Evergreen trees are very popular during Christmas. Many people, especially on western countries, use evergreens as their Christmas tree. Decorated with different Christmas ornaments, this tree is also called as Yule Tree and is associated with Christmas traditions. Decorating and designing an Evergreen to make it home’s Christmas décor is one of the popular activities during this festive occasion.


Let’s take a look at this interesting story about evergreen tree. Enjoy!


The Evergreen Tree Story

The history of evergreen tress began with the story of the young bird because of her broken wings in the middle of cold forest. She tried to call someone’s advice from the trees and then they allowed the little bird to stay in their branches. However, she learned that the trees were not giving enough to her. The birch tree tried to keep his outer beauty. The oak tree might think that the bird will just keep its’ place to eat some acorns. Even willow tree does not want to communicate with strangers in the forest. So, the trees decided not to extend their support to the injured bird.


The bird tried to get some better ways to help herself. Luckily, the spruce tree humbly offers its’ braches to keep the bird against winter. Then, the juniper tree provides some berries to eat. The bird was extremely pleased at that day and decided to stay on there for her to recover from injury.


On the other hand, the Frost King saw the kindness of the said trees. So, he instructed the North Wind not to use any leaves from their trees. While, the North Wind decided to stay off the gloss of the leaves from the willow, oak and birch tree. Because of the humbleness of the spruce, pine and juniper tree, however, the environmental impact of their leaves granted for each of them. This is the story on how evergreen trees emanate from them.