Employees spend most of their life working, even during the holidays. So it should be the responsibility of the boss and seniors to arrange a Christmas gathering with loads of fun games and activities. Christmas party games for work should be a bit complex, with the right amount of competitive fun. Some coworkers may not like each other, so the games should serve as a means to help them interact and have fun with each other. Below we have got some fun Christmas party games for work that will get everyone involved and even help them forget the stresses and stressors for the day. Check them out!

20 Christmas Party Games For Work

  1. Gift Wrap Up:

Divide the participants into a pair and tie the right hand of one player to the left hand of another player. The pair will then try to wrap a gift box using the free hands. If you want to make the game even more challenging, give a gift box to replicate. Make it harder by setting a time limit of 1 to 3 minute. The HR or the boss will decide the best-wrapped gift and the winner will get a reward.

  1. Ugly Sweater Contest:

This is one of the most popular contests in the workplace, churches, schools and of course, homes. When you are announcing the Christmas party gathering at the office, let everyone know that you will host an ugly sweater contest and ask the players to dress accordingly. It’s up to the participants whether they want to make the sweater themselves or get it readymade. They just have to ensure that their sweater is the ugliest. The seniors of the office will vote for the ugliest Christmas sweater. Announce the winner at the end of the party and reward them with a gift.

  1. Oh, Christmas Tree:

If you want to promote team spirit in a fun way, Oh Christmas tree would be the perfect game for you. It will help them work as a team and will even introduce some healthy competition between each other. To play this game, you’ll need to arrange for ornaments, streamers and tinsels, all in same numbers for each team. The team will pick one player, who they will transform into a human Christmas tree and the rest will be the elves. It would be cute if they dressed as elves as well. The team that makes the first human tree will be the winner. Just remind them that they have to utilize each item and if something falls, they cannot pick it up.

  1. Christmas Song Picture Scramble:


This is one of those games that can be played with as many or as few players as you want. And there are four different ways to play it, all of which you can find by clicking the link about. Basically, players have to combine cards to create names of popular Christmas carols. So the manager will have to do a few preliminary preparations before starting the game. He will have to print and cut out all the cards and put it on display. The player who guesses the most number of songs will win.


  1. Name That Carol:

Give someone a responsibility to print out a list of carol titles along with the lyrics. Now distribute the list to the players. You can play the game individually if there are not enough players to form teams. The objective of the game is to guess the carol title reading the lyrics. The team or player who guesses the most correct answers will win the game. Alternatively, you can assign one member to sing the carols and let people guess the title. You can make the game more challenging by singing the middle or end of the carol.

  1. Cookie Exchange:

Christmas Party Games For Work

To play this game, you will have to inform the employees to get a few dozens of their favorite cookies, without informing anyone what they are getting. Besides, you’ll have to arrange for a container for each participant, a paper and papers. Don’t forget to place a number on every tray of the cookies. Invite the participants to fill their cookie containers, which they can take home. And as they do that, they have to write down the name of the person they think brought the cookies. The player with the most correct guesses should be rewarded with a small prize, such as a mug or half a gallon of milk.

  1. Christmas Guess Who:

Christmas Party Games For Work

While announcing the Christmas party, ask the employees to get a picture of themselves when they were children during the Christmas. Collect all the pictures and tape them to a poster board. Don’t forget to number the photos and put a stack of cards and pens in front of the board. When the employees arrive at the venue, tell them to guess the person in the photos. They have to write the names and their name on the index card and hand it over to you. The employee who writes the most correct guesses will take home a small prize.

  1. Name The Logo:

Before the party, go through several magazines and cut out advertising symbols or logos of famous brands and paste it on a notecard. Make sure your number the notecards so that the participants can write down their guesses. When the party is going on, make the guests walk around the room and write down their guesses. The player with most number of correct guesses will win.

  1. Find Your Christmas Carol:

Christmas Party Games For Work

To play this game, you will need a basket or hat and slips of paper with Christmas carol written on it. there should be two slips each for one song. You will need an even number of players for this game and put an equal number of the slips in the basket. Invite the participant to come forward and pick up one slip from the basket. The moment they get the slip, they must start humming the song and look for the partner singing the same tune. When the partners find each other, they have to shout, “Merry Christmas”, to let everyone know they have won.

  1. Christmas Memories:

Christmas Party Games For Work

Here’s a perfect game to test the attention to detail capability of your employees. You’ll need a tray and a few Christmas related items, such as an ornament, a cookie, a candy cane, a stocking and a few more. Arrange the items on a tray and take a picture of it. When the party is going on, tell the employees to take turns at looking at the tray and its content. Now take off the content and ask the participants to arrange the tray in exactly the same manner. The person who does it correctly or is at least close to it will be the winner.

  1. Guess Who:

Christmas Party Games For Work

This is one of the best Christmas party games for work. When the guests start coming, put a post head on their back with the name of a pop artist, politician or sportsperson scribbled on it. The player should in no way know the name scribbled on his back. What the others have to do is talk to the player as if they are talking to the character itself. If the player guesses the character, he must be rewarded with a point.

  1. Left And Right Gift Exchange:

Christmas Party Games For Work

This is one of the best ways to exchange gifts at an office Christmas party. Make everyone gather in a circle as the gifts are being passed out. Next comes the first part. The manager or anyone in charge has to read the left/right story. Whenever there comes a word right, everyone has to pass the gift to the right and when the word left comes up, they must pass the gift to the left. When the story is over, the players will keep the gift they end up with. You can either make the story on your own or look up for them on the internet.

  1. Santa’s Treasure Hunt:

Christmas Party Games For Work

If possible, trying arranging for caps for each team, just ensure that the caps are of different colors. If you want, you can ask the players to carry the cap or hat of a specific color. Before the players arrive, hide some Christmas related objects for each team. You can include objects such as mistletoe, stars, bells, reindeer and so on. When the players arrive, divide them into teams and send each of them the mission to find the objects along with the list of clues. The team that finds the object first will be the winner.

  1. Worst Christmas Present Ever:

Christmas Party Games For Work

If you’re aware of the game, two truths and a lie, then you won’t have much difficulty understanding this game. The employees who are up for this game will share with everyone three of the worst Christmas gifts they have ever received, out of which, one would be a lie. The other players will guess which gift is a lie. You can give each player marked as 1, 2 and 3. They have to hold up that card while making their guess. Each player will get a card for detecting lie correctly.

  1. Christmas Kisses:

Christmas Party Games For Work

Do not let the name of this game fool you. The terms Kisses here actually refers to the famous chocolates by Hershey’s. To include this game in your party, you’ll have to arrange for several pairs of mittens and Hershey Kisses. Divide the participants into groups and hand over a bowl of Hershey Kisses to each team. Now, one player from each team will put on the mittens and try to unwrap the one chocolate on the call of go. They’ll put the unwrapped chocolate back in the bowl, take off the mitten and send another player. Each player must unwrap at least two chocolates within the said time. The game looks easy but is pretty tough. The team that unwraps most number of Hershey’s Kisses will take home a large bag of Hershey’s Kisses.

  1. Sing A Carol:

Christmas is the time of listening and singing carols. So why not incorporate the same in your office Christmas party. Divide the participants into teams and make them sing Christmas carols. To make the game more competitive, tell the teams to begin the carol that stars with the letter the previous carol ends. Or make it funny by making it compulsory to begin every carol with the famous Ho Ho Ho.

  1. Ornament Dunkle:

Get hold of some light, plastic or felt ornaments, remove the hook and replace it with a clothespin. As the guests arrive for the party, you have to pin the ornaments on the guests, without them noticing. If the employees catch you red-handed, you cannot pin them again, but someone else can. When the player discovers that he has been pinned, he must try and pin someone else. At every hour, you have to ring a bell and whoever has the ornament must take a shot or anything you ask for.

  1. Couples Who Am I:

Christmas Party Games For Work

This is another fun Christmas game to play at work. Write out the names of the one half of the famous couples or pairs on Post-it notes. Stick the name on each pair’s back. Now as they are wandering around the room, they have to search for their better halves, asking just yes or no questions.

  1. Hamburger:

Write down the different ingredients required for making a burger on sticky notes or piece of paper. Tape the notes on the back of each player. Now the players have to assemble themselves right in the order the burger was made. To make the game competitive, pit two teams against each other. The first team to finish will win.

  1. Death By Winking:


Christmas Party Games For Work

Give each worker a piece of paper, in which M will stand for the murderer, and D for detective. The rest chits will have ‘v’, which denotes victim. The detective has to kill the murderer by giving a subtle wink. The victims will die as soon as they see the wink. The game will end when the murderer is found and the fastest detective will win the game.

Remember, it’s best to start Christmas party games for work when all the colleagues have arrived. This will prevent further animosity and will make everyone feel equal. Furthermore, it will even help to break the ice for those workers who do not know each other well. We’d love to know your views on these Christmas party games for work. Let us know by commenting below.

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