23 Stunning Christmas Lantern Decorations To Brighten Up the Holiday

As the song goes, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It is a much-awaited holiday not just for kids and kids at heart – it is indeed a celebration of the wonders of life for everyone. It is the season to rejoice and take pride of all the blessings you have been provided for the whole year. Christmas allows you to look forward for another glorious year.



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Decorated Christmas lantern


Stunning Christmas Lantern and wreath Leo and Jane


The above beautiful Christmas Lantern is designed by Leo and Jane from cottageatthecrossroads.com. He has given the situation, DIY on his blog. He says “Sure enough “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!”. I also agree with him. You can find detailed instruction at http://cottageatthecrossroads.com/outdoor-christmas-decor/



Christmas brings the good on people. Every decoration and preparation made for the holiday gives joy to everyone. The decorations can range from something as big as a giant Christmas tree to a cute little Christmas ball hanging on the windowsill.


Wonderful Christmas lanterns on Stairs source

Christmas Lantern Decorations


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Christmas lanterns, as the tradition goes, symbolizes the star that guided the three wise men towards their destination. In modern times, it is a symbol of hope for everyone. That hope that you cling on to when all that you have seems to go down the drain.

Red Christmas Lantern


Jake’s sister, Melissa writes at http://welcomesunshinehome.blogspot.com. that,the decorated red Christmas lantern at night will gives a wonderful look to their living room. yes indeed it is wonderful. You can see what a marvelous look it adds to their living room




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Turn those old lamps on just sitting on the basement into something more useful this holiday season. Put some white Christmas lights as a replacement for the busted bulb. This newly-made Christmas lantern can also be placed on outside your door. It also serves as a welcome gesture for your guests.

Christmas Lantern Swag



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Berries and candles go together to create something warm and soothing like this Christmas lantern. A pair of these beauties can go a long way. It lights calmly through the night. The red and orange color of the candle provides color. It is something so simple yet to elegant.

Image source: pinkpistachio.com

Cookie jars should never be thrown away as they can be recycled into something else. Fill up the bottom of the jar with white fillers to resemble snow. Place tiny little ornaments inside and add some lights. What you have is a striking snow globe.

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This Christmas lantern may look expensive but it really is not. Just wrap an ample of yellow or white Christmas lights with something translucent. Then decorate the bottom part with gold ribbon to match the pale glow of the lamp. The calming effect of this Christmas lanterns would sure be felt right away.

Image source: graphicsfairy-crafts.com

The cute picture of the boy framed on the small glass captures the essence of Christmas. The contrasting light on the background gives the piece a halo effect. The bottom layer can be anything found on your home like dried cinnamons or crushed pine cones. This piece can be placed anywhere inside or outside your home.

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Clear lamps can be designed in a way to complement with the pristine white snow on your backyard. To give it more appeal, the lanterns should be of varying heights. Place some white or silver Christmas balls and bows inside to give it sparkle.

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The red berries embedded on the wall of the lantern provide it color. The faint light emitting from inside provides a soft warm feeling. This Christmas lantern is best placed outside for all the passersby to admire. It is indeed very simple yet touching.

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Old glass cases can now be transformed into nice Christmas floor lanterns. The red wooden border gives puts focus on the glowing lights inside. The white Christmas lights encapsulates something that the only the heart can feel. Perfect for your terrace, these pieces warms everyone who walks through your door.

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Make your coat hanger into one eye-catching Christmas décor. Wrap the hanger with a nice piece of garland and several white lights making it your framework. Hang three lanterns on the stand and give it glow. The gingerbread man and Christmas bear adds a playful touch.

Image source: pinkpolkadotcreations.com

To start with these lanterns, paint those old black lamps a rich red paint. Tie some corresponding striped red ribbons on the holder. Place some white Christmas lights inside. Add a little color and glamour with a little Santa Claus figure and red Christmas balls.

Image source: lovethispic.com

Christmas lanterns have come a long way from the traditional stars. The glowing light on the center symbolizes the guiding star of Bethlehem. The materials are all drawn from nature like the thick twigs attached together. The small tiny Christmas lights on the encircling the twigs looks like tiny fireflies on the night.

Image source: pinterest.com

This unique Christmas tabletops are easy to make and does not cost too much. Prepare the cardboard with some cute cutouts of plants or other Christmas symbols. The faint glow coming from the candle inside adds warmth to the atmosphere. This wonderful Christmas decoration would sure inspire you to create more artistic piece.

Image source: shabbyartboutique.com

Create your own snow globe with some materials inside your home like a nice big cookie jar. Then place some cutouts on the bottom to create your own mini Christmas village. The floating white fragments complete the whole theme. Just make sure to cover the lid with some transparent cling wrap.

Image source: realhousedesign.com

A reindeer, a snowflake and a tree makes the perfect combination of Christmas symbols. The red metal frame creates the perfect appeal of the season. The spherical little candle gives just the right amount of brightness. This Christmas lantern can be placed above your fireplace.

Image source: ohmy-creative.com

Make your porch more fun with this Christmas ice lanterns. Use a 2 liter bottle in freezing the water. The frozen berries and leaves give the right amount of color and embellishment. The light emitting from the inside provides the striking balance between the coldness of ice and the heat of the flame.

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The traditional Christmas lanterns are those that are shaped like a star. Bamboo sticks are used as the skeletal framework. The bamboo frame will then be covered with colored plastic wrap. The makers have carefully placed the light bulb in the center to give it light.

Image source: pbase.com

Dancing lights and sturdy materials make up this attracting Christmas lantern. It usually takes time to build as the makers have handcrafted everything from scratch. Due to the quality of the piece, this lantern may cost a little more than your usual Christmas star. Usually found hanging outside the windows, this piece is made to last for years.

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This adorable Christmas décor is so simple to make but then so eye-pleasing as well. Make small cube cutouts from your paper of choice. Just make it certain that the papers are transparent enough to light the pass through. Place the cubes on your Christmas lights and everything is good.

Image source: thoughtsinvinyl.com

If you got any Mason jars just accumulating dust in a corner. Clean up the jars then place one small candle inside. Decorate the lid with ribbons and lace to give more appeal. You can now hang this DIY piece on your tree or just place it on your tabletop.

Image source: kiflieslevendula.blogspot.com

Help Mother Earth conserve its resources with this enticing Christmas lantern. Decorate the tin cans with some good-looking Christmas wrapper. Make sure the rope attached to the can is sturdy enough to be hanged on your wall. As a final touch, place metal tea cups on each tin can to light it up.

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This artsy Christmas lantern sure gives a warm welcome to everyone who steps on your front porch. The berries tied to the lid provide color to the piece. The burning candles inside gives the perfect contradiction on a snowy day. This nice Christmas décor sure provides the right Christmas ambience.

Holiday Christmas Lantern Decorations

Holiday Christmas Lantern Decorations
Holiday Christmas Lantern Decorations

Looking to spread the holiday and Christmas spirit. The above lanterns are perfect for that. John Chavez from http://stagetecture.com/ suggest that this may be the easiest and the quickest way to do the trick. he also tells us that “Aside from grouping your holiday lanterns according to designs, you can also do a color scheme“. I am also agree with him

Image source: momtastic.com

Pick your preferred bottle to host the candle. Make some tiny star cutouts or other symbols and stick it on your bottle. Paint your bottle, preferably red for Christmas. Once the paint is dry, remove the cutouts. The finished product can be placed on your desk or hanged on your door.

Image source: celebrations.com

These tin can luminaries not only lights your front porch for Christmas. It also gives a warm greeting to your guests and family. Punch some holes on the can first before painting it red. Once the paint is dry, place the candle inside the tin cans.