskets to serve and a few lights in huge vases for that extra ounce of magic.

Decorate your table like a pro


Use some velvet as a table cloth preferably in Red. The centrepiece can be in Glass and you can fill it up with brightly coloured Christmas tree balls. Add some flowers for a splash of colour. Decorate your crockery around the table and you are good to go. Do not miss the wrapped Christmas gifts for your guests, though.

Decorate your stairway


While you take a lot of pains to decorate the rest of your home, your stairways often get ignored. Do justice to them by adding some fresh colour and decorations along your stairs. You can simply wrap some frills made out of faux plant leaves along the railing and add in some nice Christmas tree decorations like little bells or gifts or even lights along.

Install your sweets table along a large window


Instead of aligning your sweets table along the wall, you can do it along a Glass door or large Window panes, too. The sliding door can act as a partition between the Christmas tree and sweets corner, if you can have that kind of arrangement at your home. Arrange metallic coloured trays and sparkling, mini Christmas trees along your table and add glitter to your presentations.

Right next to Christmas tree


If you have space problem in your home and cannot afford separate rooms for your Christmas tree and Sweets table, you can place them right next to each other to utilize your space well. The sweets and snacks are also Christmas themed by adding frills to the handles of glasses, strawberries decorated as Santa caps.