25 Easy Christmas Desserts for a Sweeter Christmas

For many people around the globe, Christmas would be their favorite time of the year. It is the best time to be happy and merry. It is the season filled with love and glory. It is definitely the best time of the year to give thanks for each of the blessings you have received for the entirety of the year.

Christmas also showcases the best of the best meals and recipes passionately prepared just for the occasion. It is always a feast every Christmas and what is a feast without a sweet delightful desert!

Make the most out of the occasion and make those moments more memorable with this easy to prepare Christmas deserts. It saves you time and gives you the chance to focus on other important tasks on your list like spending more time and creating wonderful memories with all your friends and family.

Each one on this list guarantees that you, your family and your guests will have their sweet cravings satisfied – without a doubt.

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Santa has made his way into your dining table with these bite-sized treat. Just top those chocolate cupcakes with a fresh strawberry and you’ll have Santa’s hat. Whip some cream onto the strawberry’s tip to fully to complete the whole look. Santa Hat Cheesecake Bites is definitely one sweet relief for everyone’s sweet tooth.

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Make your Christmas meal more memorable with these Rolo and Hugs Pretzels. All you need to do is to place the candy or the chocolate on top of the pretzels and warm then on the oven. Once it’s nicely heated, top a piece of red or green M&M on each pretzel. This Christmas desert can also be a good giveaway and present this holiday.

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This colorful Christmas desert truly deserves its name. These Ornament Cupcakes brings more color and make your table livelier, just like a real Christmas ornament. Use red and neon green frostings to make it more festive and fun. Some red and green M&Ms to complete these cheerful deserts.

cranberry cake 2 - tall

Mary Younk from barefeetinthekitchen.com has released a cranberry-christmas-cake. Looks yummy, feels yummy and I am sure it will taste yummy also. So try this cake for this Christmas and do not forget to comment in her blog

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Everyone has always a spot for marshmallows. Christmas Marshmallow Pops is a delightful desert that everyone would surely munch in, especially the kids. Just melt some chocolate and dip your marshmallows on it. The colorful sprinkles make this Christmas desert too tempting.

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It’s your beloved desert with a sweeter twist. Red Velvet Truffles dipped in white chocolate is definitely one perfect Christmas desert. For those that are pressed with time, you could opt to just buy the truffles. Then dip them in white chocolate to your heart’s content.

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This easy-to-prepare Christmas desert is definitely for everyone. Pretzel M&M Hugs has the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Melted Hershey’s Hugs chocolates over square pretzels makes this perfect treat. The M&M on top gives it more color.

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Turn those mini cupcakes into something more apt this holiday season. This Jell-o Hot Cocoa Pudding Mugs has the right blend of creaminess, sweetness and a little hint of saltiness to balance everything out. You could also make another version for adults with some peppermint schnapps or creme de cocoa. This Christmas desert deserves its place on your Christmas feast.

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This Christmas desert is one addicting treat. Christmas Crack Toffees does not look good – they definitely taste so good. It offers the perfect balance between sweet and salty. To make sure it fits your Christmas feast, choose red and green M&Ms for garnish. It’s delightfully tempting to just simply skip desert.

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It’s the best way to show how old meets new with this eye-catching holiday treat. These Christmas Pudding Cookies would absolutely satisfy everyone’s sweet cravings. Almond bark candies gleefully sitting on top of chocolate-covered marshmallow cookies. It’s a classic melt-in-your-mouth delight.

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This Christmas desert takes sweetness to a whole new level. The combination of colors in each glass is truly eye-catching. A couple of strawberry slices to make it more enticing. It’s definitely sinfully tempting.

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Sprinkled marshmallows on candy canes make those holiday parties that sweet touch. It is so easy to prepare as you only need white mallows, red sprinkles and few candy cane pieces. It’s also budget-friendly and practical. This Christmas desert will make you one proud party host.

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These one little Christmas desert is versatile enough to be made with or without alcohol. For those who want some hint of alcohol, you can use some peach or peppermint schnapps. These Candy Cane Shooters is definitely loaded with flavors and colors. This delightful treat has got all the right elements of Christmas.

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Make those Christmas deserts a lot healthier one this time. Each stick offers assortments of natural flavor. A green grape, banana slice and strawberry on a stick is definitely a party of flavors. Place a bit of marshmallow on top for garnish.

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Truffles have always been a staple dessert. Give this classic treat a delightful Christmas twist with this dazzling holiday desert. Dip the chocolate truffles in white chocolate before sticking it on the cone. Sprinkles and red M&M on top serve as the perfect garnishment.

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Tagged as the “Cathedral’s Window” because of the resemblance, this creamy desert is truly delectable. The white Jell-o embedded with slices of red and green gelatin also offers a whole lot more than just its texture. This Christmas Jell-o can be made without too much preparation. It’s the perfect choice for those large gatherings.

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Engage the kids in the kitchen with these Candy Cane Kiss Dipped Oreos. It’s definitely a breeze to make and its ingredients are always readily available. The red hue of the melted Hersheys candy cane kisses give the right amount of color. Just a little amount of sugar is needed as the oreos and the chocolate coating is already sweet enough.

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A pleasant mix of different confectionary surprises, Christmas Cookie Bar is your perfect holiday desert. Oreos, pretzels and M&Ms covered by rich white chocolate is the perfect epitome of all things sweet and yummy. Each chunk is loaded with sumptuous flavors. It’s hefty but definitely so easy to make.

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Peppermint patties always have a spot on the desert table especially for Christmas. Aside from being a staple desert, you could also make them as gifts this season. It’s onechocolaty goodness with a twist of mint.

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This Christmas desert is the perfect treat for the whole family. These Soft-based Funfetti Sugar Cookies is not just chewy – it’s definitely tasty. Put those colorful sprinkles as much as you please. The recipe is simple and the ingredients are quick to find.

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It’s surely a sweet surprise in every bite. Each Candy Bar Pretzel Bite is coated in rich vanilla. Each piece is also stuffed with mini candy bars. It provides the nice contrast between sweet and salty.

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The name of this Christmas desert says it all –it is an easy-to-make delightful goodie for everyone. The richness of cheesecake together with the sweetness of white chocolate makes this treat such a hit. No-Bake White Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecakes makes your desert table lovelier this season. Garnish each glass with a piece of candy cane stick and chocolate mint.

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Bring more life to your Christmas feast with these Colorful Spiral Cookies. The striking bright swirls and the big sprinkles on the edge surely lightens up everyone’s mood. It’s not just eye-pleasing but definitely filled with flavors too. The recipe is also versatile that you could create other versions like green tea.

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These Holiday Homemade Lollipops are not just for the kids alone. It’s a surprising treat for everyone. These crystal clear lollipops give room for your creativity. You could use an assortment of your preferred garnish – from cranberries to nutmegs.

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White Chocolate Peppermint Bark is one sumptuous array of flavors in every bite. It shows the perfect blend of creamy sweetness with just the right dash of saltiness. It’s absolutely easy to make and does not have too many frills. It’s also makes one perfect pair for hot cocoa.

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This holiday desert would sure make every Nutella fan jump for joy. The corn chexcereals definitely match the chocolate chips. Finish it off with some red and green M&Ms to complement the festivities. Nutella Reindeer Chow definitely fits your budget and time perfectly.