Christmas comes once a year and Christmas Cards are a thoughtful way to let your near and dear ones know that you care. Sending Christmas cards, apart from giving Christmas gifts and preparing Christmas hampers and corporate gift baskets, is a good way to send your greetings to your loved ones during Christmas. With the advancement of  technology we have quicker ways to send Christmas wishes via Christmas ecards yet nothing beats personalized paper cards likephoto christmas cards or custom made christmas cards when it comes to conveying your feelings to the recipient. They have more value romantically and they have less risk of getting lost in a sea of spam mails. handmade cards present the same feeling to the recipient as a handmade gift or hamper. You can make your Christmas Cards even better by properly finding a Christmas message by looking and deciding  what to write in a Christmas Card

Here are some great ideas for making memorable Christmas cards. The Christmas cards that you can make using these instructions can be used for your Christmas hampers and Christmas gift baskets or could be sent to near and dear ones as it is. The style and design can also be used in making your own corporate Christmas gift tags and notes. So let’s get started.

Glittery Christmas Greetings :


Want a shimmery and glittery greeting card or Christmas gift tag for Christmas Day? Glittery cards make for attractive additions to any christmas gift basket or hampers. You can use different sizes of blank card or cardstock to cater to your needs. If you wish to make glittery christmas cards then you may want to work with this Christmas card style.

For this card, you will need:

  • Different colors of glitter
  • Kid’s pvc glue
  • Blank cards
  • Containers
  • Christmas cookie-cutters


1. Pour about three-millimeters deep worth of glue into a container. You can always use more glue if you run out of it.

2. Dip the cookie-cutter into the container filled with glue and then stick it to the blank cards or cardstock to make a glue-print. Repeat the process if you want to have more glue-prints.

3. Sprinkle your prefered glitters over the glue prints until they are fully covered with glitters. Let the glitter stay for a few minutes.

4. Shake off excess glitters and leave to dry.

5. Write your personalized messages onto the card .

Christmas Ideas for Kids – The Potato Card


If your kids want to join in on the christmas card making then this will surely be a great project to try with Kids.   These are perfect when you prepare a Christmas food gift basket. You can use this idea to make your Christmas your gift tags also. This card makes use of potato printing technique and you will need the following things.


  • Potatoes
  • Blank cards
  • Cookie-cutters
  • Knife
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrushes


1. First we need to create the potato stamp. You can make the stamp by cutting a potato in half and then you need to push the cookie cutter about one inch deep at the center of the potato.

2. Leave the cookie-cutter in that position . Then carefully cut around the cookie-cutter using a knife.

3. Remove the slice so only the shape made by the cookie cutter is left. Now you have a potato stamp. Use various shapes of cookie cutter to make different patterns and shapes.

4. Using a paintbrush, evenly apply acrylic paint into your potato stamp and start stamping away into the blank cards.

5. Leave the cards to dry in the sun so that the paint is dry. Then you can add the personalized notes within your cards.

Abstract Christmas Cards :


This Christmas idea is very easy it can be done by an 18-month old. As long as you know how to apply glue and cut shapes, you are good to go. Even older siblings will love this art as it’s really simple and takes very little effort and time. A smaller version of this card can be used as Christmas hamper labels and gift basket tags.

For this card you will need the following things:


  • Blank papers
  • Variety of crafts papers with different colors or patterns
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick


1. First, cut out different shapes out of the colored papers. Cut some triangles, circles, rectangles and squares. If you want you can also cut out more complex figures such as the outline of a Christmas tree, or a star or any Christmas symbol you want.

2. Pimp up your shapes by adding some glitters to it. You ca use glue and then sprinkle glitter over the shapes to make them glittery.

3. Apply glue to your shapes and stick them to the blank cards. Use your imagination to come up with interesting arrangements. You can use as many shapes as you want .

4. Allow to dry and then add your Christmas messages within the card.

Ideas For Handmade Christmas cards

Handmade Christmas cards, just like homemade Christmas gift baskets and hampers, are the best way to add your personal touch to the annual Christmas holiday. By investing your time, skills and devotion, you create something that’s always worth more than the Christmas card simply bought at a store. In addition, making a handmade Christmas card can also be a fun activity to do with your kids, aside from making Christmas sweets and treats. You and your kids can share and bond with this fun Christmas craft. Here are easy christmas card ideas which will make your job lot easier

Here’s how to go about it:

1. Decide What You Are Going To Say .


Think up of you christmas card theme and design. You can get inspired by many themes such as snow-covered streets, Christmas wreaths and mistletoes, Santa’s workshop and reindeers or an alight fireplace with stockings hung above it and more. Then plan the stuff you are going to write related to that specific theme, such as Christmas quotes, poems, descriptions, or songs. You can also write your own personalized Christmas wishes. You will get many inspirations from our Christmas Messages Section.

2. Collect the stuff you’re going to need.


When making a Christmas craft, you have to make sure that you have the right materials. These can include construction paper, card stocks, color pencils, markers, glitter, paints, satin ribbons, crayons, glue, tape and envelopes. They don’t have to be top-of-the-line, and make sure they help you stick to your Christmas card themes. You will get most of theses at a local craft stores.

3. Start working on your personalized Christmas cards.

Cut out suitable pieces of paper, see what colors go where, and draw rough lines with a pencil first before making anything permanent and wasting supplies. If you want to attach cutouts of holly and mistletoe, now would be the time, so make sure you’ve collected them beforehand.

4. Write down what you had planned to.


This is the main part so make sure you use neat handwriting or even fancier things like calligraphy if you can. Find Best Christmas wishes you want according to your relationships with your intended receipients . These personalized messages and handwritten notes are the best part about handmade Christmas cards. Try writing with crayons or glitter pens to make the whole look even prettier.

Add the final touches to your personalized Christmas cards with the use of ribbons and sparkles, and place them in their envelopes. Decorating the envelopes is also a great idea, and the end result is a totally unique greeting that’s going to be special to whoever receives it!

Handmade Christmas cards can be sent alone or partnered with a special Christmas gift or hampers. Depending on your situation, both go well and will send delight to your recipient.

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