Of all the things we love about Christmas – the home décors, dinner parties, gifts and carol- baking cookies of different flavors, textures, sizes, and shapes has a special place in our heart don’t you agree? Having asked, which cookie are you baking this holiday season? Classic chocolate chip, pudding bars, brownies or some unusual combinations in your mind already?

Too many questions, huh? Well, whether you have the answers or not, here’s the best 30 cookie ideas you can bake around every day of the month. Ready to spread holiday cheer with sugar, spices, and butter? Read on…

Gingerbread Snowmen Sticks

Soft and chewy gingerbread cookies are holiday staples! Wouldn’t this Ginger and spice flavoured snowmen stick warms the guests and kids up? Try it yourself this Christmas season.  RECIPES HERE

Edible Tree Stacks

Indulge in a sugary Christmas tree cookie decorated with round ornament sprinkles. Topped with a frosty star and you’ve got yourself an edible festive Christmas tree. And yes, it makes for one adorable holiday gift. RECIPES HERE

Bite-size Marshmallow and Hot Cocoa Cookie Cups

Decorate each marshmallow with chocolate icing, candy canes, some sparkles and place it atop the cookies. Hard to resist mini cookie cups are ready to spruce up the festive mood.  RECIPES HERE

Everlasting Mickey and Minnie Love Cookies

If you have already fallen for the everlasting love story of Mickey and Minnie, you’ll love this OREO based cookie version. Get creative with some OREO cookies, tiny sparkles, candy melts, frosting, and candy bows! RECIPES HERE

White Chocolate Peppermint Pudding Cookies

Add a minty flavour to your plate with these peppermint and white chocolate pudding cookies. Stack few cookies in a plastic bag and tie with a decorative ribbon – festive hostess gift at your disposal! RECIPES HERE

Nutella Cookies

Did you think the Nutella-love is vanishing? Nope. Just four ingredients – Nutella, flour, chopped hazelnuts, and egg – to bake that yummy, yummy soft and gooey Nutella-hazelnut cookie. RECIPES HERE

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Maybe brownies and chocolate cookies aren’t your things. Maybe you want that sweet and savoury cinnamon flavour. We got you covered with this cinnamon roll cookies pampered with icing. Enjoy it with family! RECIPES HERE

Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies

We’ve (and will be) always drawn to that red velvet cakes on the cake shops, so why not give a twist and make some red velvet cookies? Trust us, your kiddos and guests will go gaga over these chocolate filled cookies. RECIPES HERE

Christmas Shortbread Cookies

Going homemade this holiday season? Here’s a soft and tasty treat you can make with just three ingredients. These tiny trees will look beautiful on the dessert table and work well as a holiday gift. RECIPES HERE

Santa’s Favorite Cookies

If you love pudding cookies and vanilla flavour, these cookies are just for you. They are simple to make, tasty, and sure to impress the dear and near ones. And did we forget to tell you that they are ideal for cookie exchange. RECIPES HERE

Dark Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookies

Skip the same old way of basic Sugar cookies. Let’s dress them up by adding a touch of dark chocolate and toppings such as Pecans, Sprinkles, or Candy Canes. Plus, they’re a real boon for your busy holiday schedule as baking them is a cake walk.  RECIPES HERE

Buttery shortbread bites

Shortbread is loved by all hence an ideal option for cookie swaps. These floral shaped buttery delights are easy to make, and cute as well. If you aren’t using sprinkles cover them with sugary icing. RECIPES HERE

Red Velvet Christmas Cookies

Nothing is as pleasing as red velvet. And in cookie form? That’s Heaven, literally!  These scrumptious red velvet cookies with sprinkles are ideal as gifts and simple desserts. RECIPES HERE

Soft Sugar Cookies

Unlike the traditional sugar cookies, these fluffy delights are not too sweet thanks to dough that’s packed with almond extract which harmonizes the flavours. Decorate with some nonpareils. RECIPES HERE

The Grinch Cake Mix Cookies

Few ingredients + little handiworks = the yummy tummy-filling Grinch cake cookies. These soft and dewy treats will melt in your mouth, with a flavourful combination of sugar, butter, vanilla, and red hot candies. RECIPES HERE

Festive Shortbread Bites

Attention shortbread lovers! This classic never fails to impress shortbread cookies are made simply with butter, icing sugar, flour, vanilla, and decorated with cheerful red, green and white sprinkles. RECIPES HERE

Spritz Cookies

Decorate or eat? Confusing huh? Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – that’s how we like our spritz cookies.  This recipe uses all purpose flour, vanilla extract, egg yolk, whole milk, unsalted butter, and powdered sugar.  RECIPES HERE

Holiday Shortbread Elf Bites

Wanna feel heaven in your mouth? Try your hands at these tiny shortbread treats. Add them to your cookie line-up and enjoy the holiday parties.  RECIPES HERE

Christmas Light sprinkles

The simplest Christmas treat to make this year! Thick, chewy, and yum – these Christmas sprinkle cookies are easy to make and easier to convince your palette. RECIPES HERE

Swirled Mint Cookies

To make these cookies, you won’t need much beyond all-purpose flour, baking powder, salted butter, granulated white sugar, egg, vanilla extract, and peppermint extract that are already there in your kitchen shelves.  RECIPES HERE

Chocolate drizzled Sugar Cookie Sticks

It doesn’t get more Christmassy than this: These adorable slightly crispy chocolate drizzled sugar cookie sticks are the perfect dessert for dipping. Are they on your wish list already?  RECIPES HERE

White Chocolate-Cranberry Cookies

Cranberry and white chocolate add the perfect amount of freshness and fruity flavour to these sugar cookies.  Don’t even think about hosting a party without a batch of this super soft buttery cookies. RECIPES HERE

Chocolate Frosted Christmas Cookies

It’s time to upgrade your favourite hot drink. Yes, we’re talking about hot chocolate in cookie form! So ridiculously easy and guaranteed to melt your heart! And yes, it is eggless – be happy egg haters! RECIPES HERE

Candy Cane Cookies

Christmas without Candy Canes? Ah, not happening! Twist two colours cookie dough, bake them, and sprinkle the sugar and peppermint candy mixture on top. He Christmas candy canes are ready to be enjoyed or exchanged. RECIPES HERE

Peppermint Flavored Crinkled chocolate cookies

Who doesn’t like the chocolaty crinkled treats? We’re confident that these crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside treats will remind you of chewy chocolate brownies. Hershey’s Kisses on top of the cookie is seductive, right? RECIPES HERE

Hot Cocoa Cookies

Ask yourself: Would you rather drink hot cocoa or chew them? As their chocolaty aromas perk up your olfactory system, these chocolate bombs will foster pleasant memories for years to come. RECIPES HERE

Christmas Tree Peanut Butter Blossoms

Transform the normal peanut butter cookie into a unique holiday dessert by swirling the green frosting up and around the Hershey Kiss. Complete the look with the help of some holiday sprinkles. RECIPES HERE

Chocolate and Maraschino Cherry Shortbread Cookies

Is there anything better than Shortbread cookies? Mix the cookie dough with cherries, white and dark chocolate to create these cookie exchange favorites. If you can’t get enough of chocolates, drizzle some dark chocolate syrup or simply dip the cookies partially or completely. RECIPES HERE

Snowman sugar cookies

White chocolate dipped cookies, Chocolate dipped sesame seeds or chocolate chips, candy corn or soft candy, and corn syrup. That’s all folks. By the way, did we forget to say there’s no baking involved? RECIPES HERE

Festive Peppermint Buttercream cookies

Triple the Christmas cheer by topping these peppermint buttercream cookies with festive sprinkles. Line a box with tissue paper and add chocolate and vanilla flavoured cookies. Perfect present, isn’t it? RECIPES HERE