Facts about Christmas Cards

Christmas card, aside from Christmas gifts, hampers, Christmas carols and gift baskets, is one of the most popular feature of Christmas day. You’ll see people exchanging Christmas wishes in a form of  Christmas cards or Funny Christmas photo cards, partnered with either Christmas hampers or gift baskets. And let’s face it, generation may pass but the tradition of sending and receiving Christmas cards and Christmas Messages will always be there and be passed on from one generation to another. So, you’re probably interesting with some Christmas cards facts and trivia. Then, read on:

Christmas Card Facts and Trivia

  • As the saying goes, ‘charity begins a home.’ Way back in 1843, Sir Henry Cole was concerned about the deplorable lives that the poor people I his community led. He wanted to draw the attention of empathetic individuals to this fact and at the same time stimulate them to touch the lives of poor people. This had to be done in a humble and unique manner so that no one would be intimidated or offended by the gestures. He hired John Caclott Horsely to find an innovative way of presenting his idea.
  • Mr. Horsely designed a Christmas card with a great looking family having a lovely meal complete with a kid having wine with the phrase “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year written on the front. The image of the child with wine drew sharp criticism from all quarters as it was not proper for children to drink let alone be seen with alcohol. Nevertheless, the invention was a roaring success and the printers had trouble meeting the demand to have the Christmas cards. By 1880 the sale of the Christmas card was a booming business.
  • Charles Goodall designed Merry Christmas cards that simply said ‘Merry Christmas’. Others depicted The Nativity scene showing Joseph, Mary and Jesus with either the shepherds or the Magi. All these Christmas cards were created and printed in England and shipped to America.  In 1815 Louis Prang opened a printing office to produce the Christmas cards for the local community. By 1881, Prang was laughing all the way to the bank having sold over 30 million cards. From there on, people start sending cards as their Christmas present or personalized Christmas gift to their loved ones.
  • Over the years, the Christmas card industry has grown by leaps and bounds. When you go into a store there is a special cards section with all manner of cards saying almost everything under the sun for that special occasion you want to share with a friend or loved one. You are spoiled for choice and will leave the department with a gift that says what is in your heart.
  • Modern technology has made it possible for us to receive cards on our computers. Today, you can enjoy the free Christmas ecards. There are many greeting website that even offer Christmas flash cards. These do not match the ageless sentimentality of opening the envelope and reading the traditional card.
  • As the technology advances, users are now allowed to print their own Christmas card. That is with the help of printable Christmas cards. Basically, there are ready-to-print christmas card templates that you can personalize and edit. From the website, you can directly print them on your colored printer and card stock.