Christmas gifts for 12 days are always memorable gift giving experiences. Celebrations for 12 days of Christmas are not new. Also known as the Twelve tide, 12 days of Christmas begin from Christmas Day (25th December) to 5th January (inclusive of the day). For some Christian denominations, Twelve tide remains for 12 days; but for others it is longer. The 12 days of Christmas honestly nothing feels more festive than nodding to the idea of gifting.

When the celebrations run for 12 days, then there should be gifts for the 12 days as well. It is interesting to note that there are actually 12 different kinds of gifts for each day and each gift has its own significance and importance. It might not be possible to purchase those things as they are and people choose variations.

Read on to know about some gift ideas for 12 days of Christmas:

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day 1

The gift intended for this day is actually a partridge in a pear tree.A gift for this day could be a wide range of things. You could buy pear jam or jelly, some Pearberry lotion from Bath and Body Works, a partridge and tree candle holder or an ornament in the form of ‘partridge in a pear tree’. Generally people look for the pear or the partridge component in the gift that they choose for Day 1 of Christmas. Think little out of the box and you could get something unique. Source

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day 2

Two turtledoves are the symbol for this day of Christmas. Practically it is not possible to gift such a thing. But you may be amazed to see that there are many small gifts which match with the concept. Trinkets like a pendant or earrings with a dove charm, decorative piece with turtle and dove, chocolates in turtle or dove shape, Turtle candies, a pair of champagne flutes, bracelet with doves and turtles hanging in small strings etc. can make excellent gifts for this day.

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day 3

For the third day of Christmas, the symbol is Three French Hens. If you want to gift such hens, you are welcome, but how much that will be appreciated is the question! Instead, try thinking of items which will embody these symbols and be a perfect gift for the day. How about the book ‘The Little Red Hen’ or a book on learning basic French? Or you can try going to a French restaurant and delve in some delicacies there. For décor purpose, you can think of a sculpture set of a garden with hen and chicks. A French press coffeemaker can also make a great gift. Source

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day 4

For the fourth day of Christmas, Four Calling Birds is the original symbol. Lovely gift items can be thought around this concept. Birds are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. As gifts for this day, you can think of note cards with images of birds printed on them, statues and figurines of four birds, phone stand with bird figures in them, songbird feeder, customized mobile phone case as per the main symbol, CD or DVD holders, wall décor with the four calling birds seen prominently, pack of four favorite items of a person (4 items representing the 4 calling birds) etc. Source

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day 5

Five Golden Rings is the main symbol for the fifth day of Christmas. You can plan your gifts around this concept. Depending on your choice and your budget, you can think of the gift items. For your kid, 5 candy rings will probably be the best gift; while you can think of an ornament with design of five rings for your sweetheart. If you are a foodie, gift yourself five glazed doughnuts from the best doughnut shop or bakery. Various kinds of customized stationery items are also available based on this design and concept. Source

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day 6

As a symbol for the sixth day of Christmas, Six Geese a Laying is special. You can think of different kinds of items which you can gift to your near and dear ones around this idea. Some of the gift items you can think of include cooker and microwave egg poacher, muffin and egg toaster, egg slicer, figurine of ‘Six Geese a Laying’, collectible books, a recipe book where the main ingredient used is an egg, a gift basket with six eggs and other ingredients needed to make an omelet, cream-filled eggs and so on. Source

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day 7

Seven Swans a Swimming is the main symbol for the seventh day of Christmas. The symbol is beautiful and so can be the gifts which are planned around this day of Christmas. Gifts that you choose for this day must have the ‘swan’ in it to give perfect meaning. How about a swab brooch or a swan pendant for the love of your life? For the kids you can think of the Ugly Duckling book, The Little Swan book or even chocolate swans for that matter. Swan shaped soaps, origami swans and giant swan pool float can also be thought of as gifts. Source

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day 8

The theme for this eighth day of Christmas is Eight Maids a Milking. Choosing gifts around this theme is not a very easy job to do – use your creativity and innovation and see what you can think of. As a guidance, these ideas might be of help – a magnet with ‘Eight Maids a Milking’ theme, box full of milk duds, taking an organic milk bath, investing in a cow creamer, custom printed ‘Eight Maids a Milking’ theme t-shirt, cow backpack, ‘cow’ shaped piggy bank, hot chocolate mix, milkmaids caramels and so on. Source

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day 9

The theme for the ninth day of Christmas is ‘Nine Ladies Dancing’. There are wide varieties of gifts which you can think of for this day. If you know someone who loves dancing, try gifting the soundtrack or DVD of ‘Dirty Dancing’ or the videogame ‘Just Dance’. Also, if there is someone who wants to learn dance, but cannot due to some reason give a gift certificate for taking dance lessons at some local dance studio. See the elation on the face of the person on receiving this priceless gift. You can surprise your dance-loving spouse by taking her to watch a live dance or ballet performance. Source

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day 10

Ten Lords a Leaping’ is the main theme of the 10th day of Christmas. When you are looking for gifts for this day of Christmas, you have to be really careful so that it remains in sync with the theme. Some of the gifts for this day could be a DVD trilogy ‘Lord of the Rings’, DVD of ‘Lord of the Dance’, coffee mugs with ‘Ten Lords a Leaping’ print or embossing, jumping ropes for leaping, pewter bell ‘Ten Lords a Leaping’, toiletry kit for men etc. Hunt for these things; they might be little difficult to find but once found they are worth it. Source

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day 11

The theme for the 11th day of Christmas is ‘Eleven Pipers Piping’. There are innumerable things from which you can choose gifts for this particular day.

Take your loved one to your favorite café and treat him/her to hot cocoa mix or a ‘piping’ hot coffee. Source

Other gifts might include things like mouse pads with ’11 pipers piping’ theme, bagpipe music CD or DVD, travel mug with the theme printed on embossed on it, some kind of ornament with 11 pipers theme, set of toy bagpipes for the kid, piper piping figurine, piping bags for making icing and décor on cakes etc. Source

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas: Day 12

The last day of Christmas is the 12th day and the symbol for this day is ‘Twelve Drummers Drumming’. For the last day, you can choose from gifts in which there is some musical reference in some form or another – this is because of the drummer theme. Get a CD or DVD of Caribbean Christmas tunes, which are mainly played on steel drums or DVD of Little Drummer Boy. If your child loves to play drums, get him/her personalized drumsticks. If your favorite band is playing in town, get tickets to the live show. Source

Now that you have got an idea about the different kinds of gifts that can be given on the 12 days of Christmas, go ahead and start planning. It will take quite some time to pick up a suitable gift for each day, keeping into consideration the person for whom the gift is being purchased and the budget at the same time.

Getting gifts on the 12 days of Christmas prolongs the joys of receiving gifts for sure. In fact these gifts contribute greatly to making lovely cherish-able memories for Christmas and the holiday season. Also, it is maintaining a tradition which people have almost forgotten nowadays. Use these gift ideas and enjoy a great Christmas!