Find our list of favorite christian Christmas songs and carols. Here, we collected and compiled some of the best and all-time favorite religious and christian Christmas songs for church, chorales and hymns. We also include some contemporary Christmas songs and christmas worship songs. Hope you enjoy them.

We’ve always honored Christmas by singing Christmas songs and hymns, which reminds us of this perfect miracle of love. There’s no hiding the excitement and longing felt when Christmas comes around! It’s the one season we wait for all year. Family, friends, gifts and bright lights are only but a few things that makes Christmas so special. Amidst all these, do we stop to think about the true meaning of Christmas? It’s the celebration of the birth of Christ our Savior, who had the choice to come in all glory, but chose the humble form of an infant. Born in a manger, wrapped in swaddling clothes, devoid of luxury or wealth, with hay as his bed and animals for companions.

Top 10 Best Christian Christmas Songs of All Time

There are so many christian christmas songs and carols to mention but to me, these are the best ones. We hope that you enjoy this list. We also have a list of Christmas carols with lyrics that you might enjoy.

1. Come all Ye faithful – Casting Crowns 2008

This has a fresh and modern take on this one of the most popular Christian Christmas songs, prompting our hearts to sing “O come let us adore him!” He is the king of heaven and of earth.

2. Christmas Offerings – Casting Crowns 2008

This original Christian christmas song by casting crowns, touches our hearts by reminding us of the honor and gratitude we owe to Christ, by giving ourselves as offerings to Him, being the first to offer Himself to us.

3. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, Charles Wesley (1739)

Composed over two centuries ago, this hymn can be said to be one of the christian Christmas songs. There’s a reason why its endearing words will always warm our hearts, and be a part of our Christmas. The angels acknowledging the baby king must have been a sight worth remembering.

4. What child is this – Johnny Mathis 1958

A christmas song whose soulful words fill our hearts with a deep appreciation of the truth that, while we celebrate Christmas, we are reminded also, it was only the beginning of a child, who from birth was born to die for all.

5. I heard the bells on Christmas – casting crowns 2008

There’s nothing on earth we wish more than peace and this beautiful prayer to the world, by casting crowns truly captures the heart. This is one of the most wonderful Christmas worship songs to include in your playlist.

6. Mary did you know – mark Lowry 2004

This Christmas christian song is an alluring masterpiece loved by many, with a unique perspective of the honor and responsibility carried so gracefully by the one chosen to birth the world’s savior.

7. Away In a Manger – St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir

For those who truly appreciate the beauty of acapella, will consider this a fine execution of this christian christmas carol.

8.  O come let us adore him – Hillsong worship 2011

Hillsong brings an unconventional spin on the beloved carol, along with a brilliant application of drums and instruments without losing its original substance.

Christmas worship song

9. Born in Bethlehem – Third day 2006

This Christmas worship song piece by third day, brings to Christmas a more upbeat touch to the Christmas spirit.

10. The First Noel

This timeless Christmas carol, relays the events surrounding our savior’s birth in verses that will forever be a part of Christmas.

Christian Christmas Songs with Youtube Videos

We have compiled the most popular christian christmas songs from Youtube that you might enjoy and include in your Christmas playlist. Here are they:

11. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Sam Smith 2014

Another remake of a heartwarming classic, Sam Smith’s version garner’s a powerful emotion, which makes it feel like a Christmas love song for a loved one.

12. We wish you a merry Christmas – Celtic Woman 2012

Yet another christian Christmas song, there’s no denying its inherence to Christmas and why we hold this song so dear. This version gives a more classical rendition of this Christmas favorite.

13. The Christmas Shoes – Newsong 2000

This Christian christmas song tells a moving and beautiful story of a son’s love for his mother and how much a small gesture can come a long way in changing a life.

14. How many Kings – Downhere 2008

This song may be about the three wise men that visited the baby Jesus, but tells more of the unconditional love of a Savior willing to die for all.s

15. Josephs Lullaby – Mercyme – 2005

Here’s one of the best religious Christmas songs for this holiday. Another unique perspective on how Joseph must have felt. A father wanting so much to protect the child on whose little shoulder rests the salvation of the world.

16.While You Were Sleeping – Casting Crowns 2005

A reminder to the world, of the king rejected by his home town and still being rejected by the world today.

17. Winter Snow – Chris Tomlin 2015

This especial duet, sang with Audrey Assad, renders the heart a quiet reminisce of Christ’s humility.

18. Hope was Born this Night – Sidewalk Prophets 2013

Christ was the gift of hope given to the world and this in itself, is a reason to rejoice!

19. All is well – Michael Smith

A beautiful duet with Carrie Underwood. All is truly well thanks to the promise of hope,

20. Light of the World – Lauren Daigle 2016

Christmas songs don’t always have to be one of the old classics and this contemporary piece by Lauren Daigle is a perfect example.

Contemporary Christmas Songs for Church

21. Glory to the Highest – Chris Tomlin 2006

Chris Tomlin is one of the renowned artists of Christian music and this epic song dedicated to Christmas is one of the reasons is songs touch many hearts. Glory to God indeed!.

22. Adore Him (Kari Jobe)

More evident of the wide spread love for this song, Kari Jobe skillfully and passionately delivers a compelling version of “O come all yea faithful”

23. White Christmas – Michael Buble’ – 2003

This unique remake of the old Christmas classic “white Christmas” although not with the Christian message, depicts how much love we yearn to receive and share, which is part of the Christmas magic.

24. The Christmas song – Whitney Houston 2003

Whitney may be gone; but her iconic voice has gifted us many legendary and unforgettable songs and this Christmas special is no exception.

25. O Little Town of Bethlehem – Nat “King” Cole

A throw back from the 60’s, Nat King Cole will bring to some a feeling of nostalgia and to those of the newer generations a lesson or two on Christmas in vocal jazz.

26. The Holly and the Ivy – Annie Lennox

This, from Annie Lennox’s 2010 album “A Christmas cornucopia” does perfect justice in presenting a noteworthy execution of the British folk Christmas carol.

27. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear – Norah Jones

Nora Jones’ breathy and husky signature voice, coupled with her brilliant style of jazz and soul, offers an unexpected spin of this Christmas special that will leave you spell bound.

28. Mary’s Boy Child – Harry Belafonte

This surely brings to life childhood memories of Christmas and Harry Belafonte guide us wonderfully through that journey.

29. O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Casting Crowns

The violin that leads this song’s solo along with the complementing instruments, provides an appealing melody that captures the heart in ways words couldn’t.

30. Joy to the World, Isaac Watts (1719)

There is truly no shortage of ageless carols we hold dear to our hearts, and Joy to the world is one of such, telling us again of the joy that is Christmas.

31. Silent Night, Father Joseph Mohr & Franz Xaver Gruber (1818)

The perfect nightwhen Christ was born, cradled in the arms of his mother, sleeping softly as the whole world acknowledges its king.

32. The Heart of Christmas- Matthew West

Bearing the same name as the album; it’s no surprise that this Christian rock composition by Mathew west garnered critical acclaim, in the year of its release. Its words encourages us to remember what matters most at Christmas-love.

33.  It Came Upon the Midnight Clear, Edmund Hamilton Sears (1849)

Who knew, this simple hymn written by a Unitarian pastor, as a request from a friend, in a small town in Massachusetts, would become one of the world’s beloved carols.

34. The Little Drummer Boy, Harry Simone Chorale

There’s no telling how the different versions of this work of art, from the unique vocals of Pentatonix to the much simpler versions staying true to its original. Sometimes we just have to go back to the roots, to really appreciate its evolution.

Christian Christmas Songs With Lyrics Videos

35. The Night Before Christmas -Brandon Heath

Everything about this contemporary piece from Heath’s popular album “Christmas is here” does not only lift the Christmas spirit but also presents a different style to Christmas songs without losing its true message.

36. Ave Maria – David Archuleta

This ageless Opus originally composed by Schubert, may be song in words we barely understand, but listening to Archuleta’s stentorian command of his vocals may very well transport you to a Christmas themed opera.

37. O Holy Night – Tevin Campbell

There are various versions of this Christmas sensation, Tevin’s just like many others will make us realize why we could never tire of it. It’s truly one of a kind.

38. Joy To The World – David Crowder

We may have seen this on this list earlier, but there’s a reason for this, David’s Christian rock take on Joy to the world, with its drums and youthful appeal, is one word-Phenomenal.

39. Here Is Our King – David Crowder

Another christian rock and bluegrass style of Christmas song by David Crowder, this song will surely sit well for the younger generations, who may find the classics a bit on the boring side.

40. Go Tell It On The Mountain -David Crowder

Need I say more? It’s David Crowder! This surprisingly is a much mellow version of this children’s favorite, bringing a more sophisticated feel in soft rock.

41. Ring The Bells -Travis Cottrell

The third duet on here, featuring Faith Hill. This song reels you in from the beginning and keeps you awestruck until its unexpected end. I’ll bet you’ll keep hitting repeat. Exceptional is only one way to describe this fine piece.

42. Christ Is Come – Big Daddy Weave

Moving farther from more traditional to the more unconventional, this is a Christmas song for today. Big Daddy weave depicts passionately the beauty of the birth of Christ.

Christian Christmas Songs 2017

43. Hallelujah – Hillsong Church

This world famous worship band has, without any doubt brought us countless exceptional songs. This song, compelling us to hold unto Christ the Son of God and king of glory, is just as exceptional.

44. We Adore You – Paul Baloche

A very fine number by Baloche, imploring all to adore Emmanuel our hope.

45. Angels From The Realms Of Glory -Steven Curtis Chapman

Originally composed by James Montgomery, Steven Curtis’s may be a tard faster but not in a bad way, it brings a fun tone to the classic.

46. This Christmas – Chris Brown

It’s definitely lovely to see Chris’s version of a Christmas song and expected it surely doesn’t disappoint. A Christmas song for that special person.

47. Ding Dong Merrily On High – The Chieftains and the renaissance singers.

Want to hear a quintessential Irish rendition of Ding Dong Merrily on High? Complete with bagpipes or more accurately Uilleann pipes, tin whistle, flutes, bodhran and perfect vocals! This would make you imagine Christmas in a fairyland. It’s definitely like nothing you’ve ever heard.

48. Sweet Little Jesus Boy – Andy Williams

A gold certified singer with 44 albums to his name, definitely a gem of his time. Pure, sonorous and astonishing are only but a few words to describe William’s exhibition of a powerful command of his vocal prowess in singing this epic solo. Somethings are never too old, they are simply perpetual.

49. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen

The final traditional carol on this list, not saving the best for last, because somethings are just collectively invaluable. God rest ye gentlemen is a joyous hymn that reminds us as many just like it, of the good tidings of this wonderful season. One of the oldest of carols, dated back to the 16th century, it’s no wonder it has lasted this long and also why we know it will never fade out.

50. Light Of The World -Chris Tomlin

Wrapping this up with Chris Tomlin’s light of the world, telling us that Jesus was God made flesh, who came to a world of darkness to give it His light. He is the light of the world, the reason for the season, the hope we cling to, the source of our joy, Love’s incarnate and the reason for Christmas!!!

I hope this list of Christian christmas songs and christian christmas hymns, makes your Christmas celebration as perfect as it could be. If you would like to suggest some christian christmas songs 2017, feel free to comment below. There’s nothing I can say but to wish you a very merry Christmas.