19 Creative Christmas Stockings Decorating Ideas

Christmas stockings usually are empty sock-shaped bags that are hung over the fireplace for Santa to fill it up on Christmas day and it has been very popular to the whole world ever since. Here we have varieties of unique ideas from Christmas stockings to cut-outs to Christmas stocking sausages. That’s right; it’s a sausage Christmas stocking! Anyway, here are some ideas that you will surely love and add a very beautiful touch to your holiday decorations.

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Red stockings with silver dots are an eye-catcher. This is perfect to hang over light-based color fireplace to make your socks stand out more. Sewing names to it would be wonderful as well as you can use it over the next Christmas season. Place gifts or Christmas letters for a touch.

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Mix all the red, green and white stockings for a jolly look. You can clip them all up in a checkered stash and hang them to your staircase or over the fireplace. It is an easy set up to do over the holiday plus you can easily remove and attach them.

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Keeping it all white this coming holiday season! Stick to a white theme Christmas stockings and add some design to it such as stars and miniature gift boxes to add some touch to it. Hang it at your door for people to seeb and admire.

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Collect Christmas socks, basically anything that you can find regardless of colors and sizes. Doesn’t matter if they are different in shapes or color or designs, as that is actually the point of it. Put them all together to a red stash to form a Christmas stockings flag. Perfect to hang over the dining table for a great view.

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Christmas stockings aren’t just there to hang over fireplaces. You can also place them to hold over your utensils at the dining table as well. Perfect if you can match it with the color of your plates as it just gives a perfect touch out of it.

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If you want a livelier touch to your home. You can simple do this idea of making a flag of Christmas stockings. Form a flag and add the Christmas stockings with all the happy colors and hang them over the fireplace for a very jolly look. Add candles and a few leaves to decorate the top of your fireplace.

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This is a Santa Clause inspired stocking. Use your imagination and think of Santa’s costume. Try to copy that over a Christmas stocking for uniqueness. Add gifts to it and hang it over the fireplace!

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This is more of a masculine idea for Christmas stockings. Subtle grey checkered socks. Perfect if you’re all men celebrating the holiday season or if you just want to stay classy over the Christmas.

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If you’re near the ocean or if you just want to have the ambience of the sea. This Christmas stocking design is perfect for you. Paint with creativity and imagination or you can just add starfish or garlands as seaweed to stuff it.

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Ahh! Christmas characters. Who doesn’t want to have these kinds of Christmas stockings this coming holiday? It just brings out the kid in you if you see this hanging over the fireplace and gives you that jolly feeling of the holiday spirit.

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Don’t worry if you don’t have a Christmas stocking and if you’re kind of a tight budget to buy one. You can just create a shoe or boot out of a cardboard and you can add miniature gift boxes, and you’re ready to hang it.

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A baby Christmas stocking. This is good if you have a baby as you can sew something like the one in this picture and you can keep it for a remembrance to your baby’s first Christmas! This has just all the cuteness all over it for this coming holiday season.

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If you don’t have Christmas stockings. You can create them with just sausages. Bring out your craftiness and form these nice Christmas stockings sausages. It’s a unique idea plus it’s edible! Show your creativeness and just enjoy the spirit of holiday with these Christmas stockings sausages.

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Christmas stockings for the kids! These are perfect for your kids as it brings out the cuteness in them. You can either hang it or just place them over the table. Stuff them with goodies, gifts or letters to add some touch.

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Christmas stockings placed over the fireplace are the most common way to hang them. This is a simple and organized way to place them perfectly to your fireplace. Put your Christmas letters or gifts inside the socks and wait for the Christmas season to come.

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Design your socks for a fun way and to show some creativity and uniqueness. This is perfect for families as you can spend time decorating it with your loved ones. Hang them to your wall or over your door for people to see your designs.

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Don’t be bothered if you have a tight budget. This is an inexpensive way for a Christmas stocking, as you will just use a pair of scissors and old jeans. You can add paper cut outs for designs. Perfect to hang them to your doorknob.

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A miniature Christmas stocking to place over your furnitures or hang them to your Christmas tree for decoration. This is a simple and classic stocking but a very little one and that just makes you awe for its cuteness. Perfect to hang to a tree branch as shown in this picture.

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A country style feeling of Christmas stockings. Perfect if you’re living near a farm or just want a farm theme this Christmas season. Hang them at your front door for people to see your uniqueness and creativeness.

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