Are you ready for some holiday crafting? With Christmas right at the corner, let your creative juices flow and enjoy some fun and exciting craft activities. You can explore a variety of inspiring ideas that will get you in the festive mood with their charm. Most importantly, these are the memories that you will cherish for the entire year. If you are clueless where to start with, here are given some amazing Christmas crafts that will definitely sway you away. So, why wait, let’s dig in and find your favorite activity for the upcoming holiday season.

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1. A Stunning Christmas Wreath:

Beautiful Wreath


This is a beautiful and elegant wreath that you can make on your own. All you need is a wreath foam, decorative twigs, decorative pine cones, ribbons, floral pins, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Wrap the ribbon on the wreath foam and secure the end with a floral pin. Add decorative greenery, pine cones, and flowers. A stunning wreath is ready to impress your guests.

2. Cute Little Cork Angels:

Cork Angels Ornaments


These tiny angels are super easy to make. You need a few wine corks, some wooden balls, twine, ribbon, glue gun, and some other supplies. Cover the balls with a Mod Pudge and use a blush marker to make cute angel faces. Stick these faces to the corks, tie some twine on their necks, and make a twine loop at their back. Add a bow and you’re done.

3. Beautiful DIY Forest:

Beautiful forest craft


Take a few foam cones and wrap their tops with cardstock to make pointed tips. Now, wrap green embroidery floss in a criss-cross pattern on the cones. Use two coats of Mod Podge stiffy and let it dry for some time. Later, remove the cone and plastic wrap. Decorate on a tray or in any way you like.

4. Elegant DIY Candle Holder:

Beautiful Candle Holder


This is a beautiful rustic craft that you can easily make in the holiday season. Take a small fence picket and cut it to the desired size. Mark the edges where you want to place the candles and drill the holes using a spade bit. Finish it up with a sandpaper and whitewash the board. The candle stand is ready to rock the table!

5. Colorful Jingle Bells Ornaments:

Lovely Ornaments for your Christmas Tree


Take some large jingle bells, some glossy ribbons, and silver pipe cleaners to make this craft. Bend the pipe cleaner to make a loop and attach one jingle bell to each end. Now, add one more bell to another pipe cleaner and tie it to the loop. Decorate with a red ribbon bow and hang these cute little ornaments on your Christmas tree.

6. Silver Snowflake Door Hanger:

A Beautiful Door Hanger


Get some sparkling glittery snowflakes from your superstore. You can arrange them in any pattern that you like. Stick them all together using the hot glue gun and your amazing door hanger is ready in a jiffy!

7. Christmas Tree With Plastic Spoons:

Creative Christmas Craft


Take some plastic spoons and cut off their tops neatly. Lay them face down on a paper and spray the colors that you like. Get a paper mache form and stick these colored spoons one-by-one creating layers. This is an easy craft and results will amaze you!

8. Burlap Pillow Covers:

Cute Pillow Covers


Take burlap pieces and stitch from the edges on two open sides. Place a piece of cardboard between both sides to prevent color from going to the back side. Now, take wooden letters spelling Love and Joy. Paint them and stamp onto the pillow’s front side. Use a red yard to open-stitch around these letters.

9. Cute Tree Shelf:

DIY Wood Christmas Craft


This is a craft that adults will love and enjoy. You need some plywood boards, nails, and screws to get started with this craft. Follow the plans given in the link and stay safe throughout this project.

10. A Simple Christmas Sign:

Christmas craft ideas


You can make this striking Christmas sign to light up a room. It is made from wooden slats painted in a color of your choice. They are stuck on a wooden light up sign. Use paints and lettering with Christmas phrases and trace them onto the painted slats. Now, color the letters neatly and your DIY sign is ready to decorate your home.

11. Pom-Poms On A Wooden Pallet Tree:

Christmas tree craft


Well, it is as simple as buying a shipping crate from an online store and painting a Christmas tree on it. Once this is done, decorate with colorful pom-poms.

12. Cute Advent Calendar Made From Baby Socks:

Advent Calendar


You can hang baby socks in assorted colors from the mantle or railing for a cute countdown to Christmas. Take 24 socks, stick numbers to each of them, clip them to a ribbon, and don’t forget to slip in a surprise gift in each toy for your baby to explore.

13. A Lovely DIY Wreath:

Christmas Wreath crafts


Use old paper towel rolls, mailing tubes, or wrapping paper rolls to make this honeycomb wreath. cut these tubes into pieces of 2-inch each. Now, put a bowl on a flat surface and hot glue these pieces onto each other to make this design. Decorate with jingle bells.

14. DIY Napkin Holder:

Christmas Napkin craft


Trace holly leaves on a piece of felt and cut it out neatly. Fold the leaves in half and make creases by ironing. Now, tie a decorative cord to the base of leaves and add a jingle bell in the middle.

15. Sweet Candy Ornaments:

Melted Ornaments


You’ll need cookie cutters, peppermint candies, a ribbon, and a few other supplies to make this craft. Melt the cookies in the oven in the desired shape and punch a hole when they are a little hot. Thread a ribbon through this hole and your ornaments are ready to be hanged.

16. Colorful Toppers For The Gifts:

Colorful Christmas crafts


These are some crafts that you and kids can enjoy doing together. Use honeycomb paper for the ornament design, paper straws for making the Christmas trees, and colorful yarn to make pom-poms.

17. Fresh Decor For The Christmas Table:

Christmas Table Decor


Add fresh colors and aromas to your Christmas tree with this simple craft. Make chair adornment using an orange studded with a star anise packed in a mesh fruit bag tied with ribbons.

18. A Simply DIY Garland:

Christmas tree crafts


This is one of the simplest Christmas crafts that need some wooden beads and colorful strings. Slide the strings through the beads to make this holiday garland.

19. Creative Gift Toppers:

Simple Christmas crafts


Cut the paper feathers on a variety of cardstock or papers. Use slightly thick paper to make this craft. Color the tip of each feather with a gold pen and glue them to the top of your gifts to amaze everyone.

20. DIY Christmas Bulb Craft:

Beautiful Wall Craft


Take colorful paper for the bulb topper and black paper for the bottom. Cut and fold them as given in the tutorial in the link. Cut a twine in the desired length and slide through the bulbs.

21. A Beautiful Door Swag:

Christmas door crafts


Put together some floral wire, some greenery, and a green ribbon to whip up this amazing door swag. This is the simplest craft that you can do this Christmas.

22. Stunning Agate Coasters:

Beautiful Agate craft


These stunning agate coasters with gilded gold edges are a wonderful addition to your holiday decor. You need some flat agates, gold paint, a soft brush, and sticky dot protectors to make this beautiful craft.

23. Handmade JOY Sign:

JOY Sign on a Pallet


You need 2 wood pallets, oversized JOY letters, and some colorful papers to make this joyous sign for the outdoors. Cover the letters with craft papers and stick them to the pallets using the liquid nails, and Voila! Isn’t is easy?

24. Rustic Christmas Trees:

Rustic Christmas crafts


This is a bit tricky craft for the Christmas decor but the results are worth your efforts. You need some wood pallets to make these trees. Paint them using colors of your choice and some distressed napkins will do the rest of magic.

25. DIY Centerpiece For Table:

Wood crafts for Christmas


You can either make this wooden box or use something you already own. If making it, be safe and use all the gear for protection. Once it’s made, fill it up with a Christmas garland and some birch candles.

26. Handpainted Dishes:

Beautiful Table Decor


Add a peppy floral twist to your dinner table with these beautiful dishes handpainted by you. Take food-safe markers and ceramic dishes to make this easy craft. Get creative and try as many designs as you w

27. Cute Popsicle Ornaments:

Cute popsicle crafts


You need some popsicles, wood paint, twine, glue, and some embellishments to make these tiny sled ornaments for your Christmas tree. It’s easy and stunning. Even kids enjoy making these ornaments.

28. Colorful Sprinkle Ornaments:

Christmas tree decoration ideas


Buy some colorful sprinkles in any shape or size. Take clear ornaments and coat them from inside using varnish. Let it dry for some time and then, fill sprinkles and shake to spread them. This is the cutest ornaments ever.

29. Handmade Reindeer Card:


Cupcake liner crafts


Well, this is a simple craft for the kids. You need some cupcake liners, googly eyes, and red felt or pom-pom to make this craft. Make a lot of adorable Christmas cards using this idea.

30. Paper Bag Angel:

Angel Crafts for Christmas


Take a white paper bag, a circle doily, glitter stick, yellow cardstock, and other craft supplies to make this stunning angel craft. Use skin color paint for the face and yellow paper to make the hair.

31. Paper Snowman Craft:

Snowman Crafts


You will need multi-purpose papers, wooden base, strings, paper punch, Chenille stems, and other craft supplies to make this adorable snowman for your home decor.

32. Recycled Paper Wreath:

Christmas Wreath Crafts


Use a Holly leaf stencil and old greeting cards to make this wreath craft. Cut the cards in proper shape and stick a toothpick at the bottom back side of each leaf. Take a styrofoam wreath to make this creative and eco-friendly craft.

33. Handmade Mason Jar Candle:

Beautiful Mason Jar Crafts


Place a candle in the mason jar and tie a plaid ribbon on the jar. Secure the ribbon with twine and a cute bow. Decorate it with small pinecones and artificial greenery.

34. Cute Candy Cups:

Christmas crafts for kids


Take mini flower pots and paint them in vivid colors. Add embellishments and use felt for making elf ears or hat. Believe it, this is a craft that kids will simply love too much!

35. Paper Straw Holly Garland:

Chair decorations


This is an easy and stunning craft idea for chair decoration. Use paper straws and string them onto a yard with felt Holly leaves and pom-poms decking it up.

36. Santa Hat Door Wreath:

Door wreath crafts


For this craft, you will need white tulle, ribbons, a Santa hat, and a wreath form. Tie tulle around the wreath form and make Santa’s mustache’s for this lovely door wreath.

37. Cute Snowman Craft Using Tea Lights:

Snowman Crafts for Christmas


These snowman faces are simple to make. You will need some tea lights, ribbons, sharpie pens, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and felt. Make snowman face using the black sharpie and hot glue every item to secure firmly. Use an orange sharpie for the nose of snowmen.

38. An Adorable Shadow Box:

Shadow Box Crafts


All you need is a shadow box and a tube of jingle bells that you can buy from any local craft store. Take a Cricut to write any message that you’d want to and enjoy making this craft. Colorful jingle bells add a lot of charm to it.

39. Reindeer Christmas Treats Jar:

Christmas Jar Crafts


Cover the jars with glitter and let them dry. Now, stick googly eyes and red pom-pom to make the face. Take brown pipe cleaners and make the antlers. Fill the jars with cookies or candies. It’s done! You can make these jars in any color or pattern that you like.

40. Beautiful Christmas Wall Art:

Paper Christmas Tree Craft


Make this beautiful wall art by taking strips of colorful cardstock and decorate with a glittery star. Use brown cardstock for the trunk and decorate as you wish. This artwork can be added to any Christmas decor for a festive vibe.

These are our top 40 Christmas craft activities that you can enjoy with the entire family, especially kids. Which one do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to share your own crafts as well.