Holidays are important milestones that need to be celebrated annually. Other than gift-giving, the season is also the time to showcase cooking expertise and creativeness. The art of cooking delicious meals may be apparent gifts to some. However, the joy of learning to cook is with all of us.

It has been said that there is no love sincerest than the love of food. As cliché as it sounds, it is never too early or too late for everyone to dabble in cooking. Cooking for the family during the holiday season is one of the hallmarks of every homemaker. It does not have to mean that you have to be a good cook to serve delicious meals. It simply means having a good number of great-tasting recipes tucked inside your tablet or phone.

The Christmas breakfast recipes featured below have been made by trial and error by fantastic cooks that love to cook up new versions using traditional holiday favourites.

Make a splash this holiday season and in the years to come by trying them. You’ll even surprise yourself when they turn out to be outstanding.

Bon appétit and happy holidays!

Cinnamon Roll French toast Casserole

45 minutes is all it takes to prepare a magical casserole fit for the Christmas spirit. Even with the use of pre-packaged cinnamon rolls, magical can still be the best description for this recipe. RECIPE HERE.

Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Glaze

Red velvet recipes are simply too adorable to miss out on. This recipe of red velvet pancakes is just the perfect way to celebrate the holiday with family and friends. RECIPE HERE

Veggie-loaded Breakfast Casserole

This awesome veggie breakfast casserole sets the right mood for a vegan holiday. The richness of the dish that can be loaded with preferred food choices such as fresh veggies, hash browns and topped with its special hot sauce is too good to pass on. RECIPE HERE

Cheesy Tater Tot Breakfast Bake

Holiday breakfast meals should be something really special. This Cheesy Tater recipe fits the bill for a sumptuous breakfast that can be easily made ahead and served as a delicious treat for everyone. RECIPE HERE

Kirbie’s Oreo Pancakes

Pancakes have always been one of the all-time breakfast meals. Do one level higher with this pancake breakfast recipe that adds another favourite: the Oreo cookie flavour. RECIPE HERE

Breakfast Muffins

Want a special gluten-free and healthy breakfast option for the holidays? Make it a healthy and delicious breakfast choice for the whole family by serving specially made breakfast muffins. RECIPE HERE

Breakfast Mac and Cheese

The great thing about Mac and Cheese is because it can be served either as breakfast or dinner. Whatever the choice, one thing for sure is the scrumptious serving of this amazing Mac and Cheese recipe. RECIPE HERE

Butterscotch & Apricot Crepe Bake

Make the sugar rush count this holiday season with this rich and decadent breakfast meal. It’s easy to make but, oh, so delicious to taste! RECIPE HERE

Cranberry Almond French toast Casserole

Cranberries can be an option to this recipe but the casserole recipe is to try-for. Wow family and friends with the scrumptious serving of this breakfast casserole. RECIPE HERE

Dairy Free Frittata with Heirloom Tomatoes

Whoever said that veggie and dairy-free meals are not delicious may not have tasted this one-of-a-kind breakfast recipe. All the healthy options are here PLUS the delicious goodness fit for kings! RECIPE HERE

Eggs baked with Tomatoes and Champignons

The humble egg is taken to the next level when it’s served this way.  Serve this sumptuous egg breakfast just like the Catalans for a more exciting holiday celebration. RECIPE HERE

Individual Warm Cinnamon Roll Bites

Cinnamon rolls have become a part of holiday breakfast traditions in some households. Make them yours too with this delicious individually-served cinnamon rolls that can be made ahead and served warm come breakfast time. RECIPE HERE

Sweet Potato Hash Brown Egg Nests

Delicious, easy-to-make, and healthy are the descriptions to perfectly describe this breakfast meal. Go on now, make it ahead and surprise the whole clan by serving it for breakfast this holiday season. RECIPE HERE

Easy Spiced Hot Fruit Bake

Vegans will fall in love with this nutritious and delicious breakfast or brunch meal. Packed with all the healthy options, it can be eaten as is or topped over pancakes or waffles. RECIPE HERE

Breakfast Casserole with Eggs, Potatoes, and Sausage

All breakfast favourites are mixed in this meal which ensures a clean eating and gluten-free breakfast treat.  Make the holiday breakfast meal right, clean, and enjoyable with this delicious serving. RECIPE HERE

Ham and Cheese Baked Eggs in Toast


Leftover ham can now be deliciously recycled using this recipe. Make it fresh and scrumptious during the holidays by trying out this wonderful breakfast, brunch or dinner treat. RECIPE HERE

Slow Cooker Gingerbread Oatmeal

The lowly oatmeal gets a much-needed food-lift with this easy-to-make delicious breakfast meal. Experiment on this new and delicious idea of serving oatmeal even during the holidays. RECIPE HERE

Eggs Benedict Casserole

Bread pudding takes on a new and exciting flavour when it contains eggs Benedict. No need to poach or pre-cook the eggs which make this recipe doubly attractive and trouble-free to make. RECIPE HERE

Egg and Sausage Breakfast Taquitos

Delicious, simple, and exciting are the words to describe this new idea of serving Taquitos for breakfast! Nothing fancy, only the real goodness of eggs and sausage that are deliciously wrapped in every Taquito.  RECIPE HERE

Apple Cider Waffle Recipe

Want an innovative but delicious and healthy breakfast meal? Of course you do! Gain it from this new and exciting breakfast treat that’s perfect for all occasions. RECIPE HERE

Chocolate Croissant Breakfast Bake

Indescribably delicious, this breakfast treat will literally bowl over family and friends all the time and every time. It’s time to show off by cooking this sumptuous treat for one and all. RECIPE HERE

Savory Oatmeal Breakfast Bowl with Bacon, Avocado, & Fried Egg

Visions of a sumptuous and savory breakfast come to mind by just reading the name of this recipe. Savory it is so try it to see. RECIPE HERE

Gingerbread Waffles with Cream Cheese Glaze

Everyone around your table will be perfectly in tune when this sumptuous breakfast treat is served. This incredible treat contains all the delicious goodness along with the moist and soft waffles. RECIPE HERE

Gingerbread Banana Bread

Nothing is average on this banana bread breakfast recipe. It may be vegan but the texture, softness, and sweetness of this banana bread is out-of-this-world! RECIPE HERE

Overnight Cinnamon Roll French toast Bake

Getting the best of both French toast and cinnamon roll is all here in this breakfast recipe. The recipe uses frozen cinnamon rolls and making it the night before to serve for breakfast the next day is the best way to do it. RECIPE HERE

Eggnog Coffee Cake Muffins

These sumptuous cake muffins divert far from the usual breakfast meals which makes them perfect for holidays. Make the holiday breakfast a truly unforgettable occasion by serving this delicious treat. RECIPE HERE

Cinnamon Christmas Breakfast Wreath

The wreath is no longer confined to a décor for it can be served as a delicious Christmas breakfast too. Make it spectacular and beautiful by serving cinnamon breakfast wreath. RECIPE HERE

Cheesy Sausage Breakfast Pinwheels

Holidays are special occasions that have to be matched by special treats such as this cheesy sausage pinwheel breakfast. Make it truly clever and appetizing the morning after Christmas Eve by loading the pinwheels with pork sausage, smoky bacon, gooey cheese, and scrambled eggs. RECIPE HERE

Bacon, egg and cheese monkey bread

A bread stuffed full of eggs and bacon can be like going to heaven and returning to Earth after it’s all gone. Watch kids and adults alike stuff themselves full of this delicious treat when you serve it for breakfast. RECIPE HERE

Gingerbread Pancakes

Don’t let the simple name of this breakfast meal fool you. There’s nothing simple about it, only the name. RECIPE HERE

Easy baked Cranberry Orange Dutch Baby

Quite a mouthful to say, but this holiday breakfast treat meets expectations and more. Making this meal gives you an incredible treat of pancake texture on the inside with super crispy texture on the outside! RECIPE HERE

Breakfast Fajitas

A fantastic fajitas holiday breakfast treat is in store for you and your family with this recipe. It’s time to be bold! RECIPE HERE

Eggnog French toast Muffins

What better way to begin a new Christmas day than a breakfast of sinfully delightful muffins. Make it more daring by using eggnog instead of milk for the French toast. RECIPE HERE

Red Velvet Mini Loaves

Christmas time is gift-giving time. Make the gift-giving a new and unique one with the gift of delicious homemade red velvet mini loaves. RECIPE HERE

Jam Doughnuts

Make it sweet, make it sticky, and make it amazing by cooking up a batch of mini doughnuts stuffed full of strawberry jam. It’s not only incredibly tasty, it’s easy to make as well. RECIPE HERE

Candy Cane Crescent Roll Breakfast Pastry

The cherry and cheese filling packed in this yummy candy cane crescent-shaped roll will be a festive surprise for family and friends. Serve it for breakfast or at any time of the day as a holiday delicious treat. RECIPE HERE