Before you let your imagination run wild on indoor decoration, make sure that the front of your house looks presentable for Christmas. There will be a sure gap if you forget your porch. Your front and back porch need some loving this Christmas as well. Guests will first see your house facade before entering your home. The most important thing is to create a welcoming feel by simply looking at your house. Whether you are going for a natural look, or a rustic one, we have the perfect idea for you. Perhaps you’re aiming for a mystical look, or romantic facade, here are some wonderful Christmas Porch Decorations. that will inspire you

Christmas Porch Decorations
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Cover you porch with snow. If you’re afraid of slipping on ice, then put a fake one, but I strongly suggest just let nature do its job. Decorate the porch with pine needles and a lamp. The yellow lights would set the ambiance before you actually step inside the house.

Christmas Porch Decoration ideas
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Go mystic by putting bare branches painted white on large vases and placing those on the porch. Furnish the porch with leaves of winter trees, and even place potted winter plants on both sides of the door. Hang a mobile with the word “Believe” on the front steps and feel the magic embracing you. After all, Christmas is a season full of wonder.

Christmas Porch Decoration Ideas
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For the rustic facade, hang pine needles garlands in brown color on the front steps. Use twine and twigs for your trinkets and hang them on the door and the porch. When snow falls, just clear the steps but let it stay on the decors; it actually adds to the whole mood. Place lamps on every step; you’re house will have the look of a perfect inn on a cold Christmas night.

Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas
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Who says Christmas trees are supposed to stay indoors? Break the norm and display a humble Christmas tree on your porch instead. Stack gifts for the guest, or if you’re kindhearted enough, for the poor and invite them for a cup of tea and afternoon sweets. Christmas is all about sharing.

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Don’t hesitate to spend on luxurious decorations for the porch if you have a nice, wide yard. Give your plain house a new facade with pine garlands, and baubles. Place Christmas trees as well. When snow falls, let it gather on your decor as it makes the look more natural and beautiful.

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For a more simplistic look, place your sled on the front door by a small potted pine tree. Hang a banner greeting the guest for Christmas. It creates a more homey feeling, and Christmas is all about being comfortable in our own homes.

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Bring your Christmas out of the house by placing a Christmas tree on the front porch. If you want a different tree than the one inside, then I suggest using a more nature-loving decoration on the tree with twine garlands, pine cones and poinsettia. Wrap gifts with ecopaper and stack them under the tree. Put baskets full of winter leaves and berries as well to complete the look.

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Fill your porch with nostalgia inducing decorations with yellow fairy lights and candles. Go for a natural look with wreath ornaments made of twine and potted pine tree for a humble Christmas tree. This is a perfect place to watch the snow fall on a Christmas afternoon while reminsicing the happy memories of the past year.

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Welcome guests with a green design on your front door. Place potted Christmas trees on both sides of the double doors and wreaths on both doors. Hang snowflake mobiles and create a welcoming but mystical mood.

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Going for a white Christmas theme? Then maximize snowflake trinkets on your front porch. Hang them on the ceiling, or on the potted plants or on both; it doesn’t matter as long as you let your creativity flow and create a balanced and beautiful ornamentation.

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Go mystic with lights. Play with candlelights, baubles with lights and fairy lights on your porch leading to the door. Leave a Santa jacket on a chair on the porch and make it look like Santa just came home. Let him feel comfortable on your house.

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For a simplictic design, use poinsettia flowers and red and white baubles hanging on your front porch. Poinsettia comes abundantly during Christmas season, so why not make the most of it. Put a large bouquet on large pretty pots and post it on both sides of the door.

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Lead you guest at night in your home with paper lanterns lining up your driveway from the fence to the door. The yellow light from the candle gives a sense of nostalgia on a dark Christmas night. It somehow gives the feeling of the three wise men finding baby Jesus through the help of the guiding star.

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Go for a more rustic theme by putting bare branches on pots and placing them on both sides of the door. Place potted poinsettia flowers as well. It recreates the symbol of Christmas; both abundance and unadorned facade of Christmas are well represented this way.

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Go green with your design and use nature’s gifts as decoration on your porch. Place pine cones and winter leaves on decorative pots by the door. Instead of a wreath, use pine cones, and winter berries like holly and mistletoe. Dont forget to leave your sled by the door as well for a perfect homey feel.

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Decorated Christmas Porch Decorations

Go for a simple design with tradtional colors; red and green. Instead of hanging white snowflake mobiles, use red instead and wrap green garlands. Make it more natural by using pine needles for garlands. Display a handful pine cones for added effect.

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Play with color this Christmas by decorating your front door or porch with colorful baubles. Pick complimentary colors like pink and green, or pink and blue. A cool contrast gives more life which is perfect for the look you’re aiming for.

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Be creative by using wall decors on your porch. Display a word that represents Christmas while pasting snowflakes as well. Create an abundant fruit decor with baubles of varying shapes and sizes and snow covered garlands for a cheerful look.

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Create a flowery entrance with potted flowers of various shades. I suggest placing same colored flowers on one pot then another shade on the other. Use contrasting colors as well for an added effect. This look induces comfort for the home-owners and guests as well.

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Have a light play on your porch. Decorate everything with fairy lights. From the door, the Christmas tree, the snowman and the gifts, don’t leave anything unlit. Use colored lights for the added effect.

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For a classic look, place a shelf full of ornaments on the porch with your classy chair and table. Its as if you brought the living room out of the house for some afternoon tea on Christmas.

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Use earthy, rustic colors on your porch design. It creates a homey feel without over indulging on colors. A brown tone on ribbons with white accents give perfect contrast to the white surroundings. Add some pine cones for a natural look.

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Add a glamorous look on your simple decorations by using big bows on your potted plants. Place wrapped gifts with big bows on the porch as well for a more inviting look. Your simplistic design has now a fabulous look.

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Fill your porch with classic and traditional decorations. But don’t forget to give it a new look by letting it hang naturally and effortlessly on your porch. It creates a more natural feel. You’re guest will praise you for your effortless design!

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If you want a foreign look, make use of the translation of Christmas in different language. French is always a safe and classic choice. Greet your guest with a large salutation on your porch and display simple ornaments. The foreign greeting is enough to highlight your theme this Christmas. Joyeux Noel!

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