Best Short Christmas Stories

Bringing along with it a lot of fun and frolic, happiness and enjoyment, Christmas is on its way to enter the year. Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year as it involves a lot of gatherings with family and friends, cherishable moments and celebration touches.

At the time of Christmas our houses are usually flocked with guests, families, friends and other people who tend to wish you the feast. In these moments of togetherness, families and friends tend to share a lot of memories related to this day of the previous years. A lot of gifts are exchanged and many memories are relived in the span of that celebration which makes the festival even more special.

Another memory which comes in the mind when you think of Christmas is the sharing and reading out of stories while sitting together in the living area or at night in the bedroom. Those tiny bedroom, x-mas stories made a great impact on all of us when we were little. All of you might be looking forward to listen to those stories from an elderly person at the time of Christmas too. Your moms, grandmoms, uncles and aunts used to mug up all sorts of Christmas stories to make the eve even more special.

Compiled here are five stories which are close to every child’s heart and they might have hear it from the elders in their houses at the time of X-mas for sure.

Best Short Christmas Stories

  1. The gift of the Magi

The magi, were wonderfully gifted wise men who used to bring gifts for the newly born Christ child to celebrate His birth in a grand way along with their loads of blessings. They were the first people who were allowed to present gifts to the blessed Child. As they were exceptionally wise, their gifts were doubtlessly wise as well. Written by O. Henry, this is a exceptionally great story to be told on Christmas which will keep you interested till the end.


Christmas Short Story

Like the Magi, there were two other people who lived in a flat and wanted to bring each other a Christmas gift. Their names were Jim and Della. They could not collect enough funds to present each other Christmas gifts. So, they decided to add to the fund by selling of a thing which was dear to them Jim sold her watch while Della got her hair cut off and sold her. Now they had enough funds to give each other the gift they always wanted to. Jim and Della both met at their flat and had brought with them the gifts they had purchased for each other. When Jim saw Della, he was taken aback due to the cut hair. However, Della was fine with it and asked Jim if he still loved her without her original hair. Jim was okay with the haircut but the gift he had bought was not. Jim had bought a comb for her Della which was now of no use to Della. He was disappointed. Next was the turn of Della, Della had sold her hair to bring him a dandy for his watch. He had been looking for it all over the town and now it was his, but, his watch that might have adorned the dull metal was now gone.

  1. The Fir Tree

The Fir Tree is a story about a Christmas Tree who wants to grow up and is focussed a lot on the future. The tree forgets to enjoy the present. Here is a short story which will teach you and your kids a lot. There was a young tree in a very enchanted forest. The tree was very tiny and had not grown much and it was flourishing and blooming. However, the tree was quite unhappy. The reason which made the tree unhappy was that all the companions of the tree were tall and all grown up. The tree wanted to be tall and grown like his other companions and did not want to stay in the stage he was now. The birds, the hare, the sun beam, the flowers and the fruits, all of them as ked the tree to be happy in the situation he was, for he had a long way to getting old. They asked him to enjoy the age and moment he is in, for these moments were not going to return. But the tree was persistent on growing fast and not being in the same situation he is. One day he saw the taller trees being cut down and taken somewhere by the woodcutters. The fir tree asked the passing sparrows where the trees being taken. The sparrows replied that the taller trees were being taken to the sea. The fir tree asked the sparrows how the sea looked and what it was. The sparrows could not answer that. This created more curiosity in the fir tree to grow tall so that he could also be taken in the sea in a ship.


Christmas Short Story

A few days later, when the tree had grown a little taller, the woodcutters came and cut very young trees of the forest. The fir tree again was disappointed as now he could not be taken by the woodcutters because he had grown tall. He was still not satisfied with his present status. He asked the rain pouring by as to where the trees were being taken by the woodcutters. The rain told the fir tree that when they were pouring in the city, they had seen that these trees were being put up in a warm room and set up with the prettiest decorations. Everyone who saw them, appreciated them. The fir tree also wanted to be one the trees that was decorated with all sorts of pretty items and place in a warm place and receive all the compliments.

A few days later, the fate of the tree had come. The tree who had not enjoyed a single moment in his present feared the future instead of waiting for it. The woodcutters had come to cut the tall trees for Christmas decoration. The trees had to be cut down from the roots and taken through the sea to the warm houses, which the fir tree had been waiting for. The fir tree was scared about how he will be cut now as now he had grown up to be a tall tree that he always wanted. The fir tree no more wanted to go to the seas and be a part of the warm houses.

Only if he had enjoyed the moments of his youth in the forest with his fellow companions, the nesting birds, surrounding flowers, fruits and tiny animals, he would have not regretted how he felt now.

  1. The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift is the story about a person who has suicidal thoughts and feels that he must never have been born. He does not value the greatest gift which is Life in the world. This Christmas his wish is granted, then why this does not make him happy.

George was very disappointed with his life. The town he lived in was bustling with lights and celebrations of the Christmas Tree. However, he was so disappointed with his life that he was going to commit suicide. He was just about to jump from the railing when someone from behind called him to stop. He told him that he should think about his wife and his mother. George was surprised to encounter that the man knew his name. George then asked why he had stopped him from committing suicide. He asked for a single reason as to make him stay alive. The man told George that he was young, healthy, had his wife Mary, two kids and a job at the bank.


Christmas Short Story

However, George was not happy living in this good for nothing town, doing the same job day after day. He felt that his life was too dull and other men had more exciting lives. His job was that of only a clerk. There was nothing good about his life, city and the job. He was extremely unhappy with his current situation.

George told the man that he wished that he was never born.

The man told him that his wish had come true. Now he had no job, no life and no responsibilities. Nobody in the town knew him. He did not have a wife, any kids and not even a mother. The man told George that all his troubles to come to an end and now he could be as he wants.

The man told him that now nobody in the town would recognise him. George, however, did not believe him and walked away from there. The main tried to catch up with him, however, George had already left.

Wherever George went, people looked at him like a stranger even his own wife, kids and mother refused to recognise him. It was like he was invisible for them. The people at his office and his boss would not recognise him either. He became very anxious when he faced this. In the beginning he enjoyed being alone, however, as the time passed, he started feeling lonely and wanted to get back to his town, his job and his family.

To get to the answers of the question, he started finding the man who had told him his wish had been granted. The man was sitting at the railing where George was about to commit suicide.

George groped the man with his hand and asked what was happening. The man then revealed his true identity. He was the Almighty and it was Him who had granted his wish.

George told Him that it was a huge mistake on his behalf to not valuing the life he had been given and then he understood the true meaning of the greatest gift of all times which was Life.

George asked Him to grant him his life back and put him in the same situation in which he was before. God granted him his wish as now George had learned his lesson. George was given his life back. As soon as he got his life back, he thanked God and went straight to his family and hugged and kissed all of them. He told them that he felt that he had lost him. His family was bewildered as they were unaware of the truth and did not understand why was George saying all of this.

This story teaches us to value the gift of life we have got as there is no gift greatest than the gift of life by God.

With these stories, this Christmas, hope you have great bedtime story for you.

Merry Christmas People!

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