When you are all set to welcome the festive season, let the little ones have their share of fun too. What can be a better way than letting them play some amusing Christmas games? These games for preschoolers are boredom busters and will set their mood for the holiday season. Kids love playing games and they can learn a lot of things from these fun activities. So, if you are also looking to entertain your preschooler and her friends, here are some great games that you can try:

1. Snowman Fun Game:

Preschooler Christmas games


In this game, you need a few paper plates and pens. Ask the participants to put the plate on their heads and draw a snowman on it. You should give instructions to the kids for every action. For example, ask them to draw a line, make a large snowball for the snowman’s body, make a small snowman, draw the carrot nose, et al.

2. Printable Christmas Bingo:

Christmas games for Preschoolers


This is an absolutely delightful game for preschoolers. You can make them enjoy their Christmas party with this printable game. The children need markers and you can call out the cards one by one. If a player gets all the pictures in one row marked, they will call out Bingo. It’s simple and an easy peasy way to make everyone enjoy the party.

3. Crazy Snowman Slam:

Preschooler games


Take some white cups and decorate them with orange and black craft foam. To play this game, you can take cute snowballs or you can ball up three white socks to knock down the snowmen. Believe it, this is a simple game and children love playing it a lot. So, why not give it a try?

4. Snowman Bowling Game:

Preschooler fun games for Christmas


A unique game that children will love to make and play together. You can make the preschoolers prepare this snowman from tissue boxes, cardstock, markers, and color pens. Once made, you can ask the kids to hit the snowman one by one using a ball. An overall fun exercise for the kids!

5. An Enjoyable Board Game:

Board games for preschoolers


Follow the tutorial given in the guide to make this board game for preschoolers. It is a game that you can play with kids of all ages. All you need a dice to play it together. it will keep the children excited and engaged for a long time. Play it like any board game and follow the same rules.

6. A DIY Memory Game:

Christmas Games for Preschoolers


Make these cute little bells using Hershey’s kisses and some dot stickers. Put the stickers on the bottom of each Hershey kiss with a letter written on each. Make two pairs of each letter in different colors. Now, lay them on the table in a grid formation and ask the children to turn over two at a time and let another player do the same. If it matches, they win.

7. Poke A Christmas Tree:

Preschooler Christmass Games


Want to create this wonderful Christmas tree with hidden presents? Well, it’s simple and fun. You just need a few craft supplies, some small gifts, and your little angels ready to play it. Ask the kids to poke the tissue paper and retrieve their small presents. A perfect game for the preschoolers.

8. A Fun-Filled Cup Stacking Game:

An Exciting Christmas Party Game for kids


Let the kids take turns for stacking the pile of red cups and a white pom-pom until the whole stack falls down. Now, count the number of cups stacked by each player. Give a small present to the winner. You can play this game in any other way that you feel will delight the kids.

9. An Engaging Christmas Toss Game:

Bean Bag Tossing Game


Make this game this year and let the kids enjoy it over and over again. All you need to do is gather the right stuff like fabric scraps, felt scrape, usual craft supplies, and a big paper roll. Make small fabric ornaments filled with grains or any other small item that gives them some weight. Now, make a Christmas tree on the paper with different sections having increasing values. Let the kids toss their small bean bag ornaments from a distance and calculate the maximum scores to declare the winners.

10. An Enjoyable Jingle Bells Tossing Game:

Adorable Jingle Bells Tossing Game


Take some red cups, cardboard, some colorful jingle bells, and your hot glue gun to prepare this enjoyable game for the preschoolers. You need to arrange 10 plastic cups on a canvas board and repeat the same for another cardboard or canvas. Now, flip the boards and stick two cups on one side to create legs. The game is ready and kids will have a blast playing it.

11. An Interesting Ball Sorting Game:

Christmas Fun for Preschoolers


Make this large Christmas tree from a cardboard. Stick a green posterboard after cutting a Christmas tree shape from the cardboard. Cut the circles and stick colored papers using the colors of pit balls. You need two large baskets as well for this game. Get everything prepared and watch these little ones having so much of fun playing this game.

12. Candy Cane Sensory Bin:

Sensory Games for Preschoolers


There are so many ways for kids to enjoy playing this sensory candy cane game. Color a bag of rice with red food color and add some peppermint extract for extra fragrance. pit it into a bowl and let dry for the overnight. Add some small Christmas decorations so that kids can play I-spy or simply let them make patterns in the tray filled with colored rice.

13. Hear The Jingle Bells:

Christmas sensory games for preschoolers


For playing this game, you need to make small cardboard boxes and fill each of them with a stuff that rattles and make a different sound. For example, take dried rice, jingle bells, pasta, wooden rings, or buttons. Now, gift-wrap each box and let the preschoolers guess what’s inside each of the boxes. Using these boxes, you can play treasure hunt on a table, pass the parcel, hide and seek the boxes, or any other game that your kids love to play.

14. Christmas Who Am I Game:

A Fun Christmas Game for Preschoolers


Get some printable game cards to play this game. Tie an elastic band on the forehead of each player and let them select a card one by one. The card will be tucked into their headband. Now, the player will ask simple questions to figure out which character is tucked into their headband. This will be a great fun and a learning exercise for your children.

15. A Wintery Snowman Bowling Game:

An Exciting Christmas Game for Small Kids


To enjoy this game, you need some cardboard tubes, some pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and white craft paper. Make your cure snowmen bowling pins. Decorate them with ear muffs and scarves to keep the snowmen warm and toasty. Once they are ready, stack them up and grab your ball to knock them down.

16. Hunt For the Candy Cane:

Candy Cane Hunt Game for Christmas


Let your kid learn the simple math in a fun way with this game. You can hide 10-15 candy canes in different corners and places in a room. You can make two teams for the game. Ask the preschoolers to search for them. Once they find the candy canes, make them count the number and see if all canes are collected.

17. Fun Mitten Matching Game:

Fun Christmas Acticities for Preschoolers


This will be a great learning experience for toddlers and preschoolers alike. You can make felt mittens or use craft paper. Make two mittens in the same color for matching games while you can get creative as you want to make the game more fun and exciting for the kids. For this game, you can also use patterned or colored paper and make kids match the same patterns.

18. Roll And Cover Christmas Tree:

Christmas Tree Math Game


Let your kids learn some simple math while enjoying the holiday fun. This printable game is easy and amazingly entertaining. You need the printable sheets, some erasers, and a foam dice to get started.

19. Christmas Tree Counting Game:

Math Christmas Games for Kids


Make these Christmas trees from a green poster board or cardstock. Use dot stickers and you’ll also need some wooden clothespins with numbers written on them. now, ask the kids to match the clothespin with the number of dot stickers on a tree. An engaging game to keep the preschoolers busy while you handle your rest of the holiday chores!

20. Ornament Pick Up Game:

Fine Motor Games for Christmas


Well, this is the simplest game that you can set up for your preschooler and her friends at the Christmas party. All you need is a basket, a lot of Christmas baubles, and a spatula tong. You can convert it into a ‘Minute to Win’ game and ask the kids to pick as many ornaments as they can in a minute.

21. Number Hop Game:

Amusing Christmas Game for Kids


This is an amazing life-sized game that kids will definitely love. So, gather the gingerbread men printables, painter’s tape, and cardstock. Now, secure the cards using a tape on the floor. Spread them out as per their numbers and ask the kids to jump from one number to another.

22. Christmas Scavenger Hunt:

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Games


Make a scavenger hunt game for your little preschoolers. It’s simple fun that keeps kids engaged for long hours. Hide some simple items like candy canes, reindeer antlers, or ornaments at different places in the room. Give instructions and clues to the kids and let them find out everything. They are going to love it.

23. Snowball Shovel Race:

Snowball Games for Christmas


All you need are some cotton balls, a spoon, and a bowl to play this amusing game with preschoolers. Set the timer and ask kids to put as many cotton balls as they can in the bowl within one minute.

24. Stocking Guessing Game:

Stocking Guessing Game


Wrap some small items like holly, pine cones, Santa faces, candy canes, etc. and place them inside a roomy stocking. Now, let the children guess one by one what’s inside each stocking.Whoever makes the most right guesses wins!

25. Stack The Gifts Game:

Games for Preschoolers


There are many ways to play with the gifts wrapped in bright colors. If playing with preschoolers, you can stacking game. Make two teams and ask each of them to stack piles of games. See how many gifts each team can stack before the pule gets toppled. the team with the highest number of gifts in a pile wins the game.

26. Ring Toss On Santa Hat Game:

Fun Games for Christmas


This is a nice game to enjoy both indoors and outdoors. You can simply get some Santa hats standing firmly on cardboard cones of crumpled paper. Get some wooden rings that are lightweight. Now, let every child toss the rings to as many hats as they can.

27. Christmas Party Bow Games:

Christmas party games for preschoolers


If you want a game that’s easy peasy and fun, this is it. All you need are a few packets of colorful bows to play a lot of games with your preschooler and her friends. There are many variations of this game. so, be creative and play in any way your kids like it.

28.  Jingle Bells Drop Game:

Jingle Bells Drop Game


This is really an amusing game for the preschoolers. You need two glass vintage bottles, a small tong, and some colorful jingle bells. Now, make the kids pick one bell at a time using tong and drop in the bottle. Stay close when kids play this game because there are choking hazards with jingle bells.

29. Balance On The Christmas Tree:

Christmas games for preschoolers


Make a giant Christmas tree on the floor using the green planter’s tape. Make some colorful paper ornaments and let kids take turns to walk along the trunk and branches of the tree to reach their target.

30. An Easy Obstacle Sensory Game:

Preschooler games for Christmas


Make your kid develop the sense of hearing with this game. It is easy to set up in the outdoors. Hang a hula hoop from the beam and tie some jingle bells on the top. Now, ask the kids to pass through the ring without touching the bells.

These are our top ideas to have a lot of fun with the preschoolers at a Christmas party. You can play these games with minimum supplies and let the kids enjoy their time. So, which one do you like? Please let us know in the comments below.

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