Noodles are always welcome part of any big meal and more so at a festive season like Christmas. There are so many varieties and ways of preparing them that diners are really spoilt for choice. These recipes with noodles as key ingredient, add so much value to any grand festive feast. Here are 25 such beautiful noodle recipe ideas to kindle the palate and satisfy any  group of food lovers at Christmas.

Paleo Singapore Street Noodles:

This noodle dish has an interesting but misleading name, since they are not really from Singapore. They are believed to be originally a Cantonese street dish. Today, it is quite popular in the United States too. It is prepared with zucchini noodles, chicken and shrimp. The taste is improved by using gently flavored sauce along with turmeric. It is quite a healthy option too as it is low in carbohydrates and free from gluten. The finished product is bright yellow in color mainly due the turmeric and curry powder.

Lighter Chicken Chow Mein:

It is a convenient recipe for a quick lunch or brunch recipe. The main ingredients for this noodle preparation are: Noodles, Chicken Mixed Vegetables and a combination of soy sauce and red chilli sauce. Vinegar,sesame seeds and ginger also find their way into the dish. The shezwan sauce used here is what makes the noodle item so special with a wonderful taste that makes us wanting to try out the dish again and again.

Gluten Free Ramen Soup:

This soup has as its main ingredient, Ramen noodles that are gluten-free. The soup is delicious with a fine blend of wonderful flavors. Normally, maitake mushroom, zucchini and three types of peppers are added. Thus we get a healthy fare that will be also relished by the whole family. Variations can be easily tried out. The original recipe is vegan. However, it can be adapted by using meat or egg. Other additions possible are onion, cabbage, and sprouts.

Sesame Almond Butter Noodles:

This is a noodle dish that takes only 15 minutes to prepare but it tastes so fabulous. It can be a good addition to a festive table or any normal occasion. It has a calorie count of about 500. Some of the important ingredients are hoisin sauce, soy sauce,and sriracha and sesame oil. Besides, the five-spice powder lends the noodles a very special flavour. This dish is not very spicy as such, but those who wish to make it spicier can add more of the sriracha in the sauce.

 Sesame Almond Noodles:

This popular dish is quite easy and quick to prepare. It has five key ingredients, which are spaghetti, sesame oil, rice vinegar, and almond butter of creamy nature. It tastes delicious whether it is eaten cold or hot. It is a vegetarian dish. We can even make it a vegan version by using pasta that is made without eggs. If you wish to have it gluten free, all that you have to do is use gluten free soy sauce and corn pasta. Using spaghetti keeps the dish firm.

Vegan Ramen Bowls With Edamame And Mushrooms:

This is a very healthy and tasty kind of vegan noodle recipe with Edamame and mushrooms added in. That creates a highly flavored to be relished slowly and steadily. It is rich in vegetables and can be prepared fast and without any hassles. You have the option to add your favorite choice of ingredients to customize the dish and make it more appealing. Some of these are tofu, spinach and bean sprouts.

Asian Peanut Noodles:

This Asian Peanut Noodle is deliciously creamy and a bit salty. It is simple to prepare and can be done in less than half an hour. The noodles are cooked and the melted creamy or crunchy peanut butter added. It can be had as such or with the addition of some meat or vegetables. At times you can try out this recipe using homemade peanuts. If you like the noodles spicier, you can add chilli pepper to the peanut butter. They are best enjoyed using chopsticks.

Thai Shrimp Salad with Rice Noodles:

This Thai shrimp salad looks bright and fresh when well made. The other components are rice noodles along with crunchy vegetables, which are tossed in a vinaigrette that is tangy with a touch of tamarind and lime. The singular taste of the salad comes from the special tamarind paste used. The tamarind paste is blended well with other typical Thai ingredients like fish sauce, brown sugar and lime juice.

Broccoli Tofu Stir Fry With Buckwheat Vermicelli:

This is a stir fry tofu-based recipe with vermicelli made of buckwheat, which is known for absorbing and retaining flavors well. You can add vegetables readily available. It makes a very healthy vegan meal, being gluten-free as well. It will be loved by guests and the family alike.

Sesame Soba Noodles:

These noodles take just 15 minutes to make and yet are very delicious even when served cold. It is an item that is very well suited for food prepping. They are ideal for lunch and need not be warmed or chilled to make it more palatable. The best part of the item is that the noodles are made from buckwheat and hence fully whole grain and healthy in nature. Yet, the taste is simply great.

Asian Noodle Salad:

This is an easy to make recipe of Asian noodle salad. Ramen noodles and variety of vegetable are used. Sesame hoisin forms the dressing. It is a sure treat at any celebration because of its tempting and fresh flavours.  It can be prepared in about 20 minutes and enjoyed with a suitable sauce.

Steak and Rice Noodle Salad:

This is a noodle based salad recipe that offers great flavors to delight diners. The chilis make it spicy while the beef part makes it substantial, while the vegetables like cabbage make it crispy and crunchy. The honey lends some sweetness. Thus, it has something of everything to make it a delightful dish. It is served after topping it with peanuts and mint.

Rice Noodles with Cashew Sauce and Crunchy Veg:

This recipe is an adaptation of Gado-gado, which is a colourful and crunchy salad popular in Indonesia. It is prepared with a variety of cooked and raw vegetables and noodles. Peanut-based dressing is what is commonly used. An interesting alternative is the use of cashew nuts. Some even go for pistachios or pecans too. If the dish is to be prepared in larger quantities for use for many days, the components should be stored separately in the fridge and put together when required.

Aromatic Pork and Noodle Soup:

It is a typical pork and noodle soup with a special twist. It makes use of charred ginger and onion in an adaptation of the famous Vietnamese pho style. It employs the traditional method of simmering and charring onions and garlic in the dish. That provides it a special aromatic flavour. In addition, the spices are toasted to make it stand out from ordinary kinds of pork and noodle soups. While serving, the soup is topped with bean sprouts, fresh cilantro, Scallions, thinly sliced and roasted and slices peanuts as well as wedges of lime.

Shrimp and Coconut Curry with Rice Noodles:

Here is a special curry dish that can be easily made at home in half an hour with just ten ingredients and yet has the taste of twenty special ingredients being used. Some of these ingredients are galangal, lime, lemongrass, along with coconut milk and shrimp. It will taste far better than what is bought from a store or restaurant. It is served with basil sprigs and lime wedges.

Pad Thai:

Pad Thai is a special noodle popular in Thailand cuisine with tamarind as an important ingredient to impart a sour and sweet flavour that cannot be paralleled by any other component. It can be supplemented by proteins like shrimps, or rotisserie chicken. The noodle is topped with garlic and chilli sauce and peanuts and lime wedges.

Wonton noodles:

‘Wonton’ noodles are quite popular in Malaysia where it is called ‘wantan mee’. It is thin egg noodles. It is generally accompanied by Chinese barbecued pork, green chillies, a few vegetables like cabbage and a bowl of soup that has dumplings of meat. The noodles are tossed in a mixture of soy sauce. The Malaysian variety is slightly different from the Hong Kong, and Singapore types.

Brothy Noodle Bowl with Mushrooms and Chiles:

This is super flavored broth developed from readily available ingredients in a standard kitchen. The normal component is the vermicelli noodle but it can very well be substituted with a different kind of noodle or even cooked grain. Thus different variations are possible. The topping includes vegetables like radish, mushroom, herbs and sesame seeds. It is served along with hot sauce and sesame oil.

Japanese Beef Ramen:

Ramen noodle based dish is one where there is a lot of flexibility in arriving at the final product. The noodle used could be udon or Soba. Even spaghetti noodles will do in case the others are not readily available. Just as most soups are prepared, simple processes involved are chopping and simmering. Before serving, hot soup is added over the noodles.  An egg can also be added. Sliced green onions are used for garnishing.

Ramen Noodle Soup:

This is a Ramen noodle based soup full of flavour and quality. The noodles are crisp to start with but once in the broth for a while, they become soft and slippery and take in all the flavour added. The add-on includes freshly chopped vegetables, tomatoes, some spice ea seasoning.  Fresh lime juice, green onions and cilantro are used as a topping. All these touches make the soup so light and refreshing and soothing to taste.

Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles:

This Is a Characteristic Dan Dan noodle with many variations available. It is not a very easy recipe to prepare but the trouble taken is worth it since the flavour and richness is unparalleled by any similar noodle dish. There are a number of special ingredients required to achieve a genuine rich flavour. There are four key parts – the chilli oil, select picked vegetables including leafy greens, meat mixture and the noodles.

Ramen Burger:

This is an interesting food item that you end up with starting with the cooking of some Ramen noodles. They’re then mixed with beaten egg and moulded into small bun patties. The burgers are cooked and then place between the halves of the bun to get a beautiful burger. Topping that can be used includes American cheese, bok choy, fried eggs and ketchup.

One Pot Shrimp Ramen Lo Mein:

This is a simple and easy to make this dish without fancy ingredients. However, it is as delicious as any other well-known noodle dishes. It can be prepared in a matter of a few minutes. Those who are allergic to the shrimps can substitute it with fish, tofu or beef. The dish can be adapted well and different flavors achieved. For further taste, we can add five-spice, soy sauce, chili.

Coconut Rice Noodles with Ginger and Turmeric:

It is a pantry curry that can be prepared in a short time. Ginger, turmeric, and black pepper in oil are required to release the flavours into the coconut milk-based sauce. The fish sauce and noodles are mixed into the broth. Salt is added as seasoning. The topping comes in the form of shredded coconut and pepper and chopped peanuts.

Rice Noodles with Shrimp and Coconut-Lime Dressings:

This is a delicious and colourful noodle salad that is best eaten in a cold state. The noodles shrimp, cucumber, watercress, and cilantro are tossed into a large bowl. This already has the dressing to coat the mix. Salt is added for seasoning. Chilis and peanuts are used as a topping.

The carefully chosen fare of delicious noodle recipes is sure to wow any discerning foodie and keep them happy and satiated. The wonderful variety of items offered will provide a rich feast to fulfil the yearning of the guests and hosts at the festive season of Christmas. .