There are times when you crave to eat something really tempting and good. It’s not about filling your tummy but all about satisfying your taste buds. Winters and Christmas are times when you get to witness some of the mouth-watering delicacies from around the world. Sushi is one of them. To those who have just heard about this dish but haven’t tasted or seen or probably just have a very vague idea of what it is – let me briefly explain this.

Sushi is a Japanese dish which is made with fermented rice. It has now various versions to it. For instance, the Chinese version, the Singaporean version, the South Asian version of course not to forget; you cannot simply do away with our very own Indian version of Sushi. This is basically a roll wrapped with many foods like sea food, the vegies and rice is of course the main ingredient. Initially, the original version of this dish was a non-vegetarian one that included only the fish and other sea foods as the sub ingredients. But now you have vegetarian Sushis too.

So for all the vegans out there, if you have the liking for trying out something really new and experimenting with flavours, go aheadand order your platter of Sushi.

Here are some types of Sushis that are very famous world wide-


Chirashizushi “dispersed sushi”, additionally alluded to as barazushi) serves the rice in a bowl and finish it with an assortment of crude fish and vegetable enhancements. It is usually eaten in light of the fact that it is filling, quick and simple to make. It is eaten yearly on Hinamatsuri in spring.

The California Roll

A California sushi roll is also called as the Golden State roll or Golden State maki could be a makizushi dish roll that’s typically rolled turned and containing cucumber, crab meat or imitation crab, and avocado.

The Cucumber Roll

Okay, in defense of the standard cucumber roll, there’s nothing wrong with it; it’s simply bland. It reasonably jogs my memory of the 2008 version of the cucumber roll. However not all that attention-grabbing either. Sorry, cucumber roll, you aren’t worth the money.

Sake zushiRoll

(Kyushu-style sushi roll) utilizes rice wine over vinegar in setting up the rice, and is finished with shrimp, ocean bream, octopus, shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots and destroyed omelette.

Philadelphia Roll

It’s hard to tell what’s more divisive: I personally hold the belief that cream cheese should never come anywhere near my sushi roll, but I also have friends that love it. It’s a good thing that they’re not writing this ranking, though. Thus sushi roll is a variation of inarizushi starting in Hawaii that may incorporate green beans, carrots, or gobo alongside rice, enclosed by a triangular aburage piece. Usually sold in okazu-ya (Japanese shops) and as a segment of bento box.

Makizushi Roll

Makizushi is rolled sushi is a cylindrical piece, formed with the help of a bamboo mat known as a makisu. Makizushi is generally wrapped in seaweed, and is occasionally wrapped in a thin omelette, and cucumber leaves. Makizushi is usually cut into six or eight pieces, which constitutes a single roll order. Below are some common types of makizushi, but many other kinds existing.

Fotumaki Roll 

Futomaki which means thick and huge fat rolls is an extensive round and hollow piece, as a rule with seaweed on the outside. A run of the mill futomaki is five to six centimeters (2 to 2 1⁄2 in) in diameter. They are frequently made with two, three, or more fillings that are picked for their correlative tastes and hues. Amid the night of the Setsubun celebration, it is conventional in the Kansai locale to eat whole futomaki in its tube shaped frame, where it is called eho maki.Futomaki are frequently veggie lover, and may use portions of cucumber, kampyō gourd, takenoko bamboo shoots, or lotus root. Pieces of tamagoyaki omelet, minor fish roe, hacked fish, and whitefish drops are run of the mill non-vegan fillings. Customarily, the rice is daintily prepared with salt and sesame oil. Prevalent protein fixings are angle cakes, impersonation crab meat, eggs, or prepared hamburger rib-eye. Vegetables for the most part incorporate cucumbers, spinach, carrot and radish. After the makizushi has been rolled and cut, it is commonly presented with takuan.

Short grain white rice is generally utilized, albeit short-grain dark colored rice, similar to olive oil on seaweed, is currently ending up increasingly far reaching among the well being cognizant. Once in a while, sweet rice is blended in makizushi rice. These days, the rice in makizushi can be numerous sorts of dark rice, bubbled rice and oats etc.Besides the basic fixings recorded over, a few assortments may incorporate cheddar, hot cooked squid, yakiniku, kamaboko, lunch meat, hotdog, bacon or hot fish. Seaweed might be brushed with sesame oil or sprinkled with sesame seeds. In a variety, cut bits of makizushi might be daintily browned with egg covering.

Hosomaki Sushi Rolls

Hosomaki that are thin rolls are little barrel shaped piece, with seaweed outwardly. A normal hosomaki has a width of about 1 inch long piece. They for the most part contain just a single filling, frequently fish, cucumber, meagrely cut carrots, or, all the more as of late, avocado.

Kappamaki Roll

Kappamaki is a sort of Hosomaki loaded up with cucumber, is named after the Japanese amazing water demon partial to cucumbers called the kappa. Generally, kappamaki is expended to clear the sense of taste between eating crude fish and different sorts of sustenance, with the goal that the kinds of the fish are particular from the preferences of different nourishments.

Tekkamaki Roll

Tekkamaki is a sort of hosomaki loaded up with crude fish. In spite of the fact that it is trusted that the word tekka, signifying “intensely hot iron”, implies the shade of the fish tissue or salmon substance, it really started as a speedy titbits to eat in betting nooks called tekkaba. These are mush like mini sandwiches.


Negitoromaki is a sort of hosomaki loaded up with scallion and hacked fish (toro). Greasy fish is regularly utilized in this style.


Tsunamayomaki is again a version of hosomaki loaded up with canned fish hurled with mayonnaise.

Kinsa Sushi

Kinsa’s Sushi will likely offer quality Japanese food (with a few dishes normally found at higher end eateries) at moderate value focuses. Their most recent menu will be a hit with instagrammers with their take of purple rice in sushi.

The Dragon roll

Dragon Roll filled with crispy king prawn, you can try the namesake Haru Roll, topped with aburi cheese salmon and salmon roe, with inner ingredients of crabstick, omelette, and cucumber.

The Sushi Bar

Would it be advisable for me to say much else regarding the Sushi Party animal’s Salmon Aburi Roll? Continually fulfilling in the event that you pop a piece into your mouth and gradually bite away, eyes shut. I for one think there are two winning elements – the smoothness of its surfaces, must be the avocado and extent of mayonnaise; and blend of burnt and crude sushi interplaying in your mouth.

Ehomaki blessed roll

Ehomaki is a blessed bearing roll. This dish is made out of seven fixings saw as lucky. Ehomaki are normally eaten on setsubun in Japan. The common fixings fuse kanpyo, egg, eel, and shiitake mushrooms. Ehomaki as often as possible consolidate distinctive fixings also. People for the most part eat the ehomaki while going up against the heading saw as auspicious that year.

Temaki Cone Roll

Temaki is a broad cone-framed piece of nori apparently and the fixings spilling out the wide end. A normal temaki is around 4 to 5 inches in length, and is eaten with fingers since it is too awkward to even consider evening consider lifting it up with chopsticks. For perfect taste and surface, temaki must be eaten quickly consequent to being made in light of the way that the cone a little while later acclimatizes moistness from the filling and loses its freshness, making it somewhat difficult to eat through.


Nigirizushi is hand crushed sushi that involves a stretched slope of sushi rice that the gourmet master presses between the palms of the hands to outline an oval-formed ball, and an enhancement hung over the ball. It is ordinarily given a pinch of wasabi are regularly angle, for instance, salmon, angle or other fish. Certain trimmings are routinely bound to the rice with a thin part of nori, most by and large octopus, freshwater, sea eel, squid and sweet egg.


Gunkanmaki is an extraordinary kind of nigirizushi: it is an oval, hand-formed bunch of sushi rice that has a portion of ocean growth collapsed over its fringe to outline a vessel that is stacked up with some fragile, free or fine-divided settling that requires the confinement of kelp, for instance, corn with mayonnaise, scallops, and quail eggs.

Rainbow Sushi roll

This is a collection of fish and avocado over a California Roll.

King Crab Sushi Roll

This sushi is a delicate shell crab, cucumber, sprouts (or lettuce, roe, or avocado) and here and there zesty mayo.

Shrimp roll

This is a Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside. Shrimp to finish everything.

Spicy salmon sushi

This is a move Fish hurled in sesame Siracha sauce, finished with zesty mayo.

Alaska sushi roll

smoked salmon in cream cheddar is one that will satisfy your craving.

The Sushi Jin

Rolls,Sushi Jin by the Les Amis Groups aims to offer a premium dining experience sans the hefty price tag. Quality ingredients are flown in from Tokyo’s Tsukiji market 3 times a week

The Ce La Vi Sushi Roll

The previous KU DE TA, roosted 200 meters above ocean level on the notable Marina Sound Sands SkyPark. Maybe a couple really realize they serve sushi rolls, for example, Delicate Shell Move, Hot Fish Rolle and the prescribed California Move with crab, avocado, cucumber and tobiko. Not the most wow sushi move around, but rather at any rate the view is phenomenal.

Rolie Olie Roll

The mark rolls have worldwide flavors fused, for example, K Kop loaded up with zesty crab meat and kimchi, Bollywood with curry prawn and avocado, Dos Amigos with barbecued eel and cream cheddar and Make strides toward environmental friendliness a vegan variant loaded up with asparagus, sweet potato and avocado.

Koh Grilled Sushi Bar

The star of the dish is really the thick don’t-know-how-many-calories specially made mayonnaise poured over the sushi roll and torched. Drenched too much actually, can get cloying. But few would complain about the generous toppings of fish roe.

You can find large varieties of sushi rolls now as a part of mandatory dish in every restaurant/hotel. A Japanese cuisine though, but now found and savoured worldwide. So choose from a range of sushi rolls and satiate your hunger and taste buds.