Without food party doesn’t seems like starting. Food is the soul spirit of any party. Whenever we plan to organize a party, the appetizers are the great place to start with. So, give a delicious start to your Christmas eve and delight your guests with these 15 mouth-watering Christmas appetizers that taste insane and are easy to make at home. These crowd-pleasing appetizers will give the perfect start to your Christmas feast and will leave your guests asking for more and more. These appetizers are served alongside a tasty Christmas cocktail, mocktail red wine, white wine or champagne. These appetizers are simple, easy to make, delicious and great to kick off your Christmas party followed by full meal or for a simple finger-food-only gathering.



  • Christmas Tree Spinach Dip-

Oh, cheesy greeny tree! Oh, cheesy greeny tree! What can be more stylish and delicious than this? Breadsticks stuffed with spinach dip and cheese in the shape of a Christmas tree.  Your guests will love these pull apart stuffed cheesy breadsticks in the shape of Christmas tree.

  • Christmas Reindeer Sloppy Joe Sliders-

This cute dish is going to be an eye catcher for the guests and will be loved by children. These ground turkey reindeersliders teamed up with King’s Hawaiian bread are wholesome and delicious ingredients used for decorating these cuties are cherry tomatoes, black olives, white sliced cheese, raisins, pretzel twists and you are all done to make these cute reindeers. They couldn’t be more festive and fancy to entertain your guest.

  • Cranberry and Brie Bites-

These tiny bites are easiest and simplest appetizer or party snack, it doesn’t take a lot of time to get finish off because everyone loves them. This will make your guests behave like a starving animal when they will see them.

  • Italian potato wedge nachos –

Confused? How to cook delicious nachos and how to serve them?Design your simple nacho appetizer by loaded potatoesand give them Italian twist using rippedmerry red tomatoes and green basil leaves.

  • Cranberry Pecan MiniGoat cheese balls-

These bite sized cheese balls are easy to make and will leave your guests obsessed with its sweet savory it doesn’t require a lot of time to be ready and don’t need to be dressed. They can be hand out in lots of fancy ways to attract the guest. All you have to do is pair cream cheese and goat cheese. Its fun to make this recipe because you can add or subtract anything depending on your taste and you will be ready with your own recipe.

  • Sausage and blue cheese crescent cups-

Do you have dough in refrigerator and don’t know what to bake out of it and don’t have time to spend in cooking and baking? Don’t worry here is something for you guys these perfect bite crescent cups filled with sausages topped with red pepper jelly and cheese in crescent rolls are insanely delicious and will leave your guests astonished and wanting for more.

  • Olive cocktail Penguins

Wantunique appetizer which is hit in your partywhich includes more creativity and variation and takes less time to prepare. These olive cocktail Penguins are too cute to be described in words but too delicious to be tasted by taste buds. These little penguins are very easy to make. Olive balls of two different sizes, some cream and carrot are all you need to prepare them. They will leave your guests with a

‘wow’ and will turn everybody into the party spirit.

  • Honey Garlic Meatballs-

Meatballs are the heart of any Christmas party appetizers. These meatballs are easy to make and will be appreciated by everyone. There is a little bit of garlic in the recipe, but after being sautéed it will leave its taste in the meatballs.

  • Christmas deviled eggs-

Confused with what to serve next or what add next in your appetizers menu? These creamy Christmas deviled eggs can add a jolly touch to your Christmas appetizers or side dish and are healthy. They need no coloring because a tinge of green color is added by the additional healthy ingredient Avocado! And don’t forget to top it with red pepper ‘holy berries’. They are super easy to make in less time.

  1. Spiced pork in Parmesan cups-

These amazing bite sized appetizers can be showstopper, because of the beautiful design and delicious taste and no one will never come to know that they were so easy to make. They are made from one delicious ingredient that is Pork and cups are made with the Parmesan Cheese! This means that they are totally edible.

  1. Pork, Fig and Gorganzola Crostini –

This mix of different flavours is stunning but takes little more time to prepare. Crostini, a party classic, gets enhanced with the tang of Gorganzola cheese with sweet figs. Drizzle some honey all over the dish after preparing it.

  1. French onion Tarlets –

For those who love to try something unique and new. These appetizers are made from onion dipped in caramel and a stain of white wine. They are served in a flaky phyllo cups. These mini appetizers couldn’t be more simpler, flaky, buttery.

  1. Green bean bacon bundles –

Want some veggie appetizer for the Christmas eve party? This appetizer is easy to make for a lightweight meal and pretty enough to impress your guests and in addition this is healthy to eat,These Crumbly green beans, wrapped inside bacon and covered with a mixture of butter and brown sugar will make you fall in love with them.

  1. Goat cheese logs –

It’s a mouthful appetizer and after one bite you will want another. It is made fromfresh goat cheese that is rolled in the mixture of nuts, dried fruits and herbs, it is quick to make too, be sure to drizzle honey all over because goat cheese and honey go well together, shape of log helps guest to slice them rather than dipping their hands.

  1. Red pepper straws –

You can make this appetizer by using 5 ingredients. These amazingly delicious cheesy roasted red pepper straws are funky snacks for the party and guests are going to enjoy them.