A holiday punch is a time-old tradition that is still very much alive today. Eggnog always tops the list when it comes to a holiday drink.

Sticking to the traditional ways is good, but putting a twist on it is better. The eggnog recipes included here show how a traditional drink can become the rave of the party.

Other Christmas punch recipes presented are meant to make you a drink expert not only during the holidays but for every special milestone celebration. Make these occasions count by serving family and guests a punch drink to make them more memorable.

Become more daring by experimenting on the punch recipes provided. Life is short and living it to the fullest is the best way to make it happier and more productive for you and your loved ones.

Happy holidays!

Christmas Punch

Serving a punch is an absolute must-have drink during the holidays. The best thing about this recipe is the option to either make it boozy or simply pack in the fruits. RECIPE HERE

Holiday Punch

Special occasions such as the holidays demand a punch drink that packs a wallop minus the alcohol. Make this an all-time favourite with your loved ones by mixing them the holiday punch. RECIPE HERE

Texas Christmas Punch

If it’s an alcoholic punch drink you have in mind for the holidays, Texas Christmas Punch is it. The heady combination of fruit juices, tequila, and fresh cranberries will make your guests want for more. RECIPE HERE

White Christmas Margarita Punch

Make it warm and inviting inside your home even when it’s freezing outside. Serving this Margarita punch drink is guaranteed to make everyone glowing with high spirits during the holidays. RECIPE HERE

Christmas Sangria

A chilled glass of Christmas Sangria conveys a feeling of warm invitation. Serving this punch drink during the holidays gives off a welcoming spirit to one and all who enter your hearth. RECIPE HERE

Cranberry Cooler

A drink during the holidays should be festive, delicious, and refreshing. Cranberry Cooler has it all making it the drink of choice for all special occasions. RECIPE HERE

Peppermint Nog Punch

Give an exciting and new twist to the traditional eggnog holiday drink by using this recipe. Adding peppermint ice cream makes all the difference. RECIPE HERE

Christmas Punch

Nothing exciting about the name but the drink more than compensates. Not too sweet, it’s a surprising drink made of cranberries, almond extract, ginger ale, and pineapple juice. RECIPE HERE

Blood Orange Sangria

Perk up the holiday season with this fun drink that will surely wake up flagging spirits! A pitcher-full of this refreshing drink can imbibe a festive air to all and everyone. RECIPE HERE

Eggnog Punch

The great thing about eggnog drinks is its versatility. You can either make it boozy or the traditional way. The addition of vanilla ice cream and frozen whipped topping are just for starters. RECIPE HERE

Jingle Juice Holiday Punch

This punch drink is aptly named and ready to delight everyone during the holidays. Christmas is the right time to gather round family and friends and drink Jingle Juice to celebrate the season. RECIPE HERE

Holiday Spiced Wine

Serving spiced wine portents the coming of the Christmas season. Christmas is all about celebrating and this spicy drink ensures a celebration like no other. RECIPE HERE

Pomegranate and Orange Champagne Punch

Fruity and festive, the addition of bubbly sparkle and ice cubes wake up the holiday spirit to everyone. The pomegranates and citrus added to the drink evoke bygone happy memories that can be brought back again and again with every sip. RECIPE HERE

Grandma’s Christmas Punch

Grandmas always spoil us with goodies and this punch do too! Making huge batches of this great-tasting drink complements all the festive food being served. RECIPE HERE

Crimson Christmas Punch

Match the festive red color of Christmas with this delicious and foamy sherbet punch drink. It’s non-alcoholic, sweet, and really good! RECIPE HERE

Christmas Punch

Make the holiday season sparkle like no other with this Christmas punch drink. Make a bowlful and watch everyone enjoy. RECIPE HERE

Gingerbread Martini

Perfectly created for the holidays, the Gingerbread Martini will always be a crowd pleaser. You’ll never go wrong by combining Vanilla Vodka, ginger cookies, and ginger syrup in this fun and exciting drink. RECIPE HERE

White Christmas Punch

Celebrate a White Christmas with this punch that is all creamy and sweet. The snowy Christmas weather is seen and experienced with every glassful of this super white punch drink. RECIPE HERE

Easy Christmas Punch

A party punch during the holidays should be delicious, refreshing, and easy to make. The Easy Christmas Punch is simple to make to enable you to enjoy the party along with your loved ones. RECIPE HERE

Christmas Morning Punch

Christmas Morning Punch is the perfect drink to serve for the morning after Christmas Eve and every morning thereafter. It’s easy to mix minus fuss and bustle and throwing in ginger ale before serving is the best part. RECIPE HERE

Champagne Christmas Punch Recipe

Yes, Champagne and punch can be mixed and be called Champagne Christmas Punch. The recipe for this drink has proven true and perfect for the holidays. RECIPE HERE

Christmas Port Recipes

Combining citrus fruits, Port wine, and cognac packs a delicious punch to this recipe. Cold Christmas evenings spent in front of a warm fire and sipping this delicious drink is a decadent way to celebrate the holidays. RECIPE HERE

Kid-approved Christmas Grinch Punch

Christmas is for the young and the young-at-heart. Celebrate fully with this Grinch-color drink that is loaded with fresh fruits and let the kids of all ages enjoy. RECIPE HERE

Holiday Sherbet Punch

Get a load of this frothy and sweet drink that is simply perfect for the holidays. Color it red with fresh cranberries and celebrate! RECIPE HERE

Sparkling Holiday Punch (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

Satisfy everyone’s punch drink preference this holiday season with Sparkling Holiday Punch. Give kids their chance to enjoy a refreshing punch drink of their own by making it non-alcoholic. RECIPE HERE

Christmas Punch-Santa Style

Get extra creative this Christmas by serving the Christmas Punch-Santa style punch drink to one and all. Santa is really coming to town all wrapped up in one delicious drink. RECIPE HERE

Mexican Christmas Punch

It’s time to say viva with this traditional punch drink concoction from Mexico. Fill the home with the fragrance of simmering sugar cane, spices, and Mexican fruit as you prepare the drink. RECIPE HERE

Christmas Punch

Punch drinks served in large bowls are time-practiced traditions handed down from generation to generation. Continuing the tradition today presents a variety of punch drink recipes that are suitable for all taste preferences. RECIPE HERE

Peppermint Eggnog Christmas Punch

It may sound weird thinking of adding peppermint to eggnog. Yet, the results have been amazing and one way to find out is to try it. RECIPE HERE

Caribbean Christmas Punch (Dark Rum)

This concoction diverts from the usual eggnog drink traditionally served during the holidays. Inspire a Caribbean Christmas feeling by serving a unique punch drink of cherry and dark rum. RECIPE HERE

Sparkling Christmas Punch

Add more to the glitter and festive air by serving this non-alcoholic drink to suit everyone’s taste buds. Delicious is the least description as your family and friends take a sip of red grape juice, fresh cranberries, cranberry juice and more. RECIPE HERE

Cranberry Holiday Punch

What’s Christmas without a special cocktail recipe? Adult guests are sure to ask for this recipe that combines Smirnoff Vodka with fruit juices and fresh fruit garnishes. RECIPE HERE

Mezcal Holiday Punch

Be daring by serving this gem of a Mezcal drink. If successful bartending for the Christmas season is what you have in mind, then this recipe is it. RECIPE HERE

Festive Pomegranate Pink Lemonade Punch

The generous topping of Champagne to this punch will definitely light up every adult guest and family member in the home. The punch is guaranteed to be light, bubbly, refreshing, and deliciously perfect for the holidays. RECIPE HERE

Poinsettia Spritz Punch

The red color of the drink complements the holiday color which makes it irresistible. It’s time to enjoy and have fun and a glass of this bubbly on hand makes the occasion even more festive. RECIPE HERE

Cranberry Thyme Spritz

Red-color drinks are what we want to serve during the holidays and this recipe will not disappoint. Not only will it look pretty as a picture on the table, the sweet taste complemented with a little vodka is out-of-this-world. RECIPE HERE

Cranberry Moscow Mules

A cocktail drink does not have to cost an arm and leg even when you use quality ingredients. This recipe enables you to go all hog on fancy vodka, cranberry juice, and ginger beer without going over the budget. RECIPE HERE

Cranberry Orange Holiday Punch

We’re all suckers for red color drinks during the holidays and this recipe is a must-make. It’s a non-alcoholic, sweet, delicious, and refreshing drink for all ages. RECIPE HERE

Candy Cane Punch

All ages will surely love this yummy and refreshing drink made of crushed candy canes, milk, peppermint ice cream, and 7UP. Setting it on the table provides an added festive air that ups the ante of the occasion. RECIPE HERE

Holiday Party Sherbet Punch

Surprise everyone in the household by serving this refreshing and delicious sherbet punch. Add more to the festive atmosphere by serving a drink that’s great for old and young alike. RECIPE HERE