Be it weekends or a Holiday, Japanese dinner is something that fits every aspect of a meal. Not only this but the taste is so addictive that once you get a taste of it the craving is something that will always remain in your heart. But, most of us find making Japanese cuisine to be a very tough task and that it takes quite much time and effort. This is something that you will not say again after reading this article.

Today, here we will talk about 20 tasty Japanese dinner ideas that will make your holiday table a complete delight. So, make sure to go through all of these and take note too so that you can enjoy these with your family and friends while making a lot of great memories.

20 easy and tasty Japanese dinner Ideas for weekend / Holiday Table

Gluten Free Fried Rice:

Rice is something that everyone not just loves but also can eat whenever it is served. So, on your weekend you can take this dish to the next level. Gluten-free Fried Rice is one of the easiest dishes that you can prepare for your dinner. All you will need is some Ham, some raw eggs, and green onion and you are good to go. It is a great weeknight meal to serve your family and friends. Also, the best part about this dish is that it requires nothing more than 20 minutes and will offer a perfect taste of flavours.

Omelette Rice

Omurice: Another amazing Japanese dish for those who love rice in their meal is Omurice. It is a name which is formed as per the main ingredients of the dish which are Omelette and Rice. It is a pretty famous Japanese fusion recipe and is loved by Children. The preparation of this dish is pretty easy too all you need for this is chicken, Ketchup, egg, and rice. Start with frying rice and chicken in a pan with some ketchup and then wrap it up with a thin layer of egg. Heat it up a little and you are good to go.

Baked Tonkatsu:

If you are more of a fan of Baked dishes then Baked Tonkatsu is a nice addition to your weekend dining table. It is also known as Japanese pork cutlet. The dish has a juicy texture and gets crunchy and crispy quickly which means that you do not need to deep fry the meat. You can also make a variant of this dish by switching pork to chicken or salmon.

Teriyaki Salmon:

In case you want your dinner to be simple which just has one dish on the menu that can fill up the need then this Teriyaki Salmon might be a great idea. The process of cooking this dish is quite easy and does not require much expertise in the kitchen too so even if you are a beginner, you can make this without any hassle. The things that you will need while making this dish are mirin, soy sauce and sake. Also, you can buy a whole fish as salmon if you want to make it in a completely Japanese way. Also, if you are not fascinated by seafood then you can switch up salmon with beef or chicken for the same flavour and delight.

Foiled Salmon:

If your partner is a fitness freak then they are going to love this dish. Salmon in the foil or foiled Salmon is rich in Omega-3 which is a fatty acid that is very healthy and comes from fish. Not only this dish is healthy but also it is very colourful which makes it a great addition to the dining night.

Mapo Tofu:

For those who have a craving for spicy food, Mapo Tofu will be just the right addition to the holiday dining table. It is a dish which is a favourite of children as well as of adults. It is a quite colourful dish as it includes rice, tofu, beans and green chillies. It can be both served as a solo dish or you can serve it with another Japanese cuisine from the list.


Are you a fan of noodles, then YakiUdon is something that you will get a craving for once you taste it. It is chewy and full of veggies. Also, is garnished with a whole lot of vegetables, it is a great choice for those who want a high-protein dish on their weekend to make it through the week with high enthusiasm.

Soba Noodle Salad:

If it is a movie night on the holiday and you want to enjoy it with a light meal which you can prepare in between the movie break then this Soba Noodle Salad is a great choice. Being Gluten free this dish is great for health too so you can eat it without fearing about your health. All you need to prepare for your dish is noodles, vinegar and some other ingredients to just cook it. Also, you can pick Hachi-wari noodles if you want to make it just add a bit more touch to Japanese style.

Shrimp and Asparagus Wafu Pasta:

For anyone who loves Pasta, this dish is just the perfect fit for you. This weeknight meal is easy to prepare and carries a lot of nutrition. For seasoning of this dish all, you will need is soy sauce, also, you can add some dashi broth to enhance the overall taste of the dish. If you want to make this in the authentic Japanese style then you can add wafu pasta with asparagus and shrimp. Tomato based pasta is a great alternative of wafu that you can add in this dish.


When it comes to Japanese dishes nothing can beat Oyakodon in terms of ease in making it. This is a dish which you can actually have a mother-daughter moment with. Not only it is a great addition to a weekend dining table but also it is fun to prepare, especially with kids. All you need for this cuisine is beaten egg, Donbori fish and chicken pieces. Also, if you want to add a touch of sweetness then you can add soy dashi as sauce

Honey & Soy Sauce Chicken:

This is a dish which is perfect to present as the starter dish on a holiday dinner night. Not only it is delicious but you can do a lot of presentation with this dish. The chicken is firstly marinated in sake, then in soy sauce and at last in honey. This is why it is named Honey soy chicken. You can serve it with a simple salad or in case if you want to go for the traditional Japanese look, then you can serve it along with miso soup.

Yakisoba Recipe:

Another great dish that you can serve to a noodle lover is Yakisoba. It is one of the most loved Classic Japanese Stir fried noodle dish. The part about this dish is that you can add any ingredient that you like in this dish and it will boost the flavour of that ingredient manifold. This is why you can make several variations of this dish and can make the holiday dinner night amazing.

Ginger and Pork

Shogayaki: If you are deep into Japanese food then this classic might be a great choice for a weekend dinner. This dish is so popular that you will be able to find this on the menu of almost every Japanese restaurant. In order to make this dish, you will need finely sliced pork loin and a sweet ginger garlic sauce. You can add shredded cabbage to garnish it over the dish. Also, for those who do not like pork in general or want to do something different with this dish then you can switch it up with sukiyaki meat.

Miso Ramen:

Trust me, when it comes to Japan and its fooding culture, Ramen is something that you just cannot skip over. Also, Miso ramen is more of a trend which is known for its appearance in various Japanese Amine and shows. Also, if it is the season of winter, this might be the best thing to serve to your loved ones on a weekend dinner to refresh the energy for the upcoming week. To make this dish all you need is boiled eggs, noodles, carrot, cabbage and beans. Also, you can add any other vegetable for garnish that you seem fit for your taste buds.

Japanese styled Cabbage salad:

For those who are trying to lose weight and the weekend dinner haunts you with calories then this dish might get you through the night without cheating the diet and also pleasing your taste buds. The dish is prepared by adding bonito flakes with cabbage. It is the classic Japanese salad dish that also tastes divine with dried fish flakes. Also, you can add soy sauce, rice and vinegar into the mix to enhance the taste.

JaJa Men

Spicy Pork Ramen Noodles: Another Ramen dish in the list is spicy pork ramen noodles. JaJa Men is simply as popular among Japanese people as they are in the USA and Australia. The best part about this product is that it is super spicy. So, those who love chilli food are going to fall in love with this dish. The ingredients that you need for the making of this dish are pork, Korean chilli pasta, Tomato and any garnishing vegetable. The sweet and smoky taste of this dish is the perfect essence of this dish.

Baked Chicken Katsu:

Another dish which is a great addition in the list of starters. Baked chicken Katsu is a famous classic dish which is served both as solo and as a starter. This dish not quite famous but the taste of this dish is very addictive. The best part of this dish is that it is great for those who want to consume fewer calories and fat. Also, the breaded texture of this dish is a delight to enjoy on a holiday dinner.

Udon Noodle Soup:

Soup is something that is loved by most of the people. This is why it was essential to add a Japanese soup in the list and trust me, making this dish is worth even second of your effort. The things that you will need to make this noodle soup is miso noodles. Umami, broth, egg, beans and cabbage. Garnishing for this dish is to be done as per your liking.


Japanese sweets are as good as their spicy dishes. This dessert is something that is loved by both kids and adults. The ingredients that you will need to make this dish are rice flour and that is it. Now, make the balls of this dough and boil these small balls. Once they are the size of the dumpling, sprinkle the balls with Kinako dust and a mix of salt and sugar.

Ume Ochazuke:

The last dish in our list is Ume Ochazuke and this might be the easiest of them all too. The dish is a visual delight and the taste is addictive. This dish is simply a combination of rice which is served with a variety of topping which is poured with green tea. This is something that you can make quickly and can enjoy the later of the night with your family and friends.

So, these are the 20 tasty Japanese Dinner ideas that you can prepare for a holiday. These dishes are something will make the mood of the night memorable and you will be able to enjoy each and every moment of the night. Hope this article works for you and you can use all these ideas for yourself as well.