Personalized Christmas Stocking Ideas

Christmas is a significant festive event that transcends boundaries of geography and region- beyond any doubt. People from all age groups await this auspicious event and they reunite with friends and family members and have a gala time. Christmas celebration cannot be complete without gorging on delicious dishes and adorning the household in a grand way. From adorning a Christmas tree, tasting sumptuous dishes to lighting up the house with twinkling designer lights- there are many fun activities people indulge in during these days. The tradition of hanging stockings on Christmas Eve is still celebrated in many households. These stockings are usually filled with candies and gifts.

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Creative and personalized Christmas stocking design

You can be creative and think out of the box about decorating your house during Christmas, as it is. It is also applicable about designing Christmas stockings. Instead of buying designer stockings for the grand day, you can put your creative skills to use and come up with stunning Christmas stockings that your kids will adore! It would be a sure fire way to draw admiration of the guests as well. You can use both traditional décor ideas or try something unusual.

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You have a budget for Christmas celebrations, as it is. An amount of it is kept for buying stuffs for adorning the house. However, it is wrong to think that you need a huge amount of money to décor home with stuffs like Christmas stockings. You can buy the basic stuffs like glue, ribbons, tapes, needle and clothing to make such stockings. However, those short on budget can very well make use of old clothes and adorning items at home.

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Below listed are some of the top customized Christmas stocking design ideas you can utilize:

Playing with colors

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Christmas season ushers in warmth and a feeling of celebration. So, your home décor should reflect that motif. You can make Christmas stockings with bright colors and avoid dull shades like gray and brown. You can combine several bright colors as well. However, using contrasting colors can be a good idea in this regard.

Keeping it a bit more traditional

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You can also use typical Christmas colors like red and white while creating customized stockings. Again, there is no fixed formula and you can actually use different shades of red and white while making the stockings. You can use white dots or stripes of red background or vice versa.

Recycling for décor

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If you are among those who believe in recycling used stuffs, using Christmas stocking from torn or used clothes can be your thing. Either you can take old shorts or trousers can cut them and stitch properly to make stockings or take worn out stockings and make them apt for Christmas décor. You can be creative and use a combination of wool and cotton to make the stockings fancy looking. A combination of soft towel type fabric and cotton can also be good.

Paper work

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If you plan to use Christmas stockings just for adorning the rooms and not for use later, using paper can be a good idea. It involves less labor and you will not have to spend much time in creating paper stockings as well! You can use white paper and create designs by pasting and sticking colored paper made shapes and names on the body to make these look enticing. You may also use handmade paper or brown paper and combine those with plain white paper.

Denim stockings


If there are old and faded denims in your wardrobe you no longer wear, it would be a good idea to use those to make fancy Christmas stockings. On a light blue or black denim, you can stitch bright colored designs made with cotton or silk fabric to create a nice look. You may also use metal or wooden beads on the denim to enhance the appeal.

Leather stockings

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Using leather to make Christmas designer stockings can induce an earthy and rustic feel. You may use old leather bags or wallets for this purpose. Stitching leather shapes on cotton or woolen stockings is a good idea too. You can also attach metal beads and bells on those stockings to create a nice visual effect. Brown leather goes well for this purpose, but you can also combine ivory or white leather with contrast colored stuffs.

Using names

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You can make the Christmas stocking look a bit more personalized by using names on them. This again, can be done in a number of ways. Using names of the kids on the stockings by stitching is a prudent idea in this regard. Making stockings with names of all family members stitched on them and hanging them near the staircase is a nice idea. You may also use initials of the names. Alternatively, you can stitch the initials in capital letters while stitching. Ensure you choose a different color for stitching names on the stockings so everyone can read them from a distance!

Using animals and nature designs

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You can also use nature and animal motifs while making customized Christmas stockings. You can use a red colored stocking and use stitching skills to create rain deer or Christmas tree with white and green on top. It is also a nice idea to stitch white snowflakes on red colored stocking or stitch a snowman. Of course, you can create many other birds and animals as design themes on the stockings. Of course, you can stitch daisies and roses on the stockings too.

Using cartoon and superhero designs

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It is not mandatory that you will always have to use traditional Christmas them in design of Christmas stockings. You can also use popular cartoon characters as designs on those stockings. Popular cartoon characters like Donald duck or bugs bunny can serve the needs here. If your toddlers are fond of superheroes, stitching the iconic batman and superman logos on the Christmas stockings can be a great idea.

Keeping it frosty and silvery

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What is Christmas without some snow and ice? So, you can design Christmas stockings with silver or white theme. You can use white, silver and grey in various combinations. To make the stockings look attractive, you can use silver lace and beads on the stockings. You can also use silver colored ribbons to decorate the stockings. You can use a red thread to hang these stockings inside the house.

Foods and beverage designs

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Christmas celebration without savoring delicacies like fruit cake, turkey roast and sipping hot steaming cups of coffee is simply unthinkable. A grand dinner is an inseparable part of Christmas celebration- whether it is at home or somewhere else. So, you may also design Christmas stockings with food and beverages associated with this festive season. Stitching designs of cake, wine bottle and turkey on the stockings can be a nice idea. It is also okay to stitch design of pies and popular desserts associated with Christmas. You can choose contrasting colors for the stockings and designs.

Apart from these options, you can also look up the web to get more creative and interesting ideas to create customized Christmas stockings.

 Places to hang the decorated Christmas stockings

Just like you can be creative about designing Christmas stocking, you can place them in different ways in the house to create a good impact.

  • You can hang the Christmas stockings near the fireplace in the house. Depending on the location and size of the fireplace, you can hang the stockings over it by using a thread or you can use a stand to hang the stockings nearby.

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  • You can use a thread near the staircase to hang the Christmas stockings as well. You may also hang them on the railing.

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  • The stockings can also be hung inside the bedroom or near the dining room. You can use a string to hang the stockings on windows.

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  • If you have a spacious balcony – the stockings can also be hung there. You may use a tea branch, to make it look more interesting.

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  • If you have a wooden fence outside the house, you may use a log or branch to hang the stockings on the fence. However, not all materials can be used to make such stockings. With some creativity, you can put together really pretty stockings this Xmas!

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  • You can hang the stockings on a stand near the Christmas tree too.

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Summing it all up

As a matter of fact, you can utilize myriads of creative ideas to create stunning Christmas stockings that will make guests amazed. There are myriads of materials and themes to choose from. It will not cost you a huge amount either and you can use many types of clothing and stuffs at home. From wool to denim and leather, a lot of materials can be used to make fancy stockings. If you run short on ideas, the web is always there and you can find a lot of enticing Christmas stocking designs online.

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