Christmas is one of the most holy and joyful background celebrations for the Christian community. It is an annual celebration for the birth of Christ, who is all well-known as the great savior of all people. Most of the Christmas tradition and practice has gradually existed which includes the following:


– Traditional home decorations (such as Christmas tree, lights, Santa Claus, colourful lanterns and many others)
– Famous Christmas dishes
– Outdoor activities like Christmas carol and delight
– Gift giving and friendly welcome
– Church activities


Some people have incredible folks for some occasions. Christmas is never excused from these. It is associated with a various number of different customs and belief. But few of them are still observed today for some reasons. Most of the related activities are considering as pleasurable and rotten fate for every Christmas Celebration. Below are the following:


Christmas Cakes & Pies Superstitions

Traditionally, serving a Christmas pies and cakes can attract up an excitement without any serious cooking required to take dinner on the table. It will always contain a cake, pies and other sweet delicacies. But one thing is for sure, we’re not awake enough about what are some related superstitions about Christmas cakes and pies that can lead to us, its’ either virtuous or evil fortune.


Christmas Dinner Table Superstition

A traditional Christmas Dinner is the focal point of the Christmas celebrations. It is a time to be with your family and friends and sharing the laughter and happiness together. It is suggested to have an even number of people who will win the bench with nine main dishes to maximize the space on the table. They may also need to leave at the dining table at the same as much as possible or else it brings in a bad luck.


Christmas Divinations Superstitions

Christmas season is celebrating to give people with an opportunity to take a break from everyday burdened tasks. It is celebrated with festivities such as family gatherings, parties in the streets and many others. In ancient times, most changing people do divinations to stimulate and foreseen the near future.


Christmas Greenery Superstitions

Christmas greenery decorations are widely used nowadays. It brings in the source and fertility as the same time. The traditional using of greenery into a house – whether holly, ivy, or mistletoe, served several purposes. Thus, the epitome of traditional “smart luck” tied to it which brings continues service.


Holly and Ivy Superstitions

Christian tradition creates unique remarks for Holly and Ivy. The sharp leaves symbolize the thorns of Christ’s Crown while the perennially-green leaves represent eternal life. Holly has come into different colors: white represents Jesus innocence, green for the cross of wood and black berries for the Christ death. Ivy represents the spirit and sense of the special time of the year.


Mistletoe Superstitions

In Christian religion, Mistletoe is a plant that can cure illnesses, guarantee of fertility and even protect against the spells of witchcraft. They say that receiving a kiss under the mistletoe will get a happy and long life.


Other Christmas Beliefs

We have a lot of folk, traditions, customs and superstitions every Christmas celebration that still existing today. Caroling is one of the old traditions by going in one house to another and with different Christmas songs. Thus, give them back some food, money or a drink to avoid any unpleasant luck for the rest of the year.


Shoes Superstitions

Part our way, it is believed that it should never take our own shoes as a Christmas present if else the recipient will have the tendency to wander away from us. In Greece, the people use to wish all the old shoes during the Christmas time to avoid any unpleasant luck for the year ahead. And to prevent any unnecessary disagreement among family members, it must leave their shoes side by side every Christmas Eve.


Yule Log Superstitions

Yule log sometimes is smooth with oil, salt and wine together with prayer. Superstitions dealing the Yule log are widely and various all over the world. Most of the ancestor believes that ashes from the Yule log could keep you away from natural disasters and keep the water pure. Whatever superstitions you think on, the true meaning and the absolute truth of Christmas is within Jesus Christ.