Christmas Cards Greetings and Christmas Ecards collection will help you to select the best Christmas Card with fun Christmas greetings. Christmas is not just a season of lovely and bright decorations around but I may say it’s a season where loving, giving and sharing is indeed very abundant. Who would not agree? By looking at the department stores, gift shops and parking lot area you’d know the shoppers are either doubled or maybe tripled for this holiday season. Go through this article and you will find of the best greeting ideas


Christmas day falls on the 25th of December, the celebration of Christmas starts as soon as the month of December begins. Some countries that have Christianity as their predominant religion, the festivity would start as early as September and end mid-January. Traditions and rituals to observe the Christmas festival varies from one region to another, depending on culture and lifestyle.

People would find pleasure in giving gifts whether big or small but wouldn’t it be more meaningful to hand your presents along with a nice Christmas card? Or if you really don’t have something to give, may I rephrase and say, why not give a Christmas greeting card instead of nothing? According to the Greeting Card Market Research Report, the sales of greeting cards specifically Hallmark dropped down of more than 5 percent since 5 years ago. We all know why it happened; it’s because of the trending electronic message sending whether via email, social networking and SMS.  If not, it’s because of the availability of different greeting card makers online as well as some printable templates ready for use. Whether you buy from the card shops or print from the internet, it really doesn’t matter for me. I would just like to encourage everyone to liven up one of the classic Christmas tradition which is sending out physical Christmas Greeting Cards.


Merry Christmas Cards

best-christmas-cards-3What makes them special? Personally, to have a Christmas card at hand especially when reading a message, wishes and greetings handwritten would just make me feel loved. It’s even fun to collect lovely cards, keeping them so you could reread it someday as the years passed. It would be perfect for the sentimental individuals. Sending out Christmas cards with wonderful Christmas wishes to share the spirit of the holiday has become a worthwhile activity taught to kids but would be great too if practiced even among the adults.

This Christmas season, may the bookstores and other card shops be swarmed by shoppers looking for holiday cards to send. Through these cards, people are able to express and convey their season’s greetings to loved ones and friends. This is especially important to those who have dear ones working or residing abroad.

Christmas Ecards or Electronic Christmas Cards and Greetings

best-christmas-cards-4For those who don’t have a chance to drop by on the bookstore and grab the most beautiful Christmas card for family and friends, that’s the very purpose of this, blog post and you should really be glad. You could either create them using card generator sites, print out some available Christmas templates and printable Christmas cards or just sent some electronic type of cards (Christmas Ecards) via email and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus and more.

Best Photo Christmas Cards

Isn’t it more sweet to send someone with your photo on your card? It’s a personalized way to greet and some would even put their family picture and send out the custom Christmas cards to their relatives and friends. The recipient would sure love to see your recent picture and great smile upon wishing  them. Do you guys know you could actually print them or order from talented card designers. Well, I may say the big companies like Hallmark may lost sales but new card business individuals had the opportunity to rise.  Here are some samples of Christmas photo cards.

Joy To Everyone Holiday Card

Holiday revelry Christmas photo cards


If not the entire family picture, some parents would choose to have their kid or kids’ photo in the Christmas card. The grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents and workmates are delightful to see these kind of lovely picture Christmas cards.

Translucent Color Christmas Card

for a customized free Christmas card photo ideas try using

Best Boxed Christmas Cards

These are either printed cards or handmade Christmas cards with different styles, glitters, embellishments, foils, emboss and glossy varnish. If you choose to purchased from online shops, boxed Christmas greeting cards come in sets.

Handmade Tandem Bike , a set of 8 cards and 8 envelopes
This Santa and his reindeer looks very modern. Thought Santa and his reindeer were supposed to be on a flying sleigh but how come they’re on land? Looks cute though!

Holiday Traditions Card, a set of 16 cards and envelopes

Showing a man and a dog pulling the real tree.

JOY TO ALL ARTISAN CHRISTMAS CARDS, a set of 12 cards and 13 envelopes

Here’s another high quality Christmas card with stunning color and emboss glitters too.

Boxed Christmas Cards Collection, set of 22 pcs having 3 designs as shown below

If you want random designs of Christmas card to send to your family and friends, this could be a good option. This has 3 different designs having 22 pcs in the box. There’s the religious Christmas cards with the “Jesus is the reason of the season” phrase and the Nativity scene. The third design shows a winter holiday scene.

Snow Globe Jars A2 Holiday Card, set of 10 cards and 10 envelopes.

Looks like it’s a chilling festive winter greeting for your love ones this year if you consider this card. Looks very unique and truly an eye candy! Pleasing!

Best Religious Christmas Cards or Christian Christmas Cards

These are cards that could either have bible verses, photos of Jesus (since Christmas is his birthday), angels or some Godly messages. It’s always good to extend not only wishes and greetings but above all, your sincere prayers.

Behold The Joy Religious Christmas Card

If you like a religious photo Christmas card, that would be very much fine too!

Victorian Angel Christmas Card

Angels had great participation on Jesus’ birth. First, angel Gabriel told Mary that she is going to bear the son of God. Second, the angel told Joseph that Mary will give birth to the son of God. Third, an angel appeared to the shepherds and told them about the good news – Jesus’ coming into the world. So it is expected that religious Christmas cards would also include some angels.

Come in Peace

For Jesus is proclaimed as the Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)

Love So Amazing 

The scene below shows the significant characters in the Nativity. The shepherds and their flocks who heard first of Jesus’ birth.

Oh Holy Night Christmas Card

The card shows the journey of the three wise men, following the brightest star that night which would led them to the manger where Jesus was born.

Vintage Christmas Cards

 Santa Christmas greeting postcard.

Best Business Christmas Cards

Here are some business or corporate Christmas cards. These are more formal than fancy and what’s common about them? Of course, the company logo should be very visible!

Best Online Christmas Cards and E Christmas Cards

These are the best email Christmas cards ever! It’s my pleasure to compile them for you! I hope my tastes qualifies your standard. There are very useful for those who can’t visit the recipients place and especially those who are staying away from home and friends. So in case you don’t have time to drop them at the post office, then sure these will be options at least you remembered to send them colorful and wonderfully design greeting cards. Sharing would be very easy because send through email and social share buttons are found in each web pages. These are free Christmas cards for you to use, whether to print them out or send them online.

Merry Christmas Cards

Animated Christmas Cards

I’d be very honest that by far, Blue Mountains Ecard are the best for me. You’d be directed on a page and would see step by step instruction and the photo animates. It’s so magical!

The exciting part on sending ecards is you could actually find some live or animated cards. Looks more fun that way.

Homemade Christmas Cards are the most Creative Christmas cards

It’s not necessary that a card has to be costly. It’s always the thought that counts, so why not try to create your own. Who knows this might be a cheap Christmas card too.

Only when you create your own that you could of course expect it to be a unique Christmas card. You put your own style, taste and personality into it or something you choose to add up the recipients personality into the card. So here’s more of Personalized Christmas Card ideas you might wanna try for this year. So cute!

More Creative Christmas Cards to choose from…

Tips for Christmas Card senders:

1. List the names of recipients. I’m sure you don’t wanna miss anyone.

2. Know your budget so it would be easy to decide what you really want. Whether to buy some pre-made Christmas cards from card shops, buy customized greeting cards online, print online Christmas templates or handmade Christmas cards.

3. Just in case you’re planning for a handmade DIY Christmas card greeting, make sure you’ve got all the materials needed so you won’t miss a fancy detail. From sequences to ribbons to glitters and to emboss stuffs.

4. If you’re sending a physical Christmas card and would write a greeting or message on it, choose the write pen. Some pen do blot. You don’t wanna ruin your lovely card right?

5. Sealed the Christmas card with abundant joy, love, wishes and prayer. That would make it a perfect one!

Hope you enjoyed our compilations of the most Beautiful Christmas Card Ideas! If you have some tutorials or DIY Christmas card projects you wanted to be a part of our collection, we would sure love to check on them. Just leave us a comment below. There’s no greater way to express your good wishes and cheers for the Christmas day than to exert effort of writing and sending your heartfelt Merry Christmas Cards.  Happy holidays everyone!