We had heard chefs say that the dessert is the crown jewel of the dining table; and what could be a better dessert than a rich in chocolate one. Here you can find a list of recipes for some beautiful and delicious chocolate Christmas desserts to add to your family Christmas dining table.

Put the jewel in the crown of your own dining table, a beautiful dessert to follow a satisfying and delicious man course. These Christmas themed, chocolate desserts are sure to add a cheer and festivity to the family meal or a surprising addition to the annual office Christmas party.

Chocolate Yule Log Recipe

Here is the recipe for a beautiful and delicious traditional Christmas Chocolate Yule Log decorated with raspberries. Make the end of your dinner meal divine with this chocolate dessert. RECIPE HERE

Malteser Cake

Here is an idea how to use all that candy we all by over the holidays. Take a look into this innovative idea for a recipe for a malteser cake. RECIPE HERE

Chocolate Profiterole Christmas Pudding

This next recipe is for a festive themed chocolate profiterole. A nice and delicious chocolate dessert decorated in the image of a Christmas pudding. RECIPE HERE

Chocolate Cheese Cake

This is an idea for an elegant and fancy chocolate cheese cake for your Christmas table. A delicious treat for the family. RECIPE HERE

Chocolate Orange Biscuit Cake

Let this next recipe on our list inspire you when you need to create an elegant and delicious dessert. This will be an impressive homemade chocolate dessert. RECIPE HERE

Chocolate saltine toffee Christmas crack

Get inspired to create these beautiful chocolate saltine toffee Christmas crackers.  This desert is not only delicious, but also very festive looking. RECIPE HERE

Oreo truffles

Here is a suggestion for some very elegant and sophisticated looking homemade truffles. Oreos are hard to improve on, but these truffles are sure to do that. RECIPE HERE

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate on a stick

Here is a recipe for some delicious little chocolate treats. Hot chocolate lollies topped with salted caramel and marshmallows. RECIPE HERE

Candy cane mousse cake

Take a look at this idea for a sugary goodness. A very cheery and appropriate for the occasion candy cane chocolate mousse cake.


No bake chocolate cream pie.

Here we are including a recipe for an impressive looking chocolate pie, which is actually very easy to make. No baking is involved in preparing it.


Chocolate min macaroon

Here is a dessert worthy of a restaurant. These little treats are delightful addition to every festive table.


Chocolate peppermint bark roll cake recipe

Here is a recipe for a very delicious cake roll. The combination of peppermint and chocolate is one of the most delicious ones you can serve.


Chocolate peppermint ganache cookies

If you are looking for sweet treats for your party or table during the Christmas day, you need look no further. These chocolate and peppermint cookies will be the perfect treat.


Chocolate cream puffs.

Here is a recipe for chocolate cream puffs with honey rum whipped cream, raspberries and chocolate ganache. These cream puffs are very elegant dessert to add to your Christmas dinner.


Mint chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate chip has become a very fashionable flavour in the past few years. Here is an idea for a chocolate chip cookie cake.


Easy Oreo Chocolate Mint Candy

Here is a recipe for very easy to make oreo mint candies. These will be perfect little treats for the party table.


Christmas Peppermint Patties

To follow is another recipe for small and elegant party dessert treats. These little bites are the perfect combination of the fresh feel of peppermint and the sweetness of chocolate.


Mint fudge brownie recipe

And to continue the series of mint flavoured, chocolate treats here is a recipe for mint fudge brownie. It is easy to make and delicious.


Chocolate MM Christmas Cookies

If you love baking the Christmas cookies why not follow this recipe and add a few twists. It is a fun cookie to leave at might for Santa next to the glass of milk.


Christmas Magic Layer Brownie Bars

Here is a suggestion for a nice chocolate brownie bars. An easy to make and very cheerful in decoration these Magic Layer Brownie Bars live up  to their name.


Hot Cocoa Cookies

Here is a proposal for a recipe for beautiful and delicious hot cocoa cookies. This chocolaty goodness will go well as a tread on the Christmas day.


Cranberry chocolate cake

Here is the suggestion for a quick and healthy, fruit dessert. The combination of cranberry and chocolate will be divine.


Chocolate Mouse

Here is an idea for a Christmas party dessert in the form of a mouse. The mouse is constructed of chocolate and standing on a Christmas decoration of icing.


Christmas chocolate kiss cookies

Take a look at the recipe for Christmas decorated kiss cookies. These are some beautiful cookies to give to the family and guests as Christmas treat.


Chocolate crinkle cookies

Surprise Santa by leaving these chocolate crinkle cookies with the glass of milk at Christmas Eve. Here is the recipe to help you make them.


Brownie truffles

Here is a recipe for chocolate brownie truffles. These little truffles could be the ideal suggestion for a sweet party treat.


Chocolate Peppermint cheesecake

Here is the recipe for a festive Christmas chocolate peppermint cheesecake. With the icing fashioned in the Christmas colours it could be a great addition to the festive table.


Double chocolate chunk cookie

Adding to this recipe lost is this double chocolate chunk cookie. Christmas treats rich of chocolate.


White chocolate Christmas haystacks

Here is a recipe for white chocolate Christmas haystacks. Fashion your dessert for Christmas to look as a decoration.


Triple chocolate cranberry mousse torte

Here is the recipe for an elegant patisserie worthy triple chocolate mousse torte. Impress your guests with this dessert.