Christmas is a time for festivities and celebrations. It is the time of the year when people get back together with their families and friends and spend time together. Homes are decorated, special dishes are cooked and there is a festive flavor all around. Among the different things that make up Christmas so very special is the Christmas tree. Every home has a Christmas tree – the size of the tree might vary from one another and so can the décor. Apart from homes, Christmas trees can be seen in churches, in shopping malls, in public places and probably to any place you go at this time of the year.

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Images of Christmas Trees Decorated

Traditional Christmas Glow

Create a warm and magical feeling on Christmas eve with this traditional-style Christmas tree. Lighting is kept neutral to create the soft glow and traditional colors of reds, greens and gold are incorporated to make this a winter Christmas hit.


Santa Decorated Christmas Tree

We all know children are staunch believers in the magic of Christmas and are excited at the prospect of Santa delivering their gifts. What better way to bring Christmas cheer into their lives than by decorating their room with this brightly-colored Christmas tree?


Miniature Christmas Tree for Kitchen

Who said Christmas trees are only for your living room? This beautiful red, white, and green Christmas tree brings cheer to the heart of the home, or any other spot in your house that needs a bit of Christmas joy. While being super fun to decorate, a smaller Christmas tree can instantly transform any room into a Christmas dream.


Grand Christmas Tree Picture

If you have the space, then this grand old Christmas tree is the perfect accompaniment to your spacious living room. Leaning towards the traditional, this tree creates a warm ambiance and reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas through its angel topper.


Flocked Christmas Tree Image

If you’re celebrating a winter Christmas you’re lucky enough to be decorating your tree in the winter wonderland theme. However, going all-white might come off a bit frosty, so throw in some rich and traditional tartan to instantly create a cozy feel while going stark white.


A little girl’s dream Christmas tree

If you’ve ever wanted to see a sense of wonderment on a little girl’s face, then decorate her room in this custom-designed pink and blue Christmas tree. Adding a few DIY touches and cutout letters will make this tree even more special. Who knew an old car tire could make such a great Christmas tree skirt?


Trendy Christmas Tree Photo

Christmas trees have been gracing our homes through the ages, so what better way to celebrate this old gentleman than by giving him a top hat topper? Sure, it’s veering off the traditional path, but everyone needs a makeover now and again! Besides, it will bring an instant chuckle from your guests and start off your Christmas celebrations with good cheer.


Cheerful Christmas Tree

This mini Christmas tree dressed up in an elaborate Santa display is sure to catch the attention of child and adult alike. It’s the perfect addition to your Christmas décor and will spread Christmas joy throughout your home.


Magical Christmas Tree Display

If you’re lucky enough to have an impressive stairway in your home, then Christmas is the perfect time to let it take center stage. Stairway railings are not only easy to decorate with your favorite Christmas décor, but really makes a striking impression. Adding a beautiful Christmas tree at the bottom of the staircase will complete the picture perfectly.


An understated Christmas Tree

If you’re not one for all the glitzy tinsel and colorful baubles, then this understated and natural Christmas tree is perfect for you. Although it’s not as extravagant as more traditional Christmas trees, it still creates a calm and serene Christmas setting.


An echo of Christmas trees

This pretty winter-themed Christmas tree is offset with a smaller version and the effects are striking. What better way to showcase a white Christmas than snowflake cutouts and wooly Christmas stockings?

Pictures of Christmas Trees Decorated Beautifully

Black and White Christmas Tree Decorations

If you’re someone who loves to express their individuality, then this interesting black and white-themed Christmas tree is perfect for you. Not only is the black and white combination something out of the ordinary but adding beautiful quotes to your tree makes it even more unique.


Medley of black and white

Another black and white-themed Christmas tree that really catches the eye. Incorporating different patterns is really striking coupled with wooden décor. The perfect, chic Christmas tree for the modern-minded family.


Pretty Christmas Tree Picture

This Christmas tree creates a soft and feminine glow to your living room. It pairs well with a shabby chic or farm-style living room and suits the woman who takes great pride in her surroundings. This Christmas tree is both stylish and pretty!

Glorious Gold and Silver Christmas Tree

This beauty of a tree incorporates the stylish gold and silver-theme. It’s a color combination that exudes glamor and style, while still creating a warm Christmas feel. Pair it with some colorful flowers and you’ve got the perfect Christmas setting.

Lovely in Red Christmas Tree

By inserting photo frames with beautifully stenciled wording and hanging it on your Christmas tree, you create a truly unique look. It just adds that special touch that’s not often seen and perfectly rounds off this red and white Christmas tree.


Christmas Tree in Living Room Image

What’s more welcoming on a cold Christmas eve than a crackling fire? Adorn your fireplace with brightly-colored Christmas stockings and place your Christmas tree close by. It creates a setting that no one will be able to resist come Christmas eve.


A White and Cozy Christmas tree

If you’re into more neutral colors then this striking, stark white Christmas tree is perfect for you. Lighting is important to bring life to this beautiful creation. Pair it with fluffy Christmas stockings, which bring texture and depth to your eye-catching Christmas setting.

Colorful Christmas Tree Photo

To bring a whole other dimension to your traditional green Christmas tree, why not pair it with different types of material? Using materials other than baubles and tinsel can instantly brighten up your tree, while adding depth that you wouldn’t otherwise have achieved.


Fun Christmas Tree Image

Gone are the days that your Christmas décor had to be done by the book. There are so many other colors that go amazingly well with Christmas. Pairing pinks and oranges might sound strange, but they create a fresh look that’s perfect for someone celebrating a summer Christmas.


White Christmas Tree Image

If you’re someone who has a quirky sense of humor and loves lightening the mood, then this Christmas décor idea is perfect for you. While you’re at it, pair your quirky words with an off-beat color combination like lime greens and blues to create the perfect alternative Christmas.


Stylish Christmas Tree

Always in style, and never outdated when it comes to Christmas festivities, this tartan-inspired Christmas tree will please your more traditional guests. Add your favorite baubles in reds and golds, together with a star topper, and you’ve created a classic Christmas scene.


Elegant yet Cute Christmas Tree

Keep it light and airy and ever so elegant with this red and silver-themed Christmas tree. To add a touch of frivolity, a teddy bear topper will do the trick!


Christmas Tree Photos Decorated

By now we know that anything goes when it comes to Christmas decorations, and overloading your tree with various interesting décor is not out of the question. Be sure to keep the big picture in mind, less it looks like you’ve just thrown your whole box of old Christmas decorations on the tree. Layer your tree with oversized bright flowers, different baubles, and interesting ornaments. End off the look with a matching tree skirt.


Candy cane-inspired Christmas Tree

You can create a lovely, cheerful look by purchasing candy cane-inspired ribbon. There’s something about the distinctive thin red and white stripes that just exudes joy. Pair it with an off-beat garland made from baubles and you’ve got a cheerful winner.


A very ‘funtastic’ Christmas

Can you imagine the little ones’ joy when they set their eyes on this creative and fun Christmas scene? Create the illusion of an elf stuck in your tree by strategically placing his legs on one side of the tree and his hat on the other side. With a smaller elf sitting on a gift and the snowman standing guard, this is the ultimate kid-friendly Christmas décor.

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Santa-themed Christmas Tree

A unique setting that’s sure to rev up the Christmas excitement. Leaving cookies out for Santa is always a good idea, and oversized Christmas stockings just adds to the anticipation. Couple it with cheerful baubles inscribed with different Christmas messages and you’ve set the tone for a very magical Christmas.


Golden cascade

If gold’s your color of choice, then this creation will satisfy all your needs. It’s such an understated look, but certainly gets everyone’s attention. Pair it with snow-tipped branches and neutral ornaments to lend depth to your golden scene.


Spectacularly red Christmas Tree

If there’s one color that signifies Christmas it’s red. This glorious red-themed tree will surely grab everyone’s attention, especially paired with elves in Santa suits and snow-tipped branches. A truly rich and warm Christmas tree theme.


Artfully decorated in red, green, and gold

This is the look for the more artsy among us. By carefully color-blocking your tree through using décor, you can create a unique and beautiful look. Not only will it show off your skills as a decorator but will be appreciated by one and all come Christmas eve.


Different kinds of Christmas Trees

Most of us think that all Christmas trees are the same andmust be decorated with various kinds of baubles and ornaments. However, there are different kinds of Christmas trees available and each has its own unique property. Bringing a fresh Christmas tree into the house and decking it up is real fun for the whole family. Read on to know about the different kinds of Christmas trees which are used commonly in homes. In fact, each tree variety might again have divisions and sub-divisions.

  • Pine Trees

When you talk of evergreen conifers, the first name that comes to the mind is that of pine trees. They are trees in the Pinus genus and are probably the most common coniferous trees found all over the world. When seen in their natural forest settings, pine trees look elegant and beautiful. There are mainly three kinds of pine trees which are commonly used for Christmas trees. They are:

  • Scotch pine

Popularly known as the scots pine, this pine tree has dark green to bluish-green needles with medium fragrance. Most importantly, the branches of this tree are strong for hanging baubles and ornaments. A popular Christmas tree option, you can use abundant decorations and light on the tree. The needles have a tendency of growing in bunches of two or in fascicles. The tree is popular for its long term needle retention, which means that lesser numbers of needles are shed and hence less cleanup.

  • White pine

This pine tree too has needles which grow in bundles or fascicles. The needles are in light bluish-green tinge and there is low fragrance of these trees. The branches are flexible and not very strong. Hence, they are not suitable for hanging large decorations and heavy ornaments. These trees are very common in the United States and can survive for almost 400 years.


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  • Virginia pine–This variety of pine is easily identifiable as the needles are in unique shape. The needles are short and twisted and come in pairs. There are very short branches in this pine tree variety, but the foliage is thick. With regular trimming the foliage grows well. This pine tree grows from small to medium size.


  • Fir trees

Belonging to the genus of evergreen coniferous trees, fir trees are highly preferred for being used as a Christmas tree. Some popular varieties of for trees which are used for Christmas include Fraser fir, noble fir and balsam fir.


  • Fraser fir–This fir tree variety comes with a pleasant scent. The branches and the needles of the tree are in yellowish-green tinge. The tree grows in a conical shape with the branches which are angled slightly in upward direction. The branches are tough and sturdy and highly suitable for hanging heavy ornaments during Christmas tree decoration. The leaves are like needles and take a spiral shape along the tree trunk.


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  • Balsam fir–It is an evergreen fir tree which is popular for its dark-green and dense leaves, which are needle-shaped and flat. The tree grows in a conical shape. There are times when the leaves of the tree have a shining silvery white appearance and this is the reason it is extensively used as a Christmas tree. Along with having a great appearance, balsam fir trees come with strong fragrance too. The branches of this fir variety are quite tough and strong and hence heavy décor items can be hung from them.


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  • Noble fir–If you note popular Christmas trees, you will find that noble fir is an important one among them. These trees have the capability of growing up to almost 230 feet. There is even spacing between the dense branches of the tree. The leaves are needle-like and curve in an upward direction. This gives a great opportunity of hanging all Christmas tree decorations easily.

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  • Grand fir–What this fir tree is like, is evident from the name of the tree itself. The main and interesting feature of this tree is that it has bi-colored needles, which come in shades of yellowish green. There is also a white stripe beneath the needle. The foliage in the tree is quite thick. Also the branches of this fir tree are quite strong, so that various kinds of heavy ornaments can be hung from them. There is also a strong fragrance that comes from the tree. Grand fir is used in many places as a Christmas tree.

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  • Concolor fir–This variety of fir is popularly known as white fir. The leaves are needle-like and flattened and have pointed tips. When the tree is young, the leaves have a bluish-green tinge; but as it gets older, the leaves become dull green in shade. There is also medium fragrance emitted from these trees. It is possible to hang as many heavy baubles and Christmas tree décor from the strong branches of the tree.


  • Cedar Trees

Cedar trees can also be classified under evergreen coniferous trees. There are different types in which these trees are available. They are mainly used in lining parks and streets as a part of landscaping. Cedar trees are also a great option when it comes to choosing a Christmas tree.

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  • Red cedar–This cedar tree is known by different names – some common ones are pencil cedar, Eastern red cedar and aromatic cedar. Pyramid like shape is formed from the branches of this tree and the foliage is quite dense as well. The leaves grow in an upward direction. The color of the leaves is dark green with a shiny appearance. However, the branches are not very strong and heavy items cannot be hung from them. These trees also have a strong fragrance.


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  • Spruce Trees

Spruce trees belong to the Picea genus and there are more than 35 species in the same. Most of these trees are seen growing in regions where the climatic conditions are cool. In many places, spruce trees are used extensively as Christmas trees. Some popular varieties of spruce trees used for this purpose include:


  • White spruce–There are many names by which the white spruce is addressed – skunk spruce, Canadian spruce, western white spruce, etc. This variety of spruce tree grows to very tall heights. The leaves of the tree are needle-like and are short and hard. The leaves have a bluish-green color and comes with medium fragrance. You can decorate this tree for Christmas with all kinds of ornaments and lights without any problems.

  • Blue spruce–It is the lovely hue of the leaves of this spruce tree that makes it so very special. Also known as the Colorado blue spruce, the tree comes with waxy gray-blue needles, which are seen to be curved in the upward direction. These trees are mainly found in the Rocky Mountains and have a conical shape and dense foliage. When it comes to Christmas tree shape, this tree is believed to have the perfect shape. The tree actually looks beautiful with decorations and lights for Christmas.


  • Norway spruce–The Norway spruce is an evergreen coniferous tree with needle like leaves. The leaves are dark green in color and come with pointed tips. This spruce tree variety can be seen in the United States as well as in Europe. These trees are unable to retain the leaves for long leading to their shedding. Hence it is important to take care of these trees and water them properly so that they remain in good shape. Lights can be used for decking these trees; but it is recommended not to use other heavy ornaments for décor on this tree variety. The tree also has medium fragrance.

Now that you know about so many varieties of trees which can be used for your Christmas tree, choose the one you like. However, just brining the tree and decorating it up will not do. The trees have to be taken care of well too so that they keep on looking good for a long period of time. Once Christmas is over, you can plant the tree elsewhere. Remember to take off all the baubles and ornaments from the tree after the festivities are over. Make your Christmas special by finding the most suitable Christmas tree for your house this time. Merry Christmas!