Christmas turkeys can be cooked is so many different ways, these  wonderful and delicious Christmas turkey recipes are meant to inspire and give you some fresh ideas on how to go about planning your next Christmas dinner or festive season meal. Some of the photos are of whole birds with different stuffing’s, some are of turkeys that have had the bones removed and the rolled around various different stuffing’s.

There are photos of roasted turkey breasts and also casseroles and well as turkey patties. Regardless of whether you are having a white Christmas or spending the festive season in a warmer climate you are sure to find several photos that will suite both your taste and budget requirements and cooking abilities here.

Slow Roasted Christmas Turkey

This boned then rolled turkey is stuffed then covered with bacon strips before roasting. This turkey recipe will definitely make anyone’s holiday complete!  RECIPE HERE

Perfect Christmas Turkey

A traditional roast turkey complete with cranberries and roast vegetables. What makes it different from any other roasted turkey recipe? The cranberries, onions and other herbs makes it even tastier.  RECIPE HERE

Pecan-and-fig-stuffed turkey breast

If you’re not into whole turkey dishes, this sliced roast turkey with new potatoes and asparagus and topped with gravy can be your best choice. RECIPE HERE

Easy-slice Christmas dinner parcel

This succulent turkey roll is filled with seasoned stuffing and served with roasted potatoes. Each slice of this Christmas turkey will surely give delight to your family. RECIPE HERE

Latin-style Turkey

A lovely tender festive season, roast turkey garnished and ready to be sliced and eaten to celebrate the festive season. RECIPE HERE

Christmas turkey with juniper and rye stuffing

A Traditional Christmas centerpiece on many people tables this wonderful roasted turkey is accompanied with roasted potatoes. RECIPE HERE


Sliced turkey roll that is ready to eat and served with rosemary and Christmas fare. RECIPE HERE

Garlic-Herb Butter Roasted Turkey Thighs

These turkey breaths are seasoned with fresh herbs and selected spices the roasted with festive season vegetables. RECIPE HERE

Roasted Christmas Turkey

Sliced Turkey is a favorite Christmas treat for many families around the world. RECIPE HERE

Orange-Honey Glazed Roasted Turkey Breasts

Tender sliced turkey breasts and gravy served with rosemary and orange. RECIPE HERE

Mozzarella Stuffed Turkey Meatballs with Homemade Marinara Sauce

Seasoned and ground turkey either oven baked or pan fried then topped with cheese makes a great alternative to roast turkey for Christmas dinner RECIPE HERE

Succulent roast turkey breasts served with cranberries for a traditional Christmas meal RECIPE HERE


Young lean turkey breasts stuffed with fresh herbs and sliced read to serve for Christmas dinner. RECIPE HERE


Tender turkey breasts stuffed with whole carrots and turnips then sliced crosswise give this special effect to enhance the visual appeal of the meal. RECIPE HERE


This well-seasoned and freshly baked rolled turkey makes a great center piece for any Christmas table. RECIPE HERE

Spinach and ricotta stuffed turkey breast with garlic herb sauce

This mouth-watering dish is made of boned and rolled whole turkey that is stuffed with spinach for Christmas dinner. This will definitely make your mouth water just looking at it. I wonder how savory it smell.  RECIPE HERE

Stuffed Turkey Roll

This savory stuffed boned and rolled whole turkey is served with fresh rosemary leaves. No need to roast a whole turkey just to have a turkey dish. All you need is turkey breast, stuff it with herbs, roll and roast. RECIPE HERE

Slow Cooked Turkey Leg with Honey Glaze & Garlic

This dish of pulled turkey is always tender and tasty and a great way to enjoy your Christmas meal. RECIPE HERE

Maple-Glazed Turkey with Bacon and Sage Butter

Wrapping your Christmas turkey in bacon leaves before roasting ensures it comes out moist and tender and serving it with cranberries add to the flavor. RECIPE HERE

Super Juicy No Brine Roast Turkey

A delightful roast turkey complete with seasonal roast vegetables and fresh herbs make an inviting Christmas Dinner for the whole family. RECIPE HERE


This turkey stew makes a tasty change from roasted turkey on Christmas day. Turn your leftover Christmas turkey and cook them together with other ingredients. This is best for Christmas lunch or dinner. RECIPE HERE


Delicious sliced baked turkey makes a healthy Christmas Dinner. With just a few herbs and spices, this Christmas turkey will surely satisfy your taste buds.  RECIPE HERE

Herb Crusted Turkey Roast

Boned and rolled whole turkey served with fresh grapes for Christmas dinner. This recipe calls for one, but you can make more if you’re gonna share with the others. RECIPE HERE

Apple, Pecan & Brie Stuffed Turkey Breast

This succulent pan fried turkey breast is cooked to perfection and ready for Christmas lunch. This Christmas turkey recipe looks simply divine and delightful. RECIPE HERE


Leftover roasted Christmas turkey and roast vegetables make a great filling for sandwiches the next day. This is a perfect way to re-cook your Christmas turkey and turn it into something new ye as tasty dish. RECIPE HERE

Teriyaki Turkey Wings

These succulent hot and spicy turkey wings make a great appetizer for Christmas. An incredible alternative if you don’t want a whole turkey dish.  RECIPE HERE

Slow-cooker Turkey Breast

A succulent turkey breast casserole cooked with vegetables and rosemary. RECIPE HERE

Slow Cooker Honey Turkey Thighs

A large bowl of freshly sliced roast turkey to tempt all those having a traditional Christmas Dinner. Since it will be cooked in a slower-cooker, preparing a yummy Christmas turkey won’t be soc much of a hassle anymore! RECIPE HERE

Ground Turkey Italian Sloppy Joes

A great alternative to the traditional Christmas dinner is turkey burgers. Who says you just roast a turkey for Christmas? This kind of turkey recipe is perfect for Christmas party, get-together and snack. RECIPE HERE

Turkey and chorizo stew with chickpeas

This delightful casserole made with turkey, chickpeas and tomatoes is a great dish for Christmas day. Loaded with chickpeas and chorizo, this will definitely make your christmas a scrumptious one! RECIPE HERE