As Christmas approaches, many would be busy bustling around the kitchen and preparing for the much awaited Christmas dinner. Kick start up your dinner with some yummy appetizers for the tummy. It does not need to be elaborate and too sophisticated—reserve the effort for the main course and the desserts! Instead, try these easy to make holiday appetizers recipes for Christmas which will save you time and effort but will not leave you shorthanded with taste and delight.


Easy Holiday Appetizers


Tortellini Caprese Bites – Prepare your skewers and skew up some tortellini and tomatoes for a yummy Italian treat! This is perfect for parties as anyone will just have to grab.


Baked Brie Bites – Start up the dinner conversation with these cute, little baked pastry dish with cheese, cranberry preserves and pistachios. The pastry cups can be bought in grocery stores, and you can experiment with other fillings too!


Roasted Lemon Dip – Tickle your party guests’ taste buds with some roast root vegetable chips with a zesty, creamy lemon dip on the side. Their taste buds will be in condition for something tastier and they will still have room for the main course!


Creamy Mushroom Phyllo Triangles – You can store these triangles ahead of time and just thaw and bake them in time for your party. It also makes a good preparation for those surprise Christmas guests!

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Holiday Party Appetizers Recipes


Mushroom Scallop Skewers – This appetizer is three good things stuck in the end of a toothpick: scallops, mushrooms and bacon. Yes, all in one package. Oh, did we mention that it also has an orange-y flavor? Like, ORANGE-your mouth watering right now?


Sweet Potato Casserole Bites – Bake some sweet potato puffs. Caramelize some onions. Resist munching the marshmallows. Skew in order: marshmallow, onion and potato puff. Serve and enjoy.


Saucy Asian Meatballs – Serve these oozing meatballs in your Christmas party. The hoisin and oyster sauces give the sweet and savory flavor to the tender ground beef. This appetizer defines lip-smacking goodness!


Mozarella Balls with Tomatoes and Basil – Got some spare cheese, tomatoes and greens after you’re done with your pasta? Stick them up and serve this simple appetizer that your party guests will surely crave for more!

Healthy Holiday Appetizers Recipes


Tomatoes with Lemon Dill Dip – Get the freshest mini tomatoes in the market while you still can! This zesty tomato appetizer is really easy to make. It’s fresh and guess what, tomatoes are rich in lycopene. In case you haven’t heard yet, lycopene is good for the heart—so this is the perfect dish to serve those who holds your heart!


Cheesy Onion and Tomato Puffs – Make these easy puffs for your Christmas dinner. It’s perfect for the health conscious as these are baked, not fried. Prepare the puff pastries and top with cheese and caramelized onions and tomatoes. Bake for a minute or until the cheese melts.


Spicy Cream Cheese Roll-ups – Perk up the Christmas dinner with these cheese roll-ups with a kick. Roll some cheese with green onions and red peppers (the Season’s colors, you know) in tortillas. Cut into small pieces and you’re spicy appetizers are good to go!

Quick Holiday Appetizers Recipes


Muffuletta Deviled Eggs – The classic favorite, the appetizer that never goes wrong. Why not? It’s very simple to make and tasty! This recipe uses the flavors of olives and the meatiness of salami. Deviled eggs are the appetizers of all appetizers.


Olive Pepperoni Kebabs – These kebabs are really fun to look at. They also don’t need cooking, so you can save time. All you need is stick some cheese, pepperoni, olives and rosemary and you have a tasty appetizer for your party.


Roasted Grape Flatbread with Rosemary – If the name confuses you much, this appetizer stars roasted grapes. Yes, roasted grapes. How do you do this simple recipe? Simply toss the grapes in a bowl, then add some olive oil and seasoning. Make a dough for your flatbread and roll it out into a rectangle. Spread cheese and add the grapes. Pop them into your oven and after 15 minutes you have one delectable appetizer.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to slice it into pieces!

Fun Holiday Appetizers Recipes


Pita tree Appetizers – Wow, these pita pieces sure look attractive! Spread guacamole and sour cream on triangle pita pieces then sprinkle with tiny bits of red bell pepper. Stick a little piece of pretzel to your Christmas tree then bake for a few minutes.


Mini Party Quiches – Awww… don’t these little quiches look cute? A dozen just takes 30 minutes to prepare. What’s more, you can have fun and try different fillings for these cute little baskets of tastiness!


Cheese, Pepper and Grape Tomato Kebab – You don’t need to waste much time on complicated recipes for your appetizers—here’s a very simple one for you! The ingredients are easy to find and you just need to find some sticks and you have a bright-colored dish you can serve your guests. The colors of this appetizer say “It’s Christmas! Have fun and eat me!”


Cheese with Pecorino and Honey Dip – Here’s one easy appetizer for your Christmas party. Buy and slice your favorite cheese and serve them alongside this sweet and flavorful dip. It’s also healthy and all natural.

Christmas Holiday Appetizers


Tuna-Apple Mini Melts – Make some of these healthy appetizers for the holidays. You just have to whip up the tuna filling and fill in phyllo shells that you can buy in stores. You’ll have a fruity appetizer to enjoy plus, you’ll reap the healthy goodness of the tuna and the fruits.


Barbecue Pasties – Want the kick and sweetness of BBQ flavor? Bake this goodness delight to serve your guests. Roll up some dough and toss ground beef with some barbeque flavoring. Bake then serve.


Cheesy Tree – Want do something cheesy for your guests…literally? Why don’t you try this cheesy treat on a stick. It’s just a triangular slice of cheese with some herbs for garnish. Creative + cheesy in one package.


Baby Baked Fingerling Potatoes – This little one is made of baked potatoes and has sour cream and bacon. For sure, this yummy appetizer will make your guests want to take some home!

Quick and Easy Holiday Appetizers


Antipasti de Salumi – This appetizer does not need any cooking or such. You just have to arrange the ingredients attractively on the plate. What will be put to test are your garnishing skills…and your resistance to yummy food.


Prunes Wrapped in Bacon – Try this delicious fruit wrapped in bacon. It’s very simple and easy to make. You can also try other fruits to wrap in bacon. After all, no one goes wrong with bacon.


Popcorn Balls – Are you going to celebrate Christmas with a movie night? Movie night or not, this is a great appetizer for you. Melt some marshmallows in a pan and pour over popcorn and raisins, then roll into balls.


Bacon-wrapped Dates – Another dish to prove that no one goes wrong with bacon. Stuff those dates with almonds then wrap them with bacon. It’s an easy to prepare dish for that Christmas party!

Festive Holiday Appetizers


Holiday Baked Cranberry Cups – Prepare your phyllo cups and brie cheese and whip up some cranberries and walnut. Put a spoonful of cranberry-walnut combination to each cheese-filled cups and serve in a nice plate. You can also add a bit of orange juice for some added kick. Sweet and zesty in one bite!


Pomegranate Arancini with Goat Cheese Fonduta – Though made of rice, this appetizer is not heavy on the tummy. It may be addictive because of the cheese and the wine incorporated in the recipe. Your guests will find their selves going back to the table for more.


Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes – Who does not love mashed potatoes…and who wouldn’t want them for appetizers? Boil your potatoes and roll them into patties. Serve with sour cream and some bacon bits.


Smoked Salmon, Crème Fraîche, and Caviar Potato Skins Recipe – Well, well, well. This food’s name sounds like something off the menu of a 5-star restaurant. If you’re looking for some elegant appetizer to impress your guests, here’s the right one for you. And if you’re wondering where you can use the scooped potato flesh from this recipe, there’s recipe #29 for you.