Christmas parties ought to be fun for everybody present. That is what people go to a Christmas party for: to have fun. So be sure to make you Christmas party lively by including activities where everybody can participate.

The best way to do that would be to organize Christmas party games to draw out people’s energy.  Try to come up with games that nobody among the guests has played before to make the games more exciting.

Here are some fresh  Christmas game ideas to help you make your Christmas party an unforgettable affair.


Snow Ball Fight (Without Snow)

Outdoor snowball fight is a fun game that can be played with or without actual snowballs. You can make some faux snowballs using pantyhose- any color will do but white would be preferable to make your snowballs look convincing.

Game Plan

  • Cut the pantyhose into several sections.
  • Fill each section with flour and tie both ends to secure the flour and voila! You now have a snowball.
  • Now, it’s time to set up two bases on opposite sides of the yard.
  • Place the snowballs in a bucket and begin to fire away.

The game can have a messy aftermath, but the fun is worth it.


Christmas Game for Kids: Snowball Relay

For this game you need to divide the guests into two teams.

Christmas Game Plan

  • Prepare two boxes of cotton balls (one for each team), then give each member of the teams a plastic straw.
  • Prepare another larger box filled with faux snow balls (cotton balls) and place it about eight or ten feet away from the teams.
  • Give a GO signal, and have the first player of each team run towards the big box of cotton balls and using the plastic straw, pick out one cotton ball by drawing out the air from the straw to create suction.
  • The player must take this cotton ball and place it on the team box. If the cotton ball is dropped, the player must pick it up with the plastic straw.
  • As soon as the player releases the cotton ball into the team box, the next player should go. The team who finished first is the winner.


Christmas Party Games for Groups

You need two groups for this game. Decide which team should go first by having them play rock-paper-scissors first.

  • Select one member from a team to draw out a piece of paper from a hat, where the name of a Christmas carol is written.  The paper should not be shown to anyone.
  • The idea is to let the other members of the team guess the name of the Christmas carol by giving them hints through acting out the name of the Christmas carol.
  • Once the team guessed the right answer, they would have to sing the Christmas carol as loudly as they can.