20 Fun Christmas Games For Teens

Teens are happening and dynamic souls with a highly competitive spirit, who keep looking for ways to exhibit their skills. Since one of the prime attractions of Christmas is community spirit it fosters, how about building it with Christmas games for teens. Christmas games can come really handy for teens as it gives them an opportunity to interact with other youngsters in a spirit of boisterous and festive camaraderie. So if you have some teens coming over for the party, take a look at our collection of Christmas games for teens below.

20 Christmas Games For Teens

  1. Pass The Bows:

Christmas Games For Teens

As the name suggests, you’ll need some bows to play this game. Divide your teen guests into equal numbers and make the first person in each team wrap the right arm around the left arm of the person standing next to them. The entire team should be built up this way. The first person then has to take a bow and pass it on to the person standing next to him without using her hands. The bow has to be passed to the entire team. If the bow falls at any point of time, it has to be lifted and passed without using hands. If the chain breaks, the game will start again for that team. The team that finishes passing the bow to all its members will win the game.

  1. Oven Mitten Game:

Christmas Games For Teens

In this game, one player from each team will compete to see who opens the famous Holiday candies, Hershey’s Kisses fastest while wearing oven mittens. The time of each player will be recorded and the bag will be handed over to another player of the same team at the end of each round. It’s up to you how many rounds you want to keep of this game. The winning team will be the team with the fastest time combined.

  1. Christmas Movie Trivia:

You’ll need a pen, paper and arrange a series of questions related to Christmas movies. You can prepare the following questions for example: Who played the title role of Elf: a. Owen Wilson b. Robin Williams c. Will Farrell? Gather the participants in a room and ask them one question at a time. The player who gives the most correct answers will be the winner.

  1. Twelve Days Of Christmas Relay:

Before playing this game, gather a collection of items that convey the theme “Twelve Days Of Christmas” and two buckets. Fill two buckets with the items and keep it aside for the game. Divide the participants into two teams and give each of them a bucket. When the hostess says go, the teammates have to gather the times according to the lyrics. The team that arranges the twelve items first will be the winner.

  1. Christmas Carol Charade Relay:

Christmas Games For Teens

To play this game, you’ll need a pen, a bowl, and pieces of paper. Write down the names of popular Christmas carols on the pieces of paper, fold and put them in a bowl. Divide the participants into several teams and make one player from each team come forward and pick a paper. The job of the same teammate would be to convey the carol to his team members without uttering a single word. To make the game more competitive, allot a specific time. If the team can guess the carol within the specified time, it will gain one point. The team with the most points will be the winner.

  1. Santa’s Beard Relay Race:

Christmas Games For Teens

In this game, the players will gather on one side of the room and the other side of the room will have a jar filled with cotton balls. Divide the participants into teams of equal numbers. Two would be best for this game. Let the team pick one member from their team and smear their face with petroleum jelly. The players will then race to the other end of the team, stick their faces into the cotton balls jar and try to get as many cotton balls attached as possible. The first player will then return and the next player in line will do the same thing. The team that accumulates most number of cotton balls will win the game.

  1. Name The Holiday Tune:

Christmas Games For Teens

To play this you, please arrange for a music player and a few DVDs related to Christmas. Gather the gang of teens in a room and play a few notes of the holiday tune. The objective of the game is to guess the tune correct. Each correct answer will get them a point. If you want to make the game even more competitive, ask the teens to name the singer or musician. Reward extra 5 points for each correct answer.

  1. Carol Pictionary:

Christmas Games For Teens

Just like regular Pictionary, even Carol Pictionary requires preliminary preparations. You’ll need paper, pens, marker and a board to player Carol Pictionary. Write down some Christmas carols on papers, fold and put it in a bowl.  Divide the participants into equal members and ask the member from each team to pick a paper and draw the carol on the board, which believe us, would be very difficult. Each correct answer will get them a point and the team with most points will win.

  1. Santa’s Hat:Christmas Games For Teens

You’ll need plenty of Santa’s hat to play this game. As the teenagers enter the venue, give each of them a Santa hat, which they’ll have to keep wearing until they see it off the host’s head. Now let everyone mingle with each other and enjoy the food. Once you see the participants are distracted, take off the hat and see who does the same. The kid who notices you take off the hat first will be the winner.

  1. Snowman Under The Chin:

This fun Christmas game for teenagers requires a whistle and small snowman dummies. Divide the teenagers into two teams comprising of an equal number of players. One player from each team has to try holding the snowman dummy under his chin. When the hostess blows a whistle, he has to pass the snowman to the player standing next to him, without using his hand. The snowman has to be passed in a similar way until it reaches the last player standing. The team that finishes it first successfully without dropping will be the winner.

  1. Marshmallow Toss:

To play this game, you will need one wreath, a large bag of marshmallows and a bucket for each player. Give one person a responsibility to hold the wreath and put a bucket just behind it. The job of the players would be to throw marshmallows through the wreath, but it should land into the bucket, then only it would count. The player who is able to land most marshmallows in the bucket will win the game.

  1. The Holiday Maze:

Christmas Games For Teens

This is a perfect game to get the party started for the teens. You need to arrange for a ball of string or yarn for each child who will be attending the party. Tie a small gift at the end of each side, so that everyone gets a reward. Now hide the prize somewhere and run the yarn through the room, passing it under the table legs, furniture or anywhere you think it will make the game competitive. Tie a pencil at the other end of the string. Do the same thing for every player? Once the teenagers have arrived, hand them the pencil and tell them to find what’s at the end of another side.

  1. Dress The Santa:

Christmas Games For Teens

You need a bag of cotton balls, several rolls of streamers in the shade red, black and white and some masking tape. Divide the teens into teams, comprising of 3 to 4 players. Let the teammates pick the player they want to turn into Santa. The job of the teammates would be to dresses up the chosen player as Santa Claus. The catch is that they cannot use scissors for making the costume. Let the judges decide the best Santa.

  1. Limbo Belly:

Christmas Games For Teens

This is one of those games where everyone will enjoy being in ‘limbo’, even the teens. You can give a Christmas touch to this game by using a garland strand or Christmas lights instead of a limbo stick. Adding ‘Santa’ stomach is also easy. You’ll need pillows, belt, and a large t-shirt to achieve it. play Christmas music and see the bellies of the teens shaking like jelly as they laugh in limbo.

  1. Christmas Stocking Guessing Game:

Christmas Games For Teens

To play this game, divide the teens into teams of equal numbers and give each team a stocking filled with 10 to 20 small items. The players of the teams have to guess the items present in the stocking by feeling the outside of the stocking. They can use a pen and paper to write down the guesses. The team that makes the most correct guesses will win the game. You can reward them with the items present in the stockings.

  1. Dirty Santa:

Christmas Games For Teens

Teenagers can play this game either in pairs or individually. And you’ll have to inform each of them to bring a gift valued $20 to $25 or any value you think is perfect. And the gift must be perfectly wrapped. You can also do a Surprise Ending Gift, to motivate the players to bring best gifts. Now suppose there are ten participants. The hostess has to prepare different chits of paper with numbers one to ten. Put all the papers in a bowl and make each player draw out a paper. Arrange the gifts to the center of the table and ask each player to open it and show to everyone. You can read the rest of the instructions here 

  1. Truth And Lies About Christmas Gifts:

Christmas Games For Teens

This is another awesome Christmas version of the classic game, Two Truths, and a Lie. The teens have to speak about the most terrible gifts they ever received, especially during Christmas and laugh over it. Now make the teens stand in a circle and write down two gifts they have ever received. One should be the real one and one made up. Make one participant read out the guest list and other have to decide whether it’s a real or made up one. Let the teenagers explain why they disliked the gifts. This will make the atmosphere lighter.

  1. Blindfold Christmas Drawing:

Arrange for some paper plates and markers for each player playing this name. Blindfold the participants and tell them to hold the paper plate on top of their head. The hostess will give drawing instructions while the participants have to draw the scene onto the plate. The best drawing will win, but the giggles it will generate will be priceless.

  1. Holiday Storyteller:

Christmas Games For Teens

Make the teenagers stand in a circle and begin the game by asking one person to start a holiday-themed story with one sentence. Each player will recite what the previous player has said and will add their own sentence at the end of it. It has to continue as a chain and if they forget any line while recalling the story, they will be out of the game. You need to keep building the story until just one person is left, who can recall all the details right from the beginning. The game is pretty challenging but will hone the memory skills of the teenagers as well.

  1. Hot Potato:

Christmas Games For Teens

Before playing the game, the hostess has to wrap a present in several layers of wrapping paper. Once the guests have arrived, tell them to gather in a circle, set a timer and ask the participants to pass the present around the circle. When the timer goes off, the one holding the present will unwrap one layer. The winner will be the person who unwraps the last layer of the gift.

Your Christmas party will be even better with all these Christmas games for teenagers. Share with us your favorite Christmas games for teens by commenting below.

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