We love Christmas because of a lot of things. We love Christmas because of the delicious food that only our moms and grandmas can cook perfectly. We love Christmas parties at work and at our closest friends’ houses. We love giving and receiving presents. We love family dinners that are full of stories and laughter that seem to go on all through the night. We love Christmas mostly because it is the best time to enjoy delicious food and drinks without feeling so guilty.

If you’re hosting a Christmas dinner for friends and family this year, you’ve come to the right place. Bowl your friends and family over with these simple to prepare and delicious Christmas party foods. We have collected the best, the most colorful, and the simplest food ideas that everybody will love. Best of all, the ingredients are not expensive at all. Scroll down and take your pick from these mouthwatering recipes.

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Reindeer Cheese Appetizer

What you serve for your next holiday party need not be boring, tasteless, and expensive. We’ve got these super adorable reindeer cheese appetizers sure to be a hit with your friends and family. Get some slices of your favorite cheese and some pretzels. Arrange them in such a way that they look like reindeers. Top some red or green bell peppers for the nose, and they’re ready to be served. Kids and adults will surely love these!

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Holiday Appetizer Wreath


You’ve got 25 people coming over for a quick get-together before the kids’ holiday show at school. What do you serve that’ll please them all, yet be quick and simple? Yes Rebecca from http://jollyreindeer.com/ has solved your problem. For recipe visit her site

Snowman Hot Chocolate

Treat your kids to this fun and delicious drink and they will love you even more. Hot chocolate will never be the same again after they get to sample this delightful snowman hot chocolate drink! This is super fuss-free to prepare, too. Just top your hot chocolate with some whipped cream, throw in some marshmallows decorated with food markers, and toss in your colorful candy canes.

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Snowman Cheese Ball

This is taking dip-and-chips to a whole new Christmasy level. Instead of using a regular bowl for your dip, you can use a snowman! Adorn your snowman dip with colorful edible stuff like asparagus, red cabbage or olives. Serve in a festive-looking platter and fill with chips and crackers. Adorable and delicious!

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Teddies on Sleigh

Here’s a fun and creative way to serve sweets to your kids. Serve them in these super cute teddy bear sleds! You’ll be needing candy canes, chocolate bars, and tiny chocolate teddy bears. Just piece everything together and ask the kids to get one from the tray. They will love seeing these cuties all lined up like that.

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Mini Christmas Tree Pizza

What makes these mini pizzas so special? They’re homemade, and they’re all shaped like our favorite Christmas ornaments! So show off your mad skills in the kitchen and make these pizzas from scratch. Put your favorite stuffing and cut them in cute shapes using a cookie cutter. Your guests will have a great time admiring and eating these pretty mini pizzas, that’s for sure!

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Santa Grinch Fruit Skewers

Hosting a holiday party and still have no idea what to serve as appetizers? You can try this easy-to-prepare, really mouthwatering, and really cute fruit skewers. You only need some green grapes, strawberries, bananas, white marshmallows, and skewer sticks! They’re inexpensive but delicious and healthy snacks everybody will enjoy.

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Christmas Mini Sausage Wreath

Imagine the looks of delight from your guests when you present them with this delicious and festive Christmas mini sausage wreath. Yes, too pretty to eat, but can you really say no to these delicious sausages? Oh, not to mention the bread, too! This sausage wreath will definitely be a hit!

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Reindeer Munchies

Serve candies in a fun and clever way to your kiddie guests. You can put them in ice cream cones and fill them up with different kinds of candies. Make them as colorful as you can. Serve them in holiday-themed trays for that special holiday touch.

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Christmas Pizza

It’s a given. Kids love pizza, no matter what kind. But they’ll love them even more when you treat them to these mini Christmas pizzas! They’re so cute and delicious, and so easy to make, too! Grab this pizza idea and make them from scratch with some English muffins, Marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese and chopped olives.

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Mini Snowman Canapes

How adorable are these mini snowman appetizers? Turn your canapes into stunning works of art. Wow your guests with your artistic genius and cooking prowess. They will surely enjoy looking at them before devouring them.

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Christmas Appetizer Wreath

This Christmas appetizer wreath is off the charts with its prettiness and yumminess. It’s an ingenious way of serving your dish with a holiday twist. You can whip up this dish with just some crescent rolls, cream cheese and sour cream. Garnish with some red and green bell peppers for that Christmas touch!

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Festive Snowman Eggs

These cute snowman eggs are sure to be a hit with your guests this Christmas, especially the kids. It’s so simple to make, yet so very festive, too! What you will need for this kitchen project are some small and large hard-boiled eggs, peppercorns, carrots, parsley, and skewer sticks. You’ll also be needing some uncooked pasta to poke holes in your snowman.

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Babybel Cheese Santas

The cuteness factor is very strong with this one. Fancy some Babybel Cheese Santas? Recreate this clever Christmas appetizers with some Babybel Cheese, cream cheese, food markers, marshmallows, and skewer sticks. The kids will go crazy over these cute Santa treats!

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Christmas Jelly

These Christmas jelly shots are sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next holiday party. They’re so colorful and pretty, and they taste delicious, too! Serve this to your friends and family. You’ll only need cherry and lime gelatin, as well as some unflavored gelatin, whipped cream, condensed milk and mint leaves!

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Hot Cocoa Cupcakes

Forget diet and indulge yourself this holiday with these adorable and delicious Hot Cocoa Cupcakes! Everything about these cupcakes sounds heavenly. Creamy frosting, moist chocolate cake, soft marshmallows, and sweet candy cane toppers — our mouths are starting to water. These are the moments when you just wish food can be downloaded from the internet!

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Pretzel Snowmen

Pretzels take on a holiday makeover with these cute pretzel snowmen. We guarantee that kids and adults alike will go gaga over them. They’re so easy and inexpensive to make. You only need pretzel sticks, white chocolate, regular chocolate, and some gummies!

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Christmas Cheese Wedges

These Christmas cheese wedges not only look delicious, they look pretty enough to hang on the Christmas tree! This unique holiday appetizer is so easy to prepare but delicious enough for guests to enjoy. This is ready in minutes, and you only need cheese wedges, shave broccoli floret tops, chili flakes, and toothpicks!

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Christmas Tortilla Wraps

How about these yummy Christmas Tortilla Wraps? This recipe calls for some spinach flavored tortilla shells. You will also need some cream cheese and shredded cheese. Just spread the cream cheese mixture onto your tortilla wrap, roll tightly, and slice in bite size pieces. Arrange on a tray and add some Christmas baubles on the side for that holiday twist.

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Christmas Canape

Another dish that you can prepare for the holidays is this yummy Christmas Canape. You can choose your own fillings and just stuff them into ready rolled filo pastry. If you love feta cheese, prawns, sausages, even freshly peeled prawns, you will love this appetizer. We can’t wait to try this dish out!

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Holiday Strawberries

Holiday chocolate-dipped strawberries, anyone? Just looking at these yummy treats makes us all excited for the holidays. Just imagine the juicy strawberries mixed with thick sweet chocolate. Heaven!

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Christmas Tree Cheese Appetizer

We never realized you can do this cute appetizer idea with just a bunch of cheese slices! Our minds are still blown, but this looks very simple enough to recreate at your next holiday party. Just use half of an apple as the base, stick your satay stick onto it, and start piling your cheese slices, arranging them to look like a Christmas tree. Top with carrots and decorate the base with sliced tomatoes and lettuce. Brilliant, brilliant idea.

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Snowman Cocktails

Looking for a fun and unique holiday drink? Why not try making this Frosty the Snowman cocktail recipe? It’s delicious and ready to drink in minutes. So stock up on some Smirnoff Whipped Vodka, half and half cream, and some Torani Vanilla Bean flavored syrup!

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Hotdog Christmas Stockings

Aren’t these Hotdog Christmas Stockings just adorable? Kids will be lining up to get ahold of these, that’s for sure. Grab this adorable appetizer idea by slicing and arranging red hotdogs on skewer sticks to make them look like holiday stockings. Put cream cheese on top of the stockings and garnish with bits of parsley and red bell pepper.

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Baked Potatoes Snowman

Even baked potatoes can be made more fun and festive. Here’s a neat idea that kids will love: Baked Potato Snowman! It’s an easy, tasty and healthy dish that both kids and adults will enjoy. And it’s oh so very cute, too!

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Holiday Appetizer

This holiday appetizer idea is both appealing and scrumptious. How does biscuit with cream cheese and pepper jelly sound? It’s a simple dish that you can whip up in minutes, yet sophisticated and delicious enough for guests to enjoy. We are so making this appetizer for our holiday party this year!