Christmas is the time when the entire family gets together, even those who you rarely get to see throughout the year. And when the whole family is there, nothing could be more fun than playing some fun family Christmas games. Games are a wonderful way to bond with the people, which, unfortunately, you don’t get to see often. Moreover, games even get the kids involved in activities together, which again, is a rarity. So whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or just a simple get together, beat the boredom with these awesome Christmas games for families.

18 Fun Family Christmas Games

  1. Shout It:

Shout It is one of those family Christmas game that people can play all night long and not even get bored of it. It’s not just fun and easy to play, but is educational too. The game is ideal for 10 to 15 players and involves 4 levels. On the first level, the players will shout out the word that begins with the same letter as the picture. The player who calls out the correct answer first will keep the card. The player who has the most cards by the end of the game will be the winner. We have always included the link to purchase the card. So go ahead.


  1. Pass It On:


This hilarious family drawing game will make everyone roll on the floor laughing. Remember the broken telephone game? Pass It On is just like that, except that it comes in drawing.  And no, you don’t have to be an artist to play this game. Even the not so perfect drawing will come in handy. One player will write a word combination and pass it on to the teammate on his or her side, who has to illustrate what his teammate has written. The player will then fold the writing part and pass it on to another player who has to describe the drawing. The process will continue until no place is left on the paper template.


  1. Blindfold Christmas Drawing:

Here’s another fun drawing, which everyone will enjoy, be it, kids or adults. Blindfold each of the participants and make them hold a paper plate on their heads. Now, the host or hostess has to read the instructions, while the participants draw the story on the plate.

An example of the instructions includes:

  1. Draw a line for the floor
  2. Make a Christmas tree and hang some ornaments on it.
  3. Make a star for the tree topper.
  4. Put not more than three presents beside the tree.
  5. Now draw a Santa near the tree and 3 elves standing next to the tree.

When you’ve finished giving instructions, take down the plates and see the masterpiece the participants have made. The player whose drawing is closest to the instruction will win.

  1. Penguin Waddle Game:

Family Christmas Games

To play this game, you first have to divide the participants into teams of four. Please note that you can have as many numbers of teams as you want. Next, you have to set up cones at least 25 feet apart from where the participants are standing. The first player will begin the game by placing a balloon between their knees and walking down to the cone and back, just like a penguin. As the team member returns, he has to pass on the balloon to the next team member. The team or the team member that drops the balloon would restart the game.  The first team that completes the relay would win the game.

  1. Candy Elevator:

Here’s another fun family Christmas game, which everyone, including grandparents, will enjoy. In this game, the participants have to wrap the string around the ears and try to pull the pencil stacked with M&Ms and eat. The game may look easy at first, but it’s can be very difficult to maintain balance. The one who manages to eat all the M&Ms without dropping and in the shortest time will win the game.


  1. Bible Replay:

Family Christmas Games

Bible Replay is a perfect game if you belong to a religious family. The game involves dividing the participants into two teams and giving each of them a verse from the Bible to act out. Each team will get only 15 minutes to put together their skit, following which, they’ll have to perform in front of the judges. The judges will declare the best team as the winner.

  1. Human Christmas Tree:

Family Christmas Games

This game can never go out of fashion. This hilarious game involves decorating a family member as the tree, and in the process, proving loads of photographic opportunity to everyone. Divide the participants into teams and let the teammates decide who they want to turn into a human tree. The props required for making the Christmas tree will be provided by the host herself. She can give them oversized green fabrics, which will act as Christmas trees. Set a time limit, from 3 to 5 minutes and when you say go, the teammates will gather and decorate their human Christmas tree with the props provided. The elders at the party will decide the winner of the game.

  1. Gift Relay:

Here’s another fun game to involve all the family members. It would be definitely a treat for anyone, running back and forth across the room with stacked gifts. The game must have two teams, each consisting of ten participants. You need to set a table each with empty gift boxes for each participant. Ensure that both the tables are at least 20 feet apart. Make five members of each team stand at the end of two tables.

Now, the first team member will pick one gift and carry it across the room to the other table. The second team member will stack the second gift on the first one and head back to the other table. He will then hand over the stack to the other team member who will aim to get it successfully to his other team member standing at the other table without dropping. The team that manages to stack and carry all ten gifts successfully without dropping would be the winner.

  1. Two Truths And A Lie:

Family Christmas Games

This is one of those classic Christmas family games that does not require any preliminary preparations. It’s actually the regular Two Truths and a Lie game, but with the Christmas twist. In this game, you need to ask the guest to come with three Christmas gifts- two gifts that they have received in the past and the third should be a lie. The participants have to guess which Christmas gifts are true and which one is a lie.

  1. Christmas Bible Verse Jeopardy:

Family Christmas Games

Christmas Bible Verse Jeopardy is probably the best game to play with your Church group friends or to acquaint your children with the history of Christmas and Jesus. Divide the members into two teams. One member of the team will ask a question related to the Bible or Christianity from various parts of the Bible and the teammates have to guess the verse. For instance, a participant can ask, “Where does God give the sign that a virgin will conceive and give birth to a son?” appear in the Bible. If the teammate gives the correct answer, he will earn one point for the team. The team that earns the maximum points will win.

  1. Christmas Memory Test:

Family Christmas Games

The objective of this game is to remember the items removed from the tray. So before playing, you have to arrange a tray and 10 to 15 small Christmas related items that you can place on the tray. You can make use of things like ornaments, cookie cutters, cookies, mini pies, nutcracker, wrapping paper, Christmas candle and so on. Hand over a pen and paper to each participant and give them a view of the tray. You should let the participants study the tray for at least 1 minute. When you say go, the participants have to write down all the items on the tray. The player who lists down the most items will win the game.

  1. Cluedo:

Family Christmas Games

Cluedo is an awesome mystery game to play with families during Christmas. To play this game, you’ll need at least 4 participants. The aim of the game is to kill another participant by giving them a Christmas object. If the participant takes the object, he will die. The last player standing will be the winner. To play this name, each player will write their name and the name of an object that can be easily passed on to someone. The object must be related to Christmas. Next, each player has to pick a name and try to pass the object to the player whose name you’ve drawn. If the said player takes the item without realizing, he will die. And when they die, they have to take handover the object to their killer.

  1. Ho Ho Ho Blindman’s Bluff:

To play this game, you’ll need at least 4 participants. One participant has to be blindfolded and spun around. The player will then try to identify the other participants in the room by touching. The main aim of the other participants would be to move about to avoid being identified and caught. But they cannot hide or run away from the room. When the blindfolded player catches a participant, he will ask them to say ‘ho ho ho’ and will have to identify them by their voice. If the ‘blind’ person identifies correctly, the caught person will be blindfolded and the game will resume.

  1. Mystery Stocking:

Family Christmas Games

This is a simple game, which can be played with even 2 players. Of course, you’re free to include as many players as you want. The objective of this game is to find the mystery item hidden in the stocking. Fill a Christmas stocking with random, small sized prizes for children. Now each child has to find what’s inside the stocking without putting their hands inside it. Basically, they have to feel the shape of the prizes and guess the object. If they guess it correctly, they get to keep the prize.

  1. Santa Style:

The Santa Style game is best played with 6 or more players. The objective of this game is to create a Santa outfit within 5 minutes. Divide the teams into 3 or 4 players and hand each team a bag filled with materials required for making the Santa outfit. You can include items such as tissue paper, cotton wool balls, red, white and black streamers, fur, glitter and more. Each team will be given 5 minutes to make the Santa outfit. The judge will pick the best outfit and reward the team.

  1. Mr. And Mrs.:

Family Christmas Games

This game is best played with three or more couples The game requires answering questions about the partner and those who answer all or more questions correctly will get to kiss under the mistletoe. Before playing the game, send one half of the couple out of the room while you interrogate their partners about them. The duty of the hosts should be to make the questions as interesting as possible. You can include questions such as “At what age did he have his first kiss?”.

Now, get the partner back into the room and shoot the questions. Each correct answer will get them one point. The couple with the most points will be the winner.

  1. Christmas Cup Tower:


This is a perfect Christmas game for the kiddos. You have to challenge the kids to stack green colored cups in the shape of a Christmas tree. They can use pompoms and other items to decorate the tree. The one who builds the tallest Christmas tree will be the winner.


  1. Reindeer Toss:

Family Christmas Games

To play this game, you need to find the V-shaped branches first that look like antlers. So scavenge through your backyard to find the perfect branch. And when you’ve found it, set up a playing booth. The toss rings can either be made at home or purchased online.


After going through these family Christmas games, we’re sure all of you must be set for friendly competition and banter. Let us know your favorite family Christmas game in the comment section below.

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