During the holidays, we only want to celebrate with the closest people in our lives. After all, Christmas is about family, and nothing beats home-cooked meals, stories on the overflowing dinner table, singing Christmas carols, and gift giving early the next morning. However, when we cannot physically be with the ones we love, a text, a phone call, an email, a Skype conversation or Facetime, can help tide us over until we can get back home to them. Yes, these things can sound too simple and impersonal, but they get the job done. But why send a text when you can send a fun and beautiful holiday photo of the whole family? Why send a store-bought Christmas card when you can send one that you personally wrote and designed, with the crazy photos of the kids and the dog on the cover? Here we have listed a few wacky and fun holiday photo ideas that you can do with your family, your kids, your boyfriend, even your pets.

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Wait, what? A family mugshot? That doesn’t sound like good news, does it? Well, in this case, it is! And it’s all kinds of adorable, too! Dress everybody in your family in their Christmas best and stand behind a police lineup wall like this one. Strike funny and cute poses, then add a hilarious caption or your holiday greetings. It’s truly a one of a kind holiday photo!

Photo with Santa


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is Santa is visiting your home?? Plan a cute photo with him


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This holiday photo inspiration lets the kids do what they do best: make a mess. Capture that moment and immortalize it on your next family Christmas photo. This photo example takes the cake (pun intended). The messier, the better!

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This next holiday photo inspiration is easy as it is adorable. No time for fancy backdrops or hair and makeup? No problem! Just have your little kids pose with Christmas lights and let them have a go at it. This photo features one mischievous toddler and a seemingly helpless but all too happy big sister. Too cute for words!

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If you’ve got sturdy bones and a more than perfect balancing act, you can easily make this holiday photo this year. If you’ve got a huge family, like seven kids, this is not recommended. You can only support so much. If you can’t handle it, you can just Photoshop yourselves into this difficult pose and everybody gets to go home alive and in one piece.

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Going for a traditional and sweet holiday photo? If you’ve got a lovely tree that’s worthy of a picture, and boisterous young kids who would love to play around it, this is the perfect photo. You can dress them up in their pajamas, or just nappies and Santa hats. Snap it in silhouette and bathed in the soft glow of the Christmas lights. Absolutely lovely.

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This next holiday photo inspiration will get the children excited. Yes, even your too cool kids in high school or college, too! Gather everyone and get cozy. Wrap yourselves with a string of colorful Christmas lights, and start smiling and posing for the camera!

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Not everybody gets to experience the beauty and wonder of a white Christmas. Use it to your advantage and have a photo shoot with the family with snow as your background! No need for expensive lighting or fancy backdrops. Just you and your family bundled up in warm clothes and wearing the brightest and happiest smiles.

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Sometimes, less is more. Just like this holiday photo inspiration. Gather everyone for a fun group shot and add witty and hilarious captions. Let your family’s personality and sense of humor shine through, and your family Christmas card will turn out even more special and personalized that all your friends and families will enjoy seeing.

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Couples who want to make their own holiday greeting cards can try this holiday photo idea. It’s easy, quick, and hassle-free. Even the boyfie or the hubby will not be fussy about all the preps. Just smile sweetly for the camera while holding a Christmas bauble, and you’re good to go!

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Got a camera shy family? Why not make this year’s holiday photos all about the pets? These cute little rascals are more than willing to dress up and strike a pose. Expect a little diva-ish behavior from time to time, though.

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How about A Christmas Story inspired family photo? This comedy classic warmed the hearts of many when it was released. It’s a holiday favorite, needless to say. So give your family and close friends the ultimate throwback in December with this fun and unique family Christmas photo.

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How are your Photoshop skills, by the way? You can turn an ordinary, very non-holidayish but wacky photo of the whole family into an instant holiday photo. Start brushing up on your Photoshop skills and design a holiday background that’s uniquely your own. Or get a friend to help you out in working on the details for that flawless finish.

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Here’s another simple but hilarious idea for a holiday photo. Parents get to be ‘restrained’ by a string of Christmas lights, while the little kids play with the switch. Capture the natural smiles and delightful faces of the little ones, and the mock terror on the parents’. Truly a fun and endearing moment to be shared with all friends and family.

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How about a photo within a photo within a photo? This holiday photo idea is truly adorable and sweet. You can be done with it in minutes, too. Just prepare to make a quick trip to the photo store to have the images blown up.

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Add a quirky twist to your couple holiday photo this year. Invest in a large black backdrop and some extra length Christmas lights. Direct the photo shoot to make it look like this one in the photo. Pet can be substituted with a giggling baby.

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Make your little man the star of your holidays. This holiday photo idea is too cute for words it makes us melt. You just need a top hat, a red scarf, and some hypoallergenic make up for this. Get your little man to make all kinds of adorable facial expressions and prepare to fall in love all over again.

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Here’s another holiday photo idea that will put your Photoshop skills to good use. Let everybody in on the fun and the craziness of your household. The mayhem is hilarious and the mischief is undeniable. Everyone will have a great time looking at this family holiday photo, that’s for sure!

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If you’re thinking of doing something festive and grand this year, this holiday photo idea sounds like the perfect thing to recreate. Dress everybody up as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, complete with reindeers and sleigh! Nothing could get jollier than this. We bet everyone will have a fun time doing this family photo shoot.

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Life is too short to be so serious all the time. Have a laugh and look awkward on purpose! Get your better half to embark on this creative pursuit with you. And if he truly loves you like he says he does, he’s going to say yes.

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For fans of Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, and Dean Martin, Christmas just got a whole lot grander. Grab old records with your favorite singers’ faces and use them as props. So easy, so unique, so funny, so inexpensive. And that sure ain’t a kick in the head.

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Here’s another cute and funny idea for a family holiday photo. For props, you just need Santa hats and placards with your holiday message. It’s so easy to do, no need for special effects or professional makeup. No required complicated poses that will make the kids restless, too.

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Here’s another A Christmas Story inspired holiday photo. There’s really something fun and festive with this movie that makes it a favorite among many. Get the kids to join in. Spread the holiday cheer to everyone who will receive this very special and personalized Christmas card!