Paper Christmas tree is a perfect Christmas craft you can do with your kids during holiday season. It can be done as a Santa Crafts for Kids, it can also be a good Christmas gift to their grannies and teachers. A small paper Christmas tree can also be used as gift basket or Christmas hamper tag where you can put your short note. So, let’s start making your very own paper Christmas tree. Don’t worry, it’s easy and quick.So you want to make a paper Christmas tree from a scratch?

How to Make a Paper Christmas Tree



  • Construction paper, green
  • Markers, crayons, paint or glitters
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors


1. Cut the construction paper in half, cross-wise.  Put the pieces together then fold in half.

2. Then, draw half a Christmas tree with a marker.  Cut according to your drawing.

3. Take one tree and cut in halfway along the center starting at the top.

4. Cut the other tree halfway along the center starting from the bottom.

5. Slip the trees together forming a 3-d tree, then tape across the slits to secure.

6. Decorate your tree with glitters, paint or crayons.

Additional Tips:

  • Use different colors of construction paper and use hole puncher to get multi-colored ornament balls to decorate your tree.
  • You can put a star at the top by cutting out a star figure and making a small slit at the bottom and slipping it on the top.  Tape the star to the paper Christmas tree to secure.
  • Christmas tree made of paper can also be used as Christmas gift tag, just make it small. You can also attach it to your christmas hampers or gift basket.