Oh, what fun it is the day of Christmas! Our ideas for Christmas games are sure to make all the grown-up visitors in the mood for holiday spirit and fun.

Read on to find a full-on deal of family friendly activities for holiday season.

10 best game ideas for Christmas

Christmas Games
  1. One lie and two truths

You can start with one question which can be anything from the worst memories to the best of them. You can ask all the people in the room to say two things which are true for the answer to the question and one lie. However, the lie will be still speaking the reciprocation of the truth. So, you will anyway know what the truth was!

  1. Tossing the Jingle bell

All you need is cups, bells, and a board. Stick the cups to a board and place them on a platform. Make all your guests toss the jingle bells in the glued cups one by one and see who can drop the most balls in the cups and score the best out of all the members playing the game. Keep a lot of prizes or dares for the best scorer and the lowest scorer respectively to add to the fun of the game and arouse the interest of the participants in the game.

  1. What number of ornaments can you spot?

You surely decorate your Christmas tree with a lot of ornaments on the eve of the Christmas to make your house look beautiful. Make use of the ornaments and develop a game which will be entertaining and also indulge the participants in suspense. You can ask all the guests to take a guess on the number of ornaments which are resting on the tree as soon as they come. Note down their guesses on a sheet of paper and keep them with you. At the end of the night, revise the guesses and see who made it closest to the right number. Award him or her with a prize.

  1. Let’s limbo on Christmas

This is the most fun game you can ever indulge yourselves in while you are having a day with your pals on the day of Christmas. Use a Christmas scarf or a rope to create a border from whose below people will have to pass without falling or touching the ground. Check how low your friends can get while they are trying to win the game. To make this game more interesting, you can also ask the guests to get a balloon inside their shirts which will make their bellies fat and add flavour to the game by making it more challenging.

  1. Name the Christmas carol

It is time to test the knowledge of your friends of the Christmas songs and carols they have heard of. Give everyone a chance to hum their favorite Christmas carol and let the other participants take a guess as to which the carol is. The first one to give the correct answer wins and gets a prize. Involve as many people as you can for more fun and variety in Christmas carols.

  1. Guess the Christmas character

This game is also known as ‘Hed Banz’ or ‘Celebrity’. Take a few sticky notes and write names of all the Christmas characters you know on those sticky notes. Each player has to take a note and see the name of the character on it. Without telling any one what the character is, they just have to stick the same on their heads. Other participants have to guess the name of the character which the person has got by asking the person a few objectives yes or no questions to understand more and take a better guess or find you the correct answer. The person who will be able to guess the most character will win the game.

  1. Jell-O shot booze Christmas tree

This is a fun game, however, you cannot involve kids in this one, so make sure that the kids in the house are snuck in their beds while you start with this game. All you have to is make a pyramidal Christmas tree on the centre table of your house with bowls or glasses of jelly and booze shots of different colors. Make different teams and ask the participants of the team to choose one color and represent the same color. The people on the same team have to drink all the shots of jelly and booze. The team which finishes the shots first wins the game and gets a prize after winning.

  1. Guess what?

All you need for this game is 15 to 20 items which are related top Christmas, a pen, and stockings. Gather around in a circle and fill the stockings with different items which you have. Let everyone have the chance to touch and feel the stockings and make a guess. All of the people can write the guesses with the pen they have on the paper. After every body gets a chance, they can each exchange with each other if their guesses were correct or not. the person with the most correct guesses wins the games.

  1. Once upon a time

This is an amazing fun game which will make a memorable game and also let you discover more about the childhood memories of all the participants. All you have to do is take a few photographs of childhood of the participants and make everyone see them. The people in the game have to recognize who the child in the photograph is to win the game. The person who recognizes the most participants in the photographs. Hope you will have fun teasing each other after this game about how funny and cute they used to look in their childhood.

  1. Guess the gift

Everyone is going to get you a gift at the time of Christmas and you are going to get them a gift as well. While exchanging gifts, take a guess of what you guys are gifting to each other. The person who guesses, get a bonus gift.

Hope this Christmas is full of fun and thrill for you and make these games a part of your day to add all the more fun to it.

Merry Christmas people!